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Angry official response from Marinakis incoming detailing the corruption in the Greek league. ?

So many years of them being played 80/20 by referees has warped their minds.  If this game was played 10 years ago the final score would have been 1-4 to Olympiacos.

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Atromitos just scored the 2-1 in the 49th minute vs PAO. Would be a huge result for us. Hopefully I didn't jinx it.

-edit- and a gorgeous chipped goal in the 64th minute, hoo boy this is a good day

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I don't care enough about the other subforums here to post this in, so you guys get the beauty of my thoughts instead:

Watching the Arsenal - West Ham game, and Mavropanos just scored what I think is his first premier league goal vs his former club. I'd cheer but I had money on Arsenal winning ?

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O Aris lost 3-2 against Asteras despite being 0-2 up after 14 minutes. 

And the Gavroi lost 1-0 in Lamia. 

We must beat OFI in order not to be the third team to drop points. 

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For the cup: AEK-ARIS is trending towards a 0-0 and the PAO-OLY game is about to start. Both of these are the first leg of their respective ties, so progression will be decided on the 17th. With that said, who would we rather see win?

I'd love to see AEK lose here, but there might be some value in having them tired for the semifinal. Obviously we have a big advantage in progression.


Olympiakos also clearly the weaker side in the other match-up, but same logic applies...

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Olympiakos is leading at halftime 1:0. I want to face Olympiakos in the semifinal over Panathinaikos.

Watched the 2nd half of AEK-Aris and Aris could have easily won. AEK did a major rotation though. It will be decided in Thessaloniki. I want Aris to qualify and if they do, I see them reaching the final.

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