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It can be worse than Greece or Greek clubs!!!!!!!!!

in Russia FC Rostov, the other club of Savvidis, said on Wednesday that the whole team would self-isolate for two weeks after six of their players were diagnosed with COVID-19. The opponent, Sochi, refused to postpone the match and the Russian FA didn’t intervene. 

Rostov played with the youth team. All players were born in 2002 and 2003. They managed to take the lead but lost 10-1 at the end.

Sad as Rostov was running for an EL-spot and even for the CL-League Path spot as Russia’s #3. And sad for the other teams fighting against relegation as Sochi was just one point above the drop. Now they had three easy point and +9 GD extra. 

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2 hours ago, pash said:

Do I even need to say anything about the Mateo Garcio-Olympiakos-Aris thing? If we did this, which division would we end up playing in?

Your question deserves an answer. You would still be playing in the first division since there’s nothing in the past to suggest that PAOK would be relegated. I might be mistaken but while your team does get punished with point deductions there have been instances where they’ve been helped to avoid worse case scenarios and I’ll leave it at that.

As for the Garcia transfer perhaps you should wait before criticizing since Aris are still restricted by the ban which means transfers are a no-no and they cannot take players on loan either. Worry about PAOK for the time being and rest assured that as long as Karipidis remains the man in charge for our team you will have plenty of opportunities to ridicule us.

Best of luck in your fight for second place.

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Jim, your team specifically came out and confirmed that they are colluding with Olympiakos basically telling FIFA to shove their ban up their ass. You think FIFA will be happy about that?

And on top of that we have Super 3 press release about the Garcia thing and most of the release talks about PAOK. Some things will never change.

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1 hour ago, Tzatziki said:

Your owner has already done much worse, and you are worried about something Aris will allegedly do some point in the future? 

Like what? Investing over 100 mil Euro into corrupted Greek football? Trying to clean up the filthy EPO and refs that are on the take? What? And don't  bother quoting propaganda from 10.gr and the other fat pig's mouthpieces. You can post that garbage somewhere else.

As for Aris, if their own fans don't care that their team is the fat pig's tool and is being used for his benefit who am I to care? Why would I be worried. Once they stopped being useful to Escobarinakis they will most likely end up once again in lower divisions.


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The problem is, we won a league (after 35 years) and that to Olympiacos is just *unacceptable*.  Savvidis also asked for foreign referees and they are harder to bribe.  Savvidis also payed off the tax liability (minus interest and penalties which he negotiated to be excluded, fair enough, business is business) unlike AEX.  The Xanthi thing does have a bad smell to it, fair enough, but if that's the worst you got, that's not so bad.  And we've been punished for it.  Olympiacos only gets punished in an alternate universe.

On a side note, hopefully Aris do get a decent president one day.  That story about the gate money getting stolen still makes me laugh.

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9 hours ago, Blackhawk said:

As for Xanthi, if their own fans don't care that their team is the Russians tool and is being used for his benefit who am I to care?

Fixed it for you.

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Whoops, that did not age well at all for our garlicky friend ?

That's a huge result, so sad to see that these m*****es still pollute Greek football. I don't know if we keep those 7 points as the case goes back to EPO to actually go on trial in the correct manner, not just them accepting the decision of Augenaki and his koumbaro. All I ever wanted was a fair trial, if we've done wrong punish us. Unfortunately in our beloved Ellada that isn't possible, only witch hunts. I'm interested to see how all of Olympiakos trials play out, there's quite a few if I'm not mistaken? 

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4 hours ago, SydneyPAOK said:

Sorry Tzatziki, the CAS made their decision and cleared PAOK of any co-ownership of Xanthi. 7pts back to PAOK.

You know what's fixed... the 2015 Olympiakos v Atromitos match ?

Are you sure about that, I think you are misinformed.

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