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0-0.....not great result.

I think PAO was the better team, again. If PAO had the consistency and focus, we should win this league. But we screwed up too many times.

I thought the team looked very good. This PAO has HEART all over the place, go down 10 men, and they go and play harder and I thought were the better team on the pitch.

I do hope, OSFP beat PAOK however. We need them to lose, and title has been lost for months really

We got shorthanded by refs, as usual. I think PAO's 1st half was not very good. 2nd half IMO we were just the better team simply put.

its not over though........OSFP - PAO are playing tonight at 22:00 GR on ANT1 in basket!


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Another big fat zero of a game.

Panathinaikos needed the win and was not good enough to get it. The much-beloved boys Ivan and Roukavina got their chance today and were both at zero level. Galinovic with two fantastic saves on very dificult shots. Vintra was great, Nilsson erased the left field and Wawrzyniak was pretty good. Simao did his job and Gilberto was up and down (mostly down) Karagounis the same with a really bright spot the post. Salpi really picked it up after we were down a man and I didn't like his substitution with Cleyton. Christodoulopouls exhausts his contributions with a few fancy moves and not much else.

The ref was a joke. Technically he can claim he was meticulous, but this kind of officiating is a main reason why our league sucks. The assistant refs have been proven a horrible epidemic of ineptitude.

The other reason the league sucks is that teams are too afraid to take chances. Until the red card Panathinaikos was just making sure they didn't make a mistake. Olympiakos was happy with the draw and just waited behind. Once PAO was a man down they began to risk and they looked the better team.

The red card was a joke. Galleti's dive was convincing but that's why they pay the refs and they don't let me and you whistle.

Added: I just saw (my connection was dropped at the end) the last play that a Cleyton penalty was called an offside :blink:

So from this big huge game of year we can safely say the officials were the protagonists. Screw that.

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Yep, one player down and still Galletti had to sprint back to tackle Spyropoulos in the Oly box. That's our full back and their winger in their box. That tells the story. But not the whole of it as the refs didn't do a good job today. It's no accident that both assistants made merely ONE mistake per half. Both of them involved PAO moments away from scoring. And there was no contact in the incident that brought Sarriegi's red card. I know we 're used to that kind of thing by now but this seems unfair enough to me.

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If you ever watched the Seinfeld episode with the bubble boy you have a good description of Olympiakos players.

Mind as well the league put a bubble around each one so no one can breathe or sneeze on them.

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what can i say......karma is going to get these refs one day we all know they are cheating.....

boring match, many many many times pao was robbed but we all know that.

im just looking forward to all the osfp fans wanking themselves over their team saying how they were robbed and gali save was fluke and how there was a penalty on galleti etc...

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the linesmen were horrendous. they were worse than the referee, if you can believe this.. we played better with 10 men than with 11. i was hoping for another red card in order to score a goal :blink: .. the offside/penalty no call on Cleyton in the end was the icing on the cake :gr:

some teams pay for their sins in Europe where the refs dont put up with crap!

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As much as many PAO fans would like Panathinaikos to be a possession type team, it has become evident that they aren't very good at it. This was evident today in the first half when we could not create anything from midfield forward.

Panathinaikos is a good counter-attacking team, and every time our midfielders and fowards find space they shine. This is what happened today when Olympiakos came out of their shell thinking that they can win this one after Sariegi's ejection. Even with 10 men our attack was almost unstoppable.

Ten Cate made mistakes today. His biggest mistake is that he trusted two players who have not proved they can play at this level consistently (Ivanschitz and Roukavina). Also, I didn't like the Cleyton for Salpi substitution in the end. Salpigidis was on fire and he was turning Olympiakos' defenders upside down. As for firing the coach. I don't see the point. We've changed so many coaches it's ridiculous. We should maybe fire some players who talk too much and don't show up when it counts.

Sariegi looked nervous from the start today and there was no reason for it. Wawrzyniak owned Galleti, Nilsson made Tzortzevits going backwards all game long, and Vintra erased Diogo. What was Sariegi's problem?

I feel dejected that we can't put Olympiakos away when they are so horrible. Panathinaikos needs to get over this hump. We need to start scoring against them. All I hope for is a Cup final against them now.

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i agree cyber

im all for ivanschitz playing or at least getting chances, but to ask of him to perform after not playing so long and not regularly in karaiskaki in a derby is a bit stupid i think

and inmy opinion starting roukavina over petropoulos was questionable as well.

as for game - osfp started well but with some good tempo and their fans helped but as the game wore on pao started to find their place and made a few nice moves.

we were definately the better team after the red card which further supports the notion that we can only play when opponents attack and leave holes.

i also believe that our team is far superior in terms of fitness and conditioning and that prolly goes for the rest of the league as well.

i really didnt think the ref was "that bad" but he wasnt good either - but the linesmen were really shocking and for both teams not just ours although the decisions against us were in a more attacking direct chance play.

superleague definately over - has been for a while. we seriously need to win the cup against them

only match now left is really the villareal game.

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For the love of god.. OK OK FINE......

Fine, in the first game of the season, they called a penalty at the end of the 1st half against AEK on spyropoulos where there was no penalty. ended up being the winning goal. Fine.. forget that point. +1

Fine, they didnt see the obvious penalty on Ruka or Gilberto against Larisa that cost us the win. Thats ok. FINE. Forget that. +2

Fine, forget the PAOK defender pulling down Mantzios shirt in the box that cost us the win with just over 15 minutes left. forget that one too. FINE. +2

Dont even mention the penalty on mantzios against Oly in OAKA beause according to varouha Avraam planted his foot and mantzios tripped over it.. Fine.... FINE forget that too. +2

Lets not talk about the goal called back in Iraklis that manztios scored while he was onside. and lets definately not talk about the volleyball play by the iraklis player 5 minutes later in the box. forget those two points. +2

Lets just say the ref missed the penalty by georgeas on Ruka against AEK in OAKA in the dying minutes. or the pull down on vyntra by majstorovic on vyntra.. forget those. FINE +2

And honestly it doesnt matter that Oly got a weak penalty against Tripoli and won the game with that goal. And it really doesnt matter that they scored two offside goals against aris and ended up winning 2-1. Why bother with the penalty against thrasyvoulos in the 92nd minute to win the game. and honestly just drop the penalty not given to xanthi in karaiskaki in the 90th against pantos. FINE forget it all. FINE

And i dont even care that they called a foul and second yellow on sariegui who did exactl what avraam did to mantzios in the box in OAKA and wasnt called. FINE they missed it. FINE forget it..



Anyway... it doesnt matter... the championship was decided along time ago. Probably in the summer in some board room with Kokkalis doing the talkin and signing over checks.... ok maybe it was cash.. harder to keep track of that at the end of the fiscal year.

As long as these things dont change, we cant complain. its pointless. in fact i got a headache writting this post.

im just gonna make two quick points...

Spyropoulos was awesome when he came on. and the polack completely ERASED the all powerful Galetti.

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I watched, again, the video. We could have had 2 great chances to score. Salpi wasn't off side, but it was marginal and I could see the linesman making a mistake.... as it turned out, Salpi dribbled Niko so he could have scored.

But, the Clayton was a much easier case and the ref/lineman blew it.

Anyway, Oly has not been a good team this year. They know how to beat the lesser teams, and when they can't the refs help them out.

Like, Cyber said, Oly's having a bad season so we should've been able to put them away...

ONE MORE CHANCE we have though: THE CUP FINAL. :tup:

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Antonis mentioned it and I suspect it was part of the plan (I just heard Ten Cate mentioning it in his press conference).

Panathinaikos conditioning is superb. Olympiakos could not follow even when playing with superior numbers.

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wheres my friend Crazy?

video images above

Whoever drew the red line on the first image, it's incorrect.

For the Cleyton offiside, I am amazed to see the linesman on the correct spot. It's hard not to think he panicked that Cleyton was going to score and wanted to make sure it didn't happen. It's either extreme incompetence, or malicious intent. Either way, the guy needs to find another job. If nothing else, he cost a lot of money in bonuses to the PAO players.

And here is the litmus test for our new owners. If something has changed since last year, this linesman will never set foot on another superleague game. It's too late for this game, but officials need to think twice before they make such ridiculous calls again.

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Sorry but Crazy has a new part time job,plus the regular one and has not seen the match yet.I will,hopefully,have some time tonight to watch and comment on it but i was not happy that another derby ended in 0-0.

As my friend,NYPAO13 said,someone needs to fill the spot of a typical gavro around here.... :D

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I was working so only saw the 2nd half of the game. PAO were the better side, particularly after going down to 10 men, it was a great display of spirit. I'm also swiftly becoming a huge fan of Simao, his defensive game is amazing. He's potentially world class. Overall I was very impressed with PAO but I have to question HTC's ideas. There was a spell in the 2nd half where PAO was playing really well and causing Olympiakos problems on swift breaks, and then HTC started making changes, i.e. taking Salpi off. Why? When your team's tail is up you don't change things, let them continue instead of disrupting the play! Anyway, with the signing of Wawrzyniak PAO has become alot more solid at the back, all is needed now is a couple of wingers and a centre-forward, a right wing back too and we could see a VERY good team developing.

As for the refs, I know this is a charged subject but you guys need to relax on the conspiracy stuff. The Salpi instance was very difficult to call, by the time the linesman would have turned his head Salpi SEEMED to be offside. It was the incorrect decision, but a tough one nonetheless and one you'd see being made in any country. The decision not to call Cleyton offside was ridiculous though, a very poor decision. However, as for the challenge that followed I wouldn't have given a penalty either. Yes there was contact but watch the incident again and you'll see Cleyton dive before he's even touched. This is similar to the penalty Dudu won (I think against Thrasyvoulos, or was it Levadiakos? :unsure: ), where there was contact but he wasn't really impeded. Cleyton could have shoot instead of trying to do a ballet-slide and falling over... Now I know some of you will say "yes but that's the whole point, when Dudu goes down easily he gets the decision, but when Cleyton does the same he doesn't". This is true, but that incident shouldn't reflect on this particular ref's performance, he was pretty strong imo. The linesman were poor but the ref wasn't. I also liked the way he was booking players, that prevented the constant little fouls that strangle the game (which is what we're used to in big Greek games), so by not taking any bs the ref allowed the game to flow. Also, Spyro's tackle on Galletti could quite easily have been given as a penalty when considered at first glance. The slow motion replay showed that he did get the faintest of touches on the ball so it wasn't a penalty. But a weaker ref may have given that. The point is, we've got such terrible refs in Greece it's refreshing to see one that was strong.

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Hey DUDE, nice to see you...

Everyone has a right to their opinion, and you say that the cleyton was a dive.... thats ok.. you are entitled to that opinion. But galetti's dive on sariegi second yellow was called. every replay ont he board showed absolutely NO CONTACT, yet thi sref, whom you called very strong, called it wrongly..

He also should of called astraight red on Christodoulopoulo and a secoen yellow on torosidis on that same play. Not to mention Diogo deserving a second yellow if not a straight red on his ninja kick on Vyntra. I can tbelieve you thought he allowed the game to flow... there were WAY too many fouls given. you should look up the stats of the game. incredible amount of fouls.

As for the linesman, fine he thought salpi was offside and called it that way. it was tough.. But cleyton decision was ridiculous. i still think he was fouled afterwards by pantos because pantos arm went around cleytons shoulder while he was behind him.... even the slightest contact on his shoulder is a penalty... and a yellow card.... the fact that he pulled him, even slightly is a fould and red card as cleyton was in a scoring position..

Im not the kind to dive into conspiracy theories, if u exclude 9/11, but the fact that oly got called on two clear onsides call where there would of surely been a goal while scores two offside goals agaisnt aris to win 2-1.. just makes me a bit wonderous.... very very very coincidental.

By the way .. OLY SUCKS....

Imglad u are starting to see how great Simao is... lest you forget, he is only 19!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and has made a HUGE impact in the cl already.

He erased Diego. He erased Inter all on his own practically and he was a force against Villareal....

Pao has a younger and more onsistent team then oly does. Oly has two players... if they dont flow.. they are done. Pao need two players that can help in the creative part of their game but i truly believe the foundation has been laid. in a few years, there will be gilberto type signings in other positions and we will see a pao side that can be truly great..

Unless of course, they are once again not given 13 penalties during the season after 24 matches and ruled offside on obvious plays.

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But galetti's dive on sariegi second yellow was called. every replay ont he board showed absolutely NO CONTACT, yet thi sref, whom you called very strong, called it wrongly..

WOW I only just noticed that there was no contact! :o... Sarriegui shouldn't have been sent off, but again are you going to tell me that if you were the ref you would have noticed that Galletti wasn't touched? Sarriegui entered Galletti's running line and Galletti dived to win the free kick. The fact that the ref thought there was contact doesn't make him a conspirator against PAO. He was conned by a convincing dive.

He also should of called

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