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  1. Good analysis PAO123. It's going to be a tough game against a very unpredictable team (with the new coach). It's good for us that Scocco won't play, but Djeabur has enough skill and power to exploit our defense. I hope we play carefully and take an easy win. Govou is out and so are Petropoulos and Seitaridis. Not sure what's going on, but it looks they are trying to punish Govou for something. If it's for staying up on an off night, I think it's a mistake.
  2. Shocking performance by the coach today. Depressing PAO appearance. I don't see any hope for improvement. This is sad. We need a change in coaching staff and a real goalkeeper.
  3. Kante has a broken finger and will be out a couple of weeks at least. Injuries are part of the game nad having two starters out every week is normal. It's that I don't have confidence on our bench any more. For the game against Copehagen we have Ioannidis, Marinos, Dimoutsos, Mavrias, Karagounis, and either Katsouranis or Simao. Besides the last two (three) I don't think any of the other ones are adequate replacement for our starters.
  4. I suspect this "lack of focus" has to do more with how tired everyone looks after 70'
  5. Nothing to write home about, but we manged some moderate pressure and a couple of nice chances. Nice move by Ninis to see the opening Cisse created with his move to the sideline. It should allow us to relax a bit in the second half, but hopefully not too much. In every single game this season we opened up the score, but we have managed only one win so far. Our midfielders show some movement, but our defense (not just the defenders) look a bit shaky at times. We need to be careful and hopefully score one more early in the second half.
  6. yeah, except all reports indicate that Plessis is also overweight and out of from and that he probably won't be ready until after Christmas! :o At least that's what the erasport reporter said early in the week.
  7. Reports indicate that Plessis was the cause of Simao's injury.
  8. Oh well, if they manage to get these idiots off the stadiums for good the football world would be a happy place. -1 for the team that won't have much needed support in away games. PAE should just find a way to isolate them because they hurt the club and prevent other nice fans from enjoying their team.
  9. Drakos: Euro2004: More proof that what this board lacks in numbers makes up with quality. :tup: I completely agree with both of you guys. The league is improving for sure. The way modern tactics have evolved (especially with the emphasis on athleticism, with the zone defense, and no man-coverage in midfield) it's not easy for teams to dominate constantly at our level. That PAO is overrated is certain. Last year PAOK and Olympiakos had perfect chances to put distance between us and them, but they lost key games. Besides Roma and Aris in the cup final, we have yet to win a game with teams above mid-table. But how to bring these facts up without invoking the "traitor, Nioblias is the best thing since sliced bread". I think it's atrocious to be winning once every three games when our opponents are Kavala, Xanthi, and Aris. And you know what's even more maddening? We scored first in every single game (even in Camp Nou) which shows horrible game management. If we want this championship we must find ways to win these games one way or another.
  10. 2-1. We created zero chances. Our coaching staff has a huge responsibility for this horrible and undisciplined team. If there is no brilliant individual play by one of our players we can't create anything. We can't even exchange two passes in midfield and we can't run for the lose balls.
  11. We scored one goal so far but Kavala scored two and had two shots on the post :tdown: :tdown:
  12. @#%[email protected]#$^@ 29 1-1 Tzorvas lost in space and Boumsong displaced in the air by Douglao :tdown:
  13. Tzorvas pulled an amzing save after his own error brought Kavala withing scoring range. Then Kavala hit the post in a corner where our defense was completely out of shape, and in the follow, Boumsong displaced the player who had a clean header (maybe with a bit of an outstretched arm) so he missed by hitting the post. We need to find a way to keep opponents far from our box.
  14. I like having both Karagouni and Nini in the game. Nice assist by Ninis and beautifully taken care by Cisse.
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