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  1. I don't want to sound out of place, but who would remove a sweaty footballer's shorts to take them home? Well, Italians do it every year but it's still incomprehensible to me.
  2. Yeah, useless frog can't score to save his life.
  3. It's Sunday, man. And a short week ago it was Easter. Come on!
  4. We all know what it is then. Not a bad name - nor the most 'reliable' one though!
  5. Happy name day Cyber! I hope your name is not Antypas!
  6. Btw, why can't we enjoy this magnificent atmosphere every Sunday? To all the violent losers out there: there are families and little children on the stands and still the crowd is noisy and enthusiastic. Singing, applauding, cheering. This is a real PAO mentality right there. I 'm ecstatic.
  7. I don't get this Katsour. He crosses the ball to the stands and when the camera zooms in he is taking out on sone. He reminds me of a teammate I had in school!
  8. We 're a bit casual but what the heck the occasion justifies it.
  9. Yeah, me too. Prwtaaathlimaaaa! Kuuuupelooo!
  10. I do mind. Remove it immediately please. This is lying with numbers, pulling the wool over people's eyes. Enough is enough Cyber.
  11. What? Are we talking about the same PAOK that was robbed of the trophy at Vikelidis by the prasini paraga? Fascinating...
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