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  1. ela re, just now, prepare yourself to face the glory hunting barca fans, we get slaughtered 5-1, but i have pride that i support a real team with die hard fanatics, not some bs over paid billion dollar club with millions of half arse pussy cowards who just want to follow a winning team .. ELA gate 13 will set athens on fire for barca, this match will be avenged!!!! PAO MOY S'AGAPAW
  2. these putos are going down way to easy imo, pretty sad when your up 3-1 to use such filthy tactics
  5. the turks have us in a simple trap.....let us MISS and gather the rebounds, our shooting is horrendous today....its now 18 points, 72-54. i feel the coach is partly to blame for not calling time out when the turks had HUGE momentum in the 3rd Q
  6. we down by 14 in the start of the 4th Q....a miricle may happen paidia.....
  7. well, 41-39 turkey ahead at the half time break. what can I say, controversy over a 3 pointer by diamantidis buzzer beater at the end of the 1st q, turkey was on top for a long time, greece showing glimpses of brilliance, should be a cracker of a 2nd half
  8. i will make the effort to watch this one on line or at least follow on the radio, no one in my xwra is screening the fiba wc, i agree with the above, from what i have read/seen, the thniki hasnt been playing their best, however, i think the match vs turkey is different, it is a "derby" and in a sense a must win to avoid "harder" teams in the later rounds,
  9. seriously can not be bothered waiting here, i hope it goes well for us, but in the CL anything can happen PAO WILL FEAR NO ONE
  11. re wtf is this?? cant they just make the draws instead of pissing around
  12. THIS ^^^ very very bad articleto be fair, this was a typical final for this 2010 tournament. BORING, bad calls, bad play, bad sportsmanship and the best team at the tournament didnt win. I know most people are saying the ducth are thugs, but to be fair, the spainish were diving to get cards. ALSO, I feel there was a great injustice to heitinga receiving the RED when PUYOL did the EXACT same thing in the 85'' and wasnt shown the second yellow...THIS would have changed the match dramatically. TEAM of the tournament....NEW ZEALAND!!! undefeated ooooooooooooooooe my player of the tournament....JACK the Octopus anyway whats done is done, a new name on the cup. positive.
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