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  1. Having seen the highlights of the game, the disallowed goal of Kyriakos was clearly a legit goal!! He didn't even touch the keeper. :o Why did he celebrate so wildly by the way? He played against his former team, right? Where's the loyality gone? :blink: Why on earth Olympiacos can't find a proper GK for years? Instead of bringing aboard 45 Spanish playmakers at the same time, why not buy an Italian or Spanish GK from a La Liga/Serie A side? It's obvious that the post-Nikopolidis period has miserably failed with Pardo, Costanzo, Carroll and Megyeri?! Nikopolidis' last few seasons h
  2. This season's gonna be a walkover for Olympiacos.. Sad but true.. They seem to be the only team without any financial issues.. AEK lost half -perhaps more- of its squad, PAO has only its name left, thanks to an unending series of crappy managements, while PAOK is err, PAOK, I mean they will find a way to lose everything anyway.. It's so hurtful to see that a PAO team having the likes of Karagounis, Cisse, Tzorvas, Leto, Ninis and Sarriegi who were at least something of a match to an ageing Galatasaray team two-and-a-half years ago have shrinked to the levels of Fornaroli, Barbaruses, Habib
  3. GS1905

    Sell off

    oh man, the speed of how players were lost is amazing, and sad. i think your expectation of 5th or 6th place is a bit too ambitious for the team at hand.
  4. "Ordinaryus" (Professor in Ordinary) as they called him.. :( He's now teaming up with Metin Oktay of Galatasaray to form one of the most glorifying striking partnerships in history for Heaven SK.. Lefter, 625 matches, 423 goals.. :nw: Metin, 356 matches, 326 goals.. :nw: R.I.P. Legends!! :nw:
  5. Actually Samsunspor have a seemingly very good core of players in them.They've got Vlado Petkovic as the team's headcoach. He enjoyed fantastic success at Young Boys Bern, as he promoted top quality players to the world stage, including Seydou Doumbia and Thierry Doubai. They have a decent goalkeeper in Ertugrul Taşkıran, on loan from Fenerbahce. He was a key player for Fenerbahce A2 (U21s) team when I worked there. Sometimes flops in crosses department, but still OK. Just 21 y-o. Defence seems to be the weakest area. They have former PSV centre-back Andre Bahia, who seems to be the only dec
  6. Hey mods, time to change the current title to Fanis Gekas (Samsunspor A.Ş.).. ;)
  7. He's just signed a 2,5 year contract, worth ?300k for the remainder of this season, ?500k for next season, and ?600k for his final season to be. I don't know what his bonuses will be. By the way, as Galatasaray are away at Samsunspor later this evening, strange things happened. When Gekas landed at Samsun 19 Mayıs Airport, it was Galatasaray fans that greeted him. :LOL: Check out this photo gallery for further details and laugh!! :LOL: :LOL: (Pic 10 shows him with his new jersey on) ;) Gekas in Samsun - Gallery
  8. Indeed!I felt he could still be worthy and good enough if he joined Galatasaray to back Elmander and Baros up. Great signing for Samsunspor!! :tup: Pity that their first game is against Gala! :o
  9. Gekas to join Samsunspor According to Milliyet and many other Turkish papers such as Fanatik, Zaman and Sabah, Greek striker Fanis Gekas is set to join Turkish Superleague strugglers Samsunspor in a few days. Samsunspor Director of Football Adnan Sezgin is in Germany to sort out the final few details of the transfer.
  10. After a fantastic finish to the first half of the season, league leaders Galatasaray want to get rid of dead wood, according to Milliyet. Spanish expensive bench-warmer Albert Riera will head off to Dynamo Moskva in January, if things are as planned. A Dynamo representative is expected to arrive in Istanbul today to discuss the details of the transfer. Riera's wife is unhappy in Istanbul and wants a move to Russia, the source says. Dynamo will look to agree a fee around €2M, while Gala wants to get the money spent on the Spanish winger back. Galatasaray signed the winger from Thrylos f
  11. Anybody knows what happened to Cholevas in this match?? It looked like a ligament injury to me.. Hope I'm wrong, though..
  12. GALATASARAY - FENERBAHCE : 3 - 1 Our lions have defeated Fenerbahce 3-1, as goals from Eboue, Elmander and Felipe Melo were good enough to secure a famous victory. Fenerbahce pegged one back thanks to Alex's 90+4 min strike. With 16 strikes on target, Galatasaray showed utter domination in this derby in front of 50,000 hungry fans. Details later... ;)
  13. A semi-reliable Turkish sports website, sporx.com, has today published some news about Panathinaikos signing Ronaldinho from Flamengo!! Ronaldinho? To Where? The article's in Turkish but to sum it up short, it says new PAO owner-to be Al-Saud has declared through his spokesperson, a guy called Vasilios Tsakas (never heard of him tbh), that he will bring Ronaldinho to PAO and Dinho will be his present for the "loving fans" of this great club. It's also stated that the club is looking to bring back Djibril Cisse and finish the signature of rising Xanthi star Panayiotis Vlachodimos before Janu
  14. Ok.. Forget about the EURO.. Think of the future.. Fast!! Who to get rid of Our swearing goalkeeper VOLKAN :xxx: :xxx: Our swearing captain EMRE :xxx: Usually injured SERVET, GOKHAN ZAN <_< Good at Fener, Bad at NT, GOKHAN GONUL :tdown: Slow as a tank, HAKAN BALTA :tdown: Useless all the time, SELCUK ŞAHIN :angry: Coach us from Holland, MR HIDDINK :angry: :angry: Who to warn ARDA TURAN, who became utterly complacent of the NTsince joining Atletico GIRAY KACAR, who thinks he is Gerard Pique VOLKAN ŞEN, SERCAN, OZAN IPEK, to pick their game up to th 2009 level Who t
  15. Turkey-Croatia: 0-3!! FT.. :tdown: :tdown: :xxx: :xxx: Game Over Guus! Insert Coin!! :xxx: :xxx:
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