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What teams you like outside from Greece!

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ok guys... i would like to see what teams you follow/like outside from greece!! i think its going to be an interesting topic!!!!!

im starting:

ENGLAND: Manchester United, Chelsea

SPAIN: Atletico Madrid, Real Betis, Valencia

ITALY: AC Milan, Juventus kai ligaki tin Roma

GERMANY: Werder Vrem, Schalke

PORTYGAL: Sporting Lisbon

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I dont have a particular urge to press myself to find a team to like in each corner of the globe (although when younger I fell into that trap and wanted to try and fill the gaps! LOL) ...

I know from my Greek Experience and my life experience that you cant support a team for just color or titles (especially not for titles) ...

To love a team you must get connected to it somehow...

Life situations, geography... having seen the team play a few times ... know its history ... etc....

Besides AEK distant (very distant) second come ... Stoke City of England and Palmeiras in Brazil...


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I live in Germany and i even though i live far away from Hamburg i like HSV Hamburg.

In England i dont have a specific team i like.

Italy even though one of the biggest leagues in Europe doesnt attract me either.

I like FC Porto and one of my all time Favourites was Ajax Amsterdam in its old days.

Back then they where playing really attractive football.

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ENGLAND: Manchester United

SPAIN: Barcelona

ITALY: Inter

GERMANY: Bayern Munich

exact same as me...

I like this teams alot but i cheer for the teams with greek players abroad :D

My favorite team outside of greece would have to be toronto fc. I live in toronto and I also like to watch the canadian players abroad.

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Only Panathinaikos.

I think to Deftero Pontiki said it best when he said "To love a team you must get connected to it somehow..." I grew up with Panathinaikos through thick and thin and I never felt the urge to support another football team (living in Miami in the late eighies I became a Miami Dolphins fan but now I cant even say this out lound any more :)

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ENGLAND: Newcastle

ITALY: Milan, Messina

SPAIN: Atletico de Madrid




GERMANY: Bayern, Stuttgart



SERBIA: Partizan Belgrade

TURKEY: Galatasaray


SLOVAK REPUBLIC: Petrzalka (Artmedia)

MEXICO: Guadalajara Chivas




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I only support Greek clubs in Europe.

Life long Olympiakos supporter.

Soft spot for ARHS (as this was my father's club)

Will always support Asteras Tripolis as this is my home town club and would even go for them over Olympiakos.

I have never followed any club in any other country. I do have a rather intense dislike for Real Madrid, AC Milan, Liverpool and Chelsea however. Clubs with massive budgets who buy success and stock pile world class players.

I don't mind Barcelona, but I wouldn't say I support them.

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I only have two teams to really care for. Oly and Modo Hockey( The current swedish champions and breeding ground for more succeful NHL players than any other team outside North America and Russia. Peter Forsberg the biggest star of them all)

If really pressed i would have to choose these others:

Sweden: AIK Solna (I live 200 meters from their, as well as the national arena)

England: Liverpool (From watching them as a little kid in their glory days during the 80s on telly. Although the support got a severe knock on the head a few years back with the infamous Oly Collapse)

Yugoslavia: Crvena Zvezda (Because of Oly ties and passing thru Belgrade by car many times, during the 80s again)

I also kinda like the Philosophy behind Barcelona. More so than the team itself i guess.

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To the Topic Starter...

As you saw, when you started it not only PAO fans answered ...

You could entitle it "What other teams WE PAO fans support"... and then if an Aris fan wrotte in it he would be off subject ...

Since the writters in a topic, when they are on the subject, are defining a subjects nature (always in accordance to the title) ... I had to move it here ...

However a link in PAO forum redirected to here ...

Now, as I said ... if the PAO fans are you exclusive target ... do post something asking precicelly them ...


Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for an interesting topic anyway even if you apparently did it by accident ... ...

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Hmmm. Obviously Omonoia!

ITALY: Juventus

SPAIN: Barcelona

NHL: Philadelphia Flyers

MLB: New York Yankees

Offsoccer question, but it's interesting that you like the FLYERS and YANKESS. Are you from Philly?
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I only really follow AEK closely. However, I also keep tabs on teams like Leverkusen, Frankfurt, and Nurnberg just to see if the Greeks are scoring.

I do have a soft spot for West Ham United in England. Don't really know why, just kind of like them. COME ON YOU HAMMERS!!! :D

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