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  1. I believe AEK should win this despite Iraklis having a trully remarkable team this year .... the problem is that the "system" is trying to load AEK with punishments and weights for our return to the top league so the known oponents have a head start guaranteed ... and AEK is doing nothing to protect the team from its own section of "bad" fans ... If those who invaded the pitch agaisnt Olympiakos were not identified and excluded from EVER watching an AEK match again... do not expect many things ...
  2. Now the target is to build a European Squad with next year as its finetunning and warmup
  3. Genome told you we watched it together in OAKA?
  4. havent seen it but Genomes posts portray exacltly what the Greek Media say about it ... too many wasted chances and a final loss ...
  5. I was in the same flight with Kostas and Stelios from Athens to Kiev. We talked a bit. He seemed both certain and happy that he would leave. We will see howthis one ends, but the bottom line is, guided by Stelios, Kostas is on the door waiting for the right opportunity to grab the cash... cant blame him if unbiased... as AEK right now is not at its best shape in all fronts, but I hurt me to see the same look in his eyes as the look of Stelios all these years... if not now ... for some cash, I am sure that Kostas (Stelios) will go to the next available club or If AEK finds some financial provider, they will try to milk him dry in order to stay. He did it before, and I strongly believe that despite some talent and some potential (but I am not sure about the level of each) ... the worth / salary ratio right now is waaay below 1 ... (as the numerator seems finally small and the denominator artificially swollen)
  6. That stupid loss to FYROM and the point difference is something that we unfortunatelly carry with us to the next round group ... and in case of equal points can mean they will have advantage ... we need to do very well against Slovenia now to have our fate in our hands and regain momentum...
  7. I, on the other hand, liked the way Ethniki played yesterday I just think that samaras and fetfatzidis held the ball a bit more than needed and stopped the rythm. If Karagounis was not so evidently "tired" and Lybe did not take so much time to "wake up" the result would be at least 1-3 for us. if we had a striker with real killer instict all this work would be tranformed to goals much more easily. Cards and injuries dont help much too... as Santos is forced to make last minutes additions to what is apparently a good technical squad. But I saw nice exchanges at the wings with wingers cutting inand wind defenders advancing, I saw faster move of the ball. Let us hope that the system will work better on Croatia and Georgia and secure us a direct pass to the Finals.
  8. the game is not shown live in Greece! LOL I am listening to it on the radio!
  9. So they do remember how to score ...! Good ... now lets see them do it againt better defences
  10. Any OZ's here to tell us more on Paul Katsetis?
  11. The only goal of Olympiakos Volou is for AEK NOT to take the 1st place... they dont mind if they stay at 0 points and they dont mind if they lose to all ooponents ... I guess that Olympiakos Volou will keep losing easily to PAO and PAOK home and away and play all their cards in the Oly-AEK game at volos to hurt AEK's chances of making it to the top spot while allowing AEKs competitors to gather full points ... That way, Atromitos will not play in the Europa League and Volos will... So .. besides AEK winning all as many points as possible... we have to definitelly win at Volos.
  12. http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/chrisbevan/2011...1/05/banks.html
  13. Cheers guys! 4-0 defeat! I must call Iralndos to teach me what is life all about from now on! Tea and biscuits? :LOL:
  14. due to Ylissiakos winning at Rhodes against Kolossos ... AEK is for the first time in its long and glorious history ... relegated I hope this is the start of building a new strong team that can base its future sucess on a more sustainable model... :(
  15. Funny thing is that depending on how the Premiership ends .. Stoke can also have a shot at the Europa League! Toni Pulis is a good manager and works a lot with loans and good trials before signing players. He has shown that he did not get sucked in the financial opening needed for the Premiership and produced a good middtable squad. This year, they also added some style in their usually boring, yet effective, game too. If they do manage to get a European Spot and they can digest this new level fast ... (because it also needs depth in the bench etc) they are set for better and more permanent things! :tup:
  16. 5-0 against Bolton and back to Wembley for the Final!!! :nw:
  17. Today AEK plays for survival in the Hellenic A1 Tough year and tough times for AEK BBall
  18. Pitty for the Nigerian Lad! Tragic way to die ... and tragic for his soon to be wife and his familly ... :(
  19. April fools day or not ... this ia a joke
  20. The2ndMouse

    If they dont have any money they must start showing trust to ounger kids. We will lost again 6-0 once or twice for a year or two and may end up 8th instead of 3rd, but this is not the way for a group of players with such high contracts to perform. Its a shame and a joke and no Cup win (IF THEY WIN) can change that.
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