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  1. I agree hes better than Tziolis. But Tziolis would be 3rd pick anywyas. Performance wise so far, Gilberto hasnt been as strong in the DM position as Simao, and no better than Mattos. We really didnt need him, it was already a very strong position on the team, we had no reason to spend unproportionally higher to what was one of the strongest positions on the team when others are lacking so bad. I think that its out of argue that Zilberto was never only though to be the completely defensively oriented DM in the team cause this is Mattos job who isnt as good in bringing the team forward.Also Zilberto still needs his time to get used to his new team. Take a look in his last NT game where Selecao won 4:0 He got thew third highest grading of the brazilian players with 7.5 behind Kaka i think with 8 and Robinio with 9. His coach is talking only the best about him even though he is one of the oldest in the team he is still always in the starting 11. Zilberto will take his time but he will be one of our future leaders
  2. Well i ll have to disagree with Drakos i think about at least Rukavina. This guy has touch with the goalnet and has great dribble. He played better than all the other transfers we had past summer in comparison with the time and number of games he has played.Cleyton is doing mostly well to but still needs his time. Zilberto is definitively way better than Tziolis (how did you call him ? constant? :LOL: ) Christodoulopoulos i ll agree with you hasnt shown anything yet and Mellissis i wont judge him since i havent seen him play as CB. Tzorbas shows me that he is going to be our Starting keeper from now on for the whole Season. as for Souza maybe he hasnt scored much but have you ever noticed in the games in which he played how many defenders he pulls on him? Thats something we where definitively missing the past years so that our quality strikers have the room to move in the box.
  3. Hi guys i am back :P http://www.sportdog.gr/new/article.aspx?id=65187
  4. Btw all press today states that till midday in greece the meeting of Vardinogiannis and Vgenopoulos along with Veniamis will happen. Lets hope for the best. Lets hope for a new green ERA
  5. Matos is out cause of the 4 yellow cards he has gathered.And since we have a choice in which game he should miss this is the best choice we could make. After all he will be able to get some rest and gather powers for the game against ARIS on sunday and the final against AEK As for manucho the reports about him leaving come from one newspaper from england. In greece its about 50-50 some state he stay's till december in the new season and others that he will be leaving after this season since Peseiro is leaving aswell and Manucho came after all cause Peseiro and Keiroz are good friends and not because Velic had anything to do with it. Personally i wont be sad if he leaves even though he can score as another friend stated he cant do anything else. He hasnt shown me a decent pass yet neither does he go to defend. Most of the time he walks back instead of running although the opponent starts a contra attack :tdown: His action against Aris in the first game was pathetic. If he keeps up with such attitude he wont go far with ManU
  6. The funny thing this year is that neither does the 3rd place in the play-offs mean anything this year. The first of the playoff goes CL the second goes UEFA along with ARIS. Since we dont have the right to send 3 teams directly this year to uefa but only 2 and one to Intertoto. the Third place and the fourth are just needles positions this year since ARIs goes directly. If ARIs wasnt in the playoffs at least there would be competition for the UEFA position. Now for Panionios to go UEFA he would have to end up second in the Play off round and this is almost impossible since he has to gather at least 8 point right now with both AEK and PAO loosing all of their games that are left.
  7. sportime in the meanwhile says that he has no injurie after the hit today and will be starting 11
  8. http://www.balla.gr/default.asp?pid=102&cl...d=1&artid=55247 Same i heard yesterday on Opoios Andeksi on supersport from Braoudakis.
  9. Well to get this clear. Last summer we changed almost the complete medical team.Some former military doc became our medical team chief. About N'doy he indeed was off about 1 month from his injurie but after that he also got as reported gripi. Why he hasnt been in the team after that is aswell a clue to me as the issue with ninis. But right now i prefer Pap Salpi upfront than Ndoy. On the other hand i prefer NDoy ofcourse in front instead of Manucho and Postiga since both are leaving this summer. I am very anxius to see petropoulos next year in the squad with Bajevic using a 4-3-3 for example with Pap Petropoulos Salpi upfront. This would be my favourite team next year for starting 11 with a 4-3-3 -------------------Malartz------------------- Nilson----Goumas/New back --Sariegi/Moris (if he gets more steady)-- Spyropoulos Ivanschitz---- Karagounis------Ninis Salpi---- Petropoulos----------- Pap If we play a 4-4-2 I d like to see following setup Malarz Nilson----Goumas/New back --Sariegi/Moris (if he gets more steady)-- Spyropoulos Ivanschitz ---Matos-Karagounis----Ninis ----Pap/Salpi--------Petropoulos When using 2 DMs I dlike to see Leontiou along with Matos and Ivanschitz Kara
  10. Thats kind of the feeling I get too....I prefer if Pateras drops out of this situation fast... They could be around just to boost the price that PEK has to pay like an auction, or worse, they could take shares and PEK take shares, with Vardinogiannis having the overall majority, and us seeing no changes in club management. Both of you though seem to forget that another 2 Pateras family members (cousins of Nikos Pateras) are members of PEK
  11. http://www.sport-fm.gr/article.jsp?id=128918
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