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  1. Very well taken goal. Excellent technique to control off the chest and a pinpoint shot into the bottom corner. Now if he could do that for the ethniki once in awhile, we'd be set B) .
  2. Leonardo is a done deal: http://www.sport-fm.gr/article/188919. Still pursuing Gaza the right back.
  3. BBC website said he came on in the 90th minute but I'll take your word for it Cerigo. Let's hope Gekas gets more playing time next Saturday against Bolton. Whatever happens, at least this move to Portsmouth was just a loan deal. I will still hold out hope that he eventually gets a bit more time as the season draws to a close. Who knows, if he can nab a goal or two, he might just garner some interest.
  4. Gekas was subbed on in the 90th minute against West Brom. :blink: Oh well, at least it's better than being left off the squad entirely :rolleyes: .
  5. AEK-MTL

    Didn't see the game. Too bad about the result. Still, we'll probably end up with only 1 or 2 less points than PAO/PAOK when the initial playoff standings are calculated.
  6. Was on the bench today but was not subbed on.
  7. Lybe with a penalty yesterday for Frankfurt (they won 2-1): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ni7RO7Rc4gE
  8. Samaras with two pretty decent goals yesterday for Celtic: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aft7UZfneD8
  9. I'm confident that the NT will qualify for the World Cup in first place in the group. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised to see them pull out a 0-1 win against the Swiss and go on to win the rest of their games (eerily similar to Euro 08 qualifying). I have a feeling that the team would rise to the occasion despite the tactics (or lack thereof) the way they did against Turkey. The pressure will be on the Swiss as they know that they'll have to win while Greece could afford a tie. Although I have a good feeling about our chances of qualifying for WC2010, what we do when we get there is an ENTI
  10. Nice job by the Elpides. These games against FYROM and Lithuania are must-wins if we want to maintain any hope of qualifying for the final tournament. Good on ERT-SAT for showing it too.
  11. Well manga, there were a few positives for sure. I thought Torosidis and Katsouranis were quite lively out there and got forward well. It was also refreshing to not have Basinas in midfield. That being said, this team has MANY problems, namely when it comes to actually building up the play. It is one thing to use these "donkey-ball" tactics against teams like Israel, Latvia, and Moldova but try this against a real team and we'll quickly see how far it gets us. We need to start developing and trying out players and formations FROM NOW in order to be ready for the World Cup. I actually believe t
  12. Well, we got the result, which I guess is the important thing. Still, for those of you who were happy with this performance... I just don't get it. Honestly, I have never seen a more disjointed team. Long balls, long balls, long balls. If it wasn't for the fact that Israel's defense is so shite, this would have been another Sweden debacle. We had better hope that guys like Ninis and Koutsianikoulis develop to the point where they can contribute to offensive build-up play and that Otto actually picks them. Because as it stands, we will get MASSACRED in the World Cup with these "tactics".
  13. I think we'll need to win if we want 1st place. Sure Switzerland might drop points against Latvia and Israel but I'd rather get the win here in order to relieve some of the pressure for the game away against the Swiss. A win in Crete against Israel and then a draw away to the Swiss should give us the group. I wasn't impressed by our performance on Saturday so I'm hoping for a much improved display come Wednesday. Having Katsouranis back should help (Tziolis will likely sit) but I really hope Otto doesn't revert back to the old 4-3-3 (I'm about 95% sure that he will but I can always hope...)
  14. Apparently both Makos and Koutsianikoulis have been called up (along with the usual suspects). I think Ninis will play for the U'21 (probably better than sitting on the bench for the NT).
  15. I don't like Avraam in the endekada either but Otto seems to have faith in him and likes to include him. That's why I figured he'd start him. Personally, if we're hell bent on playing 5 in the back, I'd rather use Papastathopoulos there with Dellas and Kyriakos but again, I prefer a 4-3-1-2. As for your LB query, I think that Spyropoulos is slowly getting there. I know that he's not there yet and his defensive game leaves a lot to be desired but I think offensively he definitely has the skills. Who knows, maybe in 2-3 years with a bit more experience, he might be able to carry the load.
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