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  1. Very well taken goal. Excellent technique to control off the chest and a pinpoint shot into the bottom corner. Now if he could do that for the ethniki once in awhile, we'd be set B) .
  2. BBC website said he came on in the 90th minute but I'll take your word for it Cerigo. Let's hope Gekas gets more playing time next Saturday against Bolton. Whatever happens, at least this move to Portsmouth was just a loan deal. I will still hold out hope that he eventually gets a bit more time as the season draws to a close. Who knows, if he can nab a goal or two, he might just garner some interest.
  3. Gekas was subbed on in the 90th minute against West Brom. :blink: Oh well, at least it's better than being left off the squad entirely :rolleyes: .
  4. Samaras with two pretty decent goals yesterday for Celtic: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aft7UZfneD8
  5. Nice job by the Elpides. These games against FYROM and Lithuania are must-wins if we want to maintain any hope of qualifying for the final tournament. Good on ERT-SAT for showing it too.
  6. Well, hopefully things will become a lot more clear after Tuesday. I just wonder how closely Melissanidis will be watching the proceedings...
  7. The Elpides managed a 1-1 draw against Italy away. http://www.uefa.com/competitions/under21/f...0174/index.html This result means we are officially out. :tdown: I did however, get a chance to watch about 20 minutes of the first half (right up until the Italian guy scored) and in that time, I saw one or two trigonakia from our side, which was heartening.
  8. Here's Gekas' goal if anyone didn't see it: http://www.goal4replay.net/VideoWatchF.asp...?ID=16165&Ln=En
  9. Yeah, there's no way anyone can really lay blame on Gekas for the Euro. He got no service whatsoever from the midfield. Glad to see he's lighting it up for Leverkusen again. Anyone have a clip of the goals?
  10. Well that's disappointing. Pretty much the final nail in the coffin of a poor campaign (turning point was probably the 3-4 against Croatia at home).
  11. AEK-MTL

    Aris Roster

    So does anyone think that Sifakis can win the starting role from Kelemen?
  12. Well Morphi, I guess it's down to Greece and England on Sunday for all the marbles.
  13. Just out of curiosity, why are you not a fan of Alexiou? I haven't seen the U'19 team play so I can't really judge his tactics.
  14. I see your point DUDE but I'd rather Samaras be scoring just the same, even if it is against weak opposition. At least we know that his accuracy is good and when he does get an opportunity, he'll bury it. It's the sort of clinical finishing that we'll need at the Euro. Don't get me wrong, I'm not expecting him to light up the tournament. But you can't deny that with his size, he will be a threat on nearly every set piece Greece take.
  15. Good for him. If he can get into top form before the Euro, he should be able to push Charisteas for a starting spot (although realistically, I'm thinking that Otto uses him as a sub). Seems to be developing a knack for scoring off corners, which is good considering much of our offense depends on free kicks and corners.
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