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  1. F&?k this club and this bullshit there gonna make me age 20 years in one day, ntropi sas against doxa last place team 1 efen points are you f#$$ing serious my patience is running thin and another shitty crowd way to make aek even smaller bravo sas. im out gonna go hit the boxing bag ELEOSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Got to say i cringred at when i heard that kostenoglou was gonig to be our coach but got to hand it to him, he has done a superb job with the boys playing the youth and the players beleiving in his system aek is becoming a unit the problems are still there but that aside bravo to the boys great run, undefeated in 6 straight. A s for sturm what a bunch of chumps the loss in oaka was not that sturm was better then aek aek handed that win with a bus load of missed chances and the game changer with dellas red. Let make it a yellow&black x-mas with a win with atromito who is know struggling
  3. We cant even get the ball this is sick
  4. An einai dynaton mas kremasateeeeeeeeeeeee cant watch this garbage anymore this is not aek
  5. Heart breaking to watch aek we have serious problems cant understand how we are 4th in the sl
  6. OMG IF that just not sum up aek this year defensively scandalous
  7. One more please leo your one of the only bright spots for aek this year come on boy
  8. We deserve these retarded goals we keep on eating game after game with our god awfull backline f#$ this :(
  9. Thats just frecking sad kanapedes opadoi oli sas whats more scary is aek performance on the pitch how low can we possibly go loko arte sh$t and we copped a goal
  10. A win please just for our morale
  11. I completely disagree as slim chance we have of quali. just play your best if you wanna finish with 6 loses and be a door mat go ahead this is what aek has become ineurope
  12. No expectatations what so ever for this one they should go out and play without stress and complex like they did with aris they proved that we can string 2 passes together and actually play the one two. Just give me one win europa moskva showed me absolutely noting its a damn shame besides ander beeing a class above the rest 2nd was are for the taking If we barely got 10 000 for a derby match with aris i shutter to think what thursday will bring sad to see the aek nation exiling themselves from the stands breaks my heart
  13. I was so shocked we lost i lost my mind
  14. kostenoglou seeems to waiting for the spot ayios o theos if that happens
  15. Ive been to heartbroken to respond what i witnessed today this is not aek this is not the club ive been supporting since i was a little boy any fans left that do still love the club and take the time to call in sick from work or skip school or whatever its is wont be coming back. Im ashamed that a club like strum that is and always wont be on aek level came into oaka and left with the x a club that should have been atleast down 2 or 3 goals by half time. And dellas ax re dellas den boreis allo agori mou its time my friend and dont get me started on the subs that the spaniard did im still s
  16. O theos voithos 2011 2012...................................................................
  17. Iremise re file inter milan tomatoe tomato who frecking cares
  18. Valte to video apo thn apoel sto locker room na doune pos paizei mia omada
  20. Id rather aek not make this group stages then get raped every year in europe frecking embarassing man from anderlecht na itane h barca h united [email protected]#$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  21. Its sicking to see the state that greek football is in right now made my stomach turn to see trabazpor whatever it is beat milan in milan and apoel beat zenit from a goal down.
  22. Dimis is the biggest laughable signing of the year for aek cant save a beach ball LYMBE i love you but your done my friend DELLAS again adore you but your toast LAGOS what the F is he still doing on this squad LEO YOUR THE MAN GUDDY i had a feeling he might be a dud to early to tell but................ My manolo dosent start carlos and belleck is beyond me
  23. Theres no question that anderlecht is a much better squad at the moment but that dosent always mean that they should flat out collect max points i truly beleive if we had rizoupoli as our home ground for europa and filled that sucker up none of them survive. Russian clubs are always competitive and have a super domestic league tough task indeed. As for strum i mean if we cant beat them then were hopeless bottom line. Im gonna be positive for once and say we will finally get over the hump and qualify.
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