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  1. I'm watching Milan vs Inter and right now at half it's a 0-3 old fashion ass kicking. Although I'm a Juve fan it's going to be hard to uncrown the champions.
  2. I thought he would be in favor after that great goal against Dunamo, and I thought I saw him start against Arsenal this week. Are you talking about league game? Why would he play him in Europe and not league games? Anyway if it means moving to West Ham would get him more playing time I think it's better for him, but I still would like to see him play for a greek team some time soon.
  3. It's time for this kid to come and play in Greece (I don't care who). Obviously he is not getting the respect abroad. BTW I thought he was doing well at Celtic, why the harsh words? What does Celtic's coach think of him and not some old retired fart?
  4. Did Aris sign Vitolo? I thought PAOK was on the verge of signing him.
  5. How about Aris making it a great transfer period with three quality signings. Gracian (spelling?) Nafti and Abreu. So far I think they have had the best transfer period of all teams in regards to filling need and talent. I glad Aris is bringing talent in as it will make for better Super League competition next year, hopefully.
  6. Well said, Olimpiakos in the past bought young Greek players that needed playing time and due to the fact that the team is often stacked with foreign talent the player rots on the bench. Hope this is not a similar case.
  7. Offsoccer question, but it's interesting that you like the FLYERS and YANKESS. Are you from Philly?
  8. ENGLAND: Liverpool ITALY: Juventus GERMANY: E. Frankfurt SPAIN: Real Madrid PORTUGAL: Benfica
  9. O anthropos eine goltsis, end of story. :nw: How did PAO let hism slip away. Can you imagine PAO with Gekas up front this year? Scary
  10. Although I really like this player and have given him the benefit of the doubt in my previous posts, I have to agree with you 100% on this one. Benfica would have been perfect for him, and in my eyes Benfica is a better team tha Man City.
  11. I love all the attention our field is getting, as if it's the main site for all major events in Greece. Maybe we should make it the new Olympic Stadium of Greece. Everyone needs to relax, the field will be ready and none of the opposing teams' world class football (Super Liga) superstars will be hurt playing on it.
  12. The fact that Middlesborough is interested is good news, the fact that Benfica is showing interested is great news, because it shows that teams are thinking that he posesses a lot of untapped talent. I hope he goes to a team that uses him correctly and motivates him to be the great player we have been waiting for. This will not only be good for him, but for the Greek National Team as well. I hope he comes back and bites Manchester City and S.G. Erickson in the ass.
  13. For me it's Pele hands down. Although he did not have the flare of the more recent soccer players, he was and still is considered the best player in the world (in my opinion). I mean when you think of the bycicle kick, which is the most exciting play in soccer, who comes to mind? Also, although the question is who is a better player, Pele handled and still handles himself better off the field and is a true ambasador of football on the global sector. Although Maradona was a great player, his reputation will always be turnished by his constant drug use. He's lucky he is still alive.
  14. I somewhat agree with you that these rankings sometimes lack logic, like how is Argentina (lost the Copa America final) ranked above Italy (World Champions, only one year ago). On the other hand look at the teams below us, can you clearly say that they are far and beyond better than us?
  15. I agree, that would be an excelent move for him, and in my opinion will be playing in a better league.
  16. You make some very good points, maybe it was just the games of city that I saw last year, but he seemed to do OK. I think in Samara's case being signed by Manchester City and being thrown into the fire at such a young age, was too much too fast for him, although a good young player is able to handle such pressure. I think he needs to go to a smaller club (possibly Greece) to polish his game and gain his confidence back. It reminds me of what happened to Freddy Adu (although Adu was much younger), he worked on his game and now is at Benfica.
  17. Given his playing time at Man City, he didn't do bad. The next couple of years will tell which way this guys carrer will go. Let's hope we don't have a Choutos on our hands.
  18. Call him lazy, call him unimpressive, call him what ever you want. The fact is this kid, and make no mistake about it he is a kid very early in his carrer, is playing for a well known club in the Premiership and has scored 6 goals. Answer this for me, who from the not so Super League in his age can do the same in the Premiership? The best of luck to Samaras in the Premiership.
  19. Guys say what you want about his hair, but the guy is performing well. He is a player who has a knack for scoring goals. Maybe some forwards on the NT should grow mullets and perform like Fani.
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