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  1. second that!Him or the lemon. What a moronic managment we have <_< We can only dream about those results now :tdown:
  2. Now it's even talk about buying out the new coach because of the new owner situation. That would be a new low even for us. Sacking the coach before any game have been played yet. Only in Greece that could happen :rolleyes:
  3. AWSOME....one :gr: two :gr: .....and three :gr:
  4. Fanis with a hattrick today when Hertha destroyed Wolfsburg away 5 - 1 :gr: Quite the comeback from last weekend :o
  5. :( what a shame. I was really keen on seeing what this kid could do for us in the WC.
  6. According to his wiki page Ben Arfa is coming to limani :o link I hope it's gonna happen! :tup:
  7. I was checking around a little about our boy Nery Castillo. Poor guy, things really been a mess for him after leaving Olympiakos. He's not even been on the bench of his team Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk (on loan from Shaktar Donetsk) since September. The guy is desperate to get some playtime to be even considered for Mexico in the World Cup. Some rumours now and then link him with a move to Mexico. But he's put the Mexican league down when interviewed about it previously. So maybe it's a case of pride for him to stay in Europe What is obvious for all invloved, he can't stay longer in Ukraine and rott away in depression. I for one would be interested to see what could happen if he were to be loaned back to us, is that even possible? I understand he's not match fit at the moment. He would have to start as a sub in less crucial games with smaller teams in the Superliga. The Castillio of old would be an awesome addition to the team. We could be much more dangerous in attack than we are now. Just a thought ;)
  8. True, Oly is starting to look like the Argentine answer to Brazilian fenerbahce :huh: No prob for me if we win against Chelsea ;)
  9. I only have two teams to really care for. Oly and Modo Hockey( The current swedish champions and breeding ground for more succeful NHL players than any other team outside North America and Russia. Peter Forsberg the biggest star of them all) If really pressed i would have to choose these others: Sweden: AIK Solna (I live 200 meters from their, as well as the national arena) England: Liverpool (From watching them as a little kid in their glory days during the 80s on telly. Although the support got a severe knock on the head a few years back with the infamous Oly Collapse) Yugoslavia: Crvena Zvezda (Because of Oly ties and passing thru Belgrade by car many times, during the 80s again) I also kinda like the Philosophy behind Barcelona. More so than the team itself i guess.
  10. Yea, coach looks to play safe defence last minutes. Would be foolish not to with only 10 players. Keep the score guys, for gekas sake! ;)
  11. Leverkusen looks to be in serious trouble for continued play in UEFA Cup. With 20 min left of the game home against Sparta Praha its still 0 - 0. And Leverkusen has to play with only 10 men last half hour. Not good for the Ethniki either. Would be good for Gekas to meet different European top opposition before the Euro 2008. while writing this Leverkusen scores. Too bad it wasent Gekas. Still good for him :)
  12. Good thing Otto is'nt coaching the bball team. He would prolly let him play for old times sake :D
  13. World class! :nw: :gr: I wanted to see a 100 point game. I guess thats asking a bit too much ;)
  14. The game is at 3am CET and 4am GR Time.I have to big up SUPER GREEK since no one mentioned him yet. He was huge in the first half! :tup: He's gonna make me wanna follow OLY in basketball aswell this season :box:
  15. We would prolly be up against USA in the Semi if we get there (of course we will). I think that might prove to be too much for our boys without zisis i'm afraid. I think the medals will go like this: Gold: USA Silver: Argentina Bronze: HELLAS Doesent look all bad in my eyes ;)
  16. we really need to get at least 70% of the free throws in and start hitting some 3 pointers, if we're gonna win this game! :gr:
  17. Nevermind fiba.com. Go straight to the source here http://www.mediazone.com/channel/fiba/jsp/index.jsp works like a charm! My only problem was i had to work so i only saw first half of the game.
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