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2022 WCQ: Kosovo - Greece (5 Sep. 2021, 21:45 EEST - Fadil Vokrri Stadium, Pristina)


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36 minutes ago, Jimmyp said:

I’m not saying JVS is a good coach or a bad one for that matter. I’m just wondering how many coaches are we going to go through, before we start blaming the lack of talent. From all the guys that were called up maybe 2 or 3 actually play on good teams? I hard to win when you’re calling up players from teams that most Chinese orphans can beat. 

This! I’ve been a fan of JVS. Ok maybe not fan but we have to give people some time to put in their system. National teams don’t practice together year round. Plus with a bunch of our players playing all over the world, there’s not much gelling. 

however , I agree. If we don’t get 3 points this game, I’m fine with a change

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12 Muric(GK)

15 Vojvoda

13 Rrahmani(Captain)

3 Aliti

2 Hadergjonaj

8 Halimi

20 Dresevic

14 Berisha

21 Kastrati

18 Muriqi

7 Rashica




1 Ujkani(GK)

4 Kryeziu

5 Shala

6 Fazliji

9 Kastrati

10 Muslija

11 Thaci

17 Loshaj

19 Domgjonas

22 Selmani

23 Bytyqi


Manager: Bernard Challendes(SUI)

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1 Vlachodimos(GK)

21 Tsimikas

3 Tzavellas

22 Mavropanos

15 Androutsos

23 Siopis

5 Bouchalakis

11 Bakasetas(Captain)

6 Giannoulis

16 Pavlidis

9 Douvikas




12 Paschalakis(GK)

13 Dioudis(GK)

2 Saliakas

4 Papadopoulos

7 Vrousai

8 Retsos

10 Alexandropoulos

14 Fountas

17 Hatzidiakos

18 Limnios

19 Koutris

20 Mantalos


Manager: John van't Schip(NED)

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