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2022 WCQ: Kosovo - Greece (5 Sep. 2021, 21:45 EEST - Fadil Vokrri Stadium, Pristina)


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25 minutes ago, jason said:

Saw interview basically JVS saying we dont have talent and missed key player's. Those excuses dont work for me vs Kosovo... lol they have a strong team? Do we not have any talent? Maybe he is right I dunno anymore as long as EPO does pressure player selections with agents I thought zago would be different 

I still want JVS gone but he's not exactly wrong, We have gone through 5-6 coaches now and non of them have been able to get any results with this team. I'm like you I'm at a loss for words with our freefall since the 2014 world cup. I honesty don't know what to say anymore.

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8 hours ago, Brklyngrk said:

Having gotten a chance to watch the game, I am just gutted.  We played terrible, well, neither team played well but the point is what happened to the pressing we saw in the friendly? What happened to the attacking?  You had the same players available for both games.  

I used to defend JVS bc I thought we had started playing more attacking but something has changed.  In these three games, we have played horribly.  At the end of the day, you are what your record is and we are a winless team.  We may not lose, but we also don't win.  You can say we don't have the talent, but it doesn't take talent to run and press. The hustling that we had seen earlier is now gone.  If he loses the Sweden game, I see him being fired as we will be out of it. 




He made a mess of the whole situation, we played two different game plans against Switzerland and Kosovo when we needed to work on a game plan to have us execute as best possible vs Kosovo, we ended up playing much better vs the Swiss with a LB at LW and an out of form Vrousai at RW but this still worked better than going with two strikers for the first time with only a CAM to support them and no real wingers on the field, only hope was Tsimikas runs on the left, this left us hamstrung, we had two strikers with little to do, I thought Pavlidis's hold up play was poor and Douvikas got one chance and finished it well but that's all we offered him.

When your spine is Bakasetas and Bouchalakis your always gona struggle, look at what Siopis was doing... you need guys that give 200% like him not these slow ass poodles, Bouchalakis had the ball punched out to him, open goal that needed a lob, he passed the ball back to the keeper... come on!! 

This has a been a royal F*** up and JVS never learns from his mistakes 

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8 hours ago, nasl said:

Not true Michael Skibbe got us a playoff qualification from a very competitive division with belgium and bosnia.

Listen to what the blogger says at : 26.48 ..many things he says are correct...


Heard it. JVS is calling the shots not EPO. 

Your right Skibbe for all his faults at least got the team to the world cup playoff.

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