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Sl1 - R24: Asteras Tripolis - PAOK (27-02-21, 19:30 Eet)

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1914339584_AsterasTripolis.jpg.1605b98e84b8cc2f5f73ef8f19d7a96e.jpg  VS   PAOK.jpg.7de7d2bb75e005d04e45c1019fd2758a.jpg

MATCHUP:               Asteras Tripolis - P.A.O.K. Thessaloniki
COMPETITION:        Superleague 1 - Round 24
DATE:                        27-February-2021
TIME:                        19:30 EET  (16:30 UTC, 11:30 CST, 04:30 AEDT next day)
CITY / STADIUM:    Tripoli – Th. Kolokotronis Stadium (Capacity: 7,616)
TELEVISION:           novasports (Greece & Cyprus), novasportsworld (worldwide except Greece & Cyprus), Antenna Satellite/Pacific (USA, Canada/Pacific)

Asteras Tripolis – PAOK History

2019-2020:  1:2 (Swiderski, own goal) - Attendance: 3,068
0:3 (Vieirinha, Mauricio, own goal) - Attendance: 2,115
3:2 (Campos, Prijovic-p) - attendance: 1,589
1:2 (Koulouris 2) - Attendance: 1,960
2:1 (Pelkas) - Attendance: 2,101
1:0 - Attendance: 2,462  (play-offs)
3:0 - Attendance: 2,449
1:0 - Attendance: 1,845  (play-offs)
2:1 (Athanasiadis) - Attendance: 2,351
1:2 (Athanasiadis, Katsouranis) - Attendance: 2,634 (play-offs)
1:0 - Attendance: 2,218
1:0 - Attendance: 1,892
0:0 - Attendance: 2,367
1:1 (Fotakis) - Attendance: 2,500
0:2 (Anastasakos, Conceisao) - Attendance: 2,092
2:0 - Attendance: 3,685

GAMES: 16    WINS:  5    TIES:  2    LOSSES: 9

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My grade-A lineup:




         --Tsiggaras--El Kaddouri--



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That is the most likely lineup. It appears that El Kaddouri will probably not get much playing time going forward as he is refusing to agree to a  contract extension.

I am also waiting for the day when Kagawa gets a start and if Warda keeps his cool as a result.

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  • Blackhawk changed the title to Sl1 - R24: Asteras Tripolis - PAOK (27-02-21, 19:30 Eet)

The form Warda is in he won't be dropped. More likely Kagawa will continue to come off the bench or one of the two will be pushed out to the wing in order to play both. For example this week if Tzolis isn't fit to start we may see both in the starting line-up. 

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Guy won't get better if he doesn't get minutes. I haven't had a problem with him since his big screw ups a few months back. I still think the big change was getting a real attacking midfielder in there (Warda). Team just looks so much more "linked," front-to-back.

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A. Zivkovic is available. 

The squad is like this:

Πασχαλάκης, Ζίβκοβιτς, Βιεϊρίνια, Λύρατζης, Ροντρίγκο, Βαρέλα, Μιχαηλίδης, Περέιρα, Μπάμπα, Τσιγγάρας, Ελ Καντουρί, Νινούα, Καγκάβα, Μουργκ, Ουάρντα, Κωνσταντέλιας, Λάμπρου, Α.Ζίβκοβιτς, Τζόλης, Σφιντέρσκι, Κρμέντσικ .

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1 hour ago, Dutch Eagle said:

A. Zivkovic is available. 

That's good news.

This will be a tough game. Hopefully we can win this one.

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