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  1. I think a response like that is needed.... sometimes you need to get down to a morons (or bullies ) level..
  2. overachieved?? by getting 4 points from Young Boys and Astana? and heart in the mouth win over Aruca?? hate to see what under achievement looks like?
  3. also keep in mind geographical restraints... it takes in Melbourne and Sydney 1 hour in peak traffic to dive 15 km... imagine taking kids to training if we merged and closed down clubs.. in regards to academies...its not about club resources...its the 'australian system' that makes it impossible to have proper academies.
  4. The issue is we have been garbage in Europe this season... apart from the home loss to APOEL when we should have scored 6...and glimpses in the away game at Astana.. I think even the home 4-1 v Astana was an odd game...the result had more to do with Astana's naive tactics..than our great play.. The problem for me is not Bento...sure Chori would be handy at times..but the issue is the back 5 (including Leali and an out of position Retsos) are abysmal..... And Bento does not have the players to change that.....when you have a back 5 that allows the opposition forwards to get behind them so easily and full backs who do not overlap with purpose you are going to struggle against any opposition..
  5. So Kace could not cut it at the loan club? The same Kace that was rumored to be worth millions and chased by Serie A ?
  6. I'd like to see him play more at CD... I am not convinced seeing him play at LB.
  7. Belgium are not on the same planet as Ukraine 2009 or Romania 2013.. Both those teams especially Romania 2013 were closer to our level...Romania may have had better credentialed cultured footballers, but we clearly had the better team, more balance, more depth..
  8. a lot of those drops can be attributed to Aris.AEK, Larissa, OFI, Iraklis ,Oly Volou being relegated... PAO being poor on the field... and leaving OAKA..... As much as PAO fans hate OAKA...At least it could hold big crowds for derbies and hence revenue/tickets are up.. Even the much maligned Iraklis,Oly Volou, OFI have a lot larger supporter base than Panthrax, Doxa, Veria, Kerkyra,Ergotelis,Kalloni, Levadiakos, etc etc etc..
  9. I think Skibbe rates Karnezis and Kapino
  10. Sounds like you have gone to the Greek school of taxation... A job for you on Tsipras ministry...
  11. YES....we will disagree.... May be different in Sydney.. But in Melbourne Herald- Sun ,3AW Ch.9 and 7....are on the Pauline Hanson spectrum... perhaps your views are very right wing..and any variation is seen as 'lefty'.. a bit like anyone who is not advocating for all Sudanese to be deported..even the ones born here..is considered a mad lefty and too PC??
  12. and that's the red neck rag!! MVFC fan club paper.....?? Very surprised Geelong got do low.....and Casey-Dandenong got so high.. I'd say in the minds of FFA it is... Geelong 55% South 40% C/D 5%
  13. no....mainstream media is very right wing in australia. with the exception of a couple of shows... the anti trump campaign was based on people thinking he was an unstable nut job,....not on being lefty.. gay marriage has 'support' on the basis that to think otherwise is 'openly discriminatory' even hard core right wingers support gay marriage for that reason... generally the mainstream here ..media and people are very right of center..
  14. Kapino is much better than Glykos.. Lamprou may be better than Glykos..?
  15. I don't agree Amorgos...Australia is extremely right wing..especially the mainstream media outlets.. and their mass followers... who immediately brand any form of opinion as PC bullshit and brand anyone who has a contrary view to mainstream as a radical lefty tree hugger.. the bogan red nick culture rules here today..
  16. Petsos and Bouchalakis don't play for their clubs.. Taxi and Samaris are our only options....then the virus... I can't see Siopis worrying Belgium...
  17. policy making? greece can't appoint referees to a soccer match or know how to best use the old airport which is sitting idle for 13 years. how is anyone in EU going to take us seriously in matters of policy or strategic direction? Greece only joined for the subsidies, we NEVER intended to drive or direct policy..
  18. really?? what of the 100s of billions in subsidies since the 1980s? only we were too stupid to appreciate and understand it.. EE membership is the only thing that propelled us ahead of backwaters like Albania and fyrom etc..
  19. I somehow stumbled on one greece on fb... thrylos and i are on it...its a feel good site with nice pics of coffee and loukoumades...but a few think they are political gurus but sound worse than a couple of 90yo in a kafeneio in crete..
  20. on a side note....Thrylos.....I must admit at least the level of discussion here is somewhat at a higher level.. can you believe some of the comments we are reading on the other fb site we are on?? god help Greece if there are people that think like that..and their total lack of political or historical knowledge..
  21. what? you guys actually supported this ban?>
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