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Found 2 results

  1. I remember reading a post about the Greek teams in Australia by one of the posters that was very interesting. Therefore, I got the idea to make a topic dedicated to all the Greek teams in the diaspora. We can both bring up news concerning the teams or we can just share the clubs' Facebook links in order for them to get more likes, followers etc. I'm not sure about the criteria but I guess the clubs must have a Greek history and must be operated by Greeks. Here's some Swedish clubs: Akropolis IF - they are currently playing in "gamma ethiniki", where they finished 2nd after a Kurdis
  2. When I meet other Greeks or diaspora born and raised or living abroad, I am always interested to hear what their life and customs are like. I would very much like to hear a few things about yourselves and how life may differ depending on which part of the world you live in. Look at my example below and, if you like, use the same template. Please also feel free to add something. Background: One parent Greek the other English, born and raised in England Did your parent(s) teach you Greek/Do you speak Greek?: Yes Education: English school with Greek school every Saturday up
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