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Stadiums you have visited.

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I have seen this topic at the great Stadia.gr site, and thought it would be great to find out what soccer (and non-soccer) stadiums our members have attended to see a soccer game or sporting event.

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ok, lets start it:

in Switzerland: Hardturm, Letzigrund, Hallenstadion (zurich), Espenmoos (St.Gallen)

in Greece: old Karaiskaki, Rizoupoli, Leoforos, Olympic Stadium, Nea Smirni, Nikos Goumas, Olympic Basketball Stadium, Eirinis&Filias

in Italy: Delle Alpi

in Germany: Olympiastadion, Olympiahalle

in France: Stade Gerland (Lyon), driven by at the Stade de France (looks like a giant UFO at night) :D

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Here is my list:

Soccer/Football stadiums:

Nova Hut (20,000 capacity) - Ostrava, Czech Rep. - Actually played soccer at this stadium besides seeing many games. Here is where I also saw the Greece - East Germany (1-4) game for the Under-17 European Championship in 1974.

Stovky(12,000 capacity) - Frydek Mistek, Czech Rep. - Here is where I saw the Greece - West Germany (4-2) game for the Under-17 European Championship in 1974.

Vitkovice Stadium (15,163) - Ostrava, Czech Rep. - Actually played soccer at this stadium, besides seeing many FC Vitkovice games here.

Bazaly (18,020) - Ostrava, Czech Republic - Have seen many Banik Ostrava games here.

Tehelne Pole (30,000) - Bratislava, Slovakia - Have seen the Slovan-Panathinaikos (2-1) in 1971 at the young age of 11 years old.

Toumba Stadium (28,708) - Thessaloniki, Greece - Have seen several PAOK games here.

Harilaou Stadium (18,308) - Thessaloniki, Greece - Have seen a couple PAOK - Aris games here.

Kaftanzoglio Stadium (28,028) - Thessaloniki, Greece - Have seen an odd PAOK game here.

Soldier Field (67,000) - Chicago, USA - Have seen several soccer games here. 1994 WC games, including Greece-Bulgaria, as well as an odd Bears football game.

Other Stadiums:

Strahov Stadium (250,000) - Prague, Czech Rep. - At the time the biggest stadium in the World, which was used for the Spartakiad in old Socialist days. Have not seen a sporting event here, but had a chance to see the Rolling Stones concert back in 1990.

Panathinaiko Stadio (60,000) - Athens, Greece - Had a chance to step foot on the Kalimarmaro, where the 1896 Olympic Games were held.

Zimni Stadion (9,400) - Ostrava, Czech Rep. - Seen many hockey games here.

Chicago Stadium (20,000) - Chicago, USA - Have seen countless Chicago Blackhawks games here, and few Chicago Bulls games with Michael Jordan before the stadium was demolished and replaced with the United Center.

United Center (22,000) - Chicago, USA - The replacement for the Chicago Stadium, but comes nowhere near to the excitment of seeing a hockey or basketball game as opposed to the old Chicago Stadium. Also seen several concerts here, including Peter Gabriel.

All State Arena (10,000) - Rosemont, USA - Formerly known as Rosemont Arena. Had a chance to see Greece - Lithuania basketball friendly here along with some hockey games and countless concerts like Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, ELP, Scorpions, etc.

Wrigley Field (38,000) - Chicago, USA - Seen many Chicago Sting soccer games here along with an odd Chicago Cubs baseball game. This is where I saw Pele and Beckenbauer play with NY Cosmos.

Comiskey Park (45,000) - Chicago, USA - Seen some Chicago Sting games here, as well as some Chicago White Sox baseball games)

US Cellular Field (45,000) - Chicago, USA -The replacement for the Comisky Park. Seen several Chicago White Sox games here.

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Excellent topic Ziaka!!! :tup:


St George Stadium in Sydney

Belmore Sports Ground (Sydney)

Sydney Football Stadium

Leichardt Oval Sydney

Melbournce Cricket Ground

Bob Jane Stadium (Melbourne)


Bedegodi of Verona

San Nicola of Bari


Constant Van Den Stock (Anderlecht)

Rua Baldouin (Old Haysel Stadium)



Old Trafford


White Hart Lane

Crystal Palace Sports Centre




Olympic Stadium

Nikos Goumas

Peace and Friendship

Olympic Stadium (arena)

and played on pretty much every pitch on Lesvos

Funny Enough, I've never to Leoforos! :(

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Greece: Apostolos Nikolaidis (Leoforos) :nw: :nw: :nw: = mecca

(PAO-Espanyol friendly, PAO-Kallithea friendly, PAO-Kallithea leage

PAO-PAOK, PAO-Proodeftiki)

Panionios stadium Nea Smyrni- for the AEK derby earlier this year

Italia: Giuseppe Meazza San Siro - Milan vs Sampdoria

USA: RFK Washington - USA vs Honduras, WC 94 Saudi Arabia vs Belgium, DC United games :tdown:

Germany - Olympiastadion Munich - not for a match just visiting the park

stadiums seen from outside (passed by) - Real Betis, Athletic Bilbao, Cibali (Catania), Daimler Chryler stadium (Stuttgart)

Wish list: Camp Nou, Monaco's stadium, Kadikoy, Bombanera Boca Juniors, Azteca, La Mestalla :not: ....

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Ok. this is my list.

Greece A' division

Karaiskaki (Olympiakos)

Nea Smyrni (Panionios)

Toumba (PAOK)

Kaftantzoglio (Iraklis)


Nea Efkarpia (Iraklis)

Nea Philadelfia (AEK)

Korydallos (Proodeftiki)

Greece B' & C' division

Alkazar (Larisa)





Kalohori (Lyki)


N.Ionias Volou (Niki Volou)

N. Pori (Poseidon)


Iraklio (Ergoteli)

Kesariani (Ethikos Asteras)


Greece D' & locals

over 100


Olympiastadion (Hertha Berlin)

AOL-Arena (Hamburg)


Communale (Juventus)

Delle Alpi (Juventus)

Marc' Antonio Bendegoti (Verona)

Pierluigi Penzo (Venezia)


Charmilles (Servette Geneve)


Amsterdam Arena (Ajax)

De Kuip (Feyenoord Rotterdam)

Serbia - Montenegro

Marakana (Red Star Belgrade)


Sukru Saracoglu (Fenerbahce)


Loius II (Monaco)


Subi Bakiri (Shqiponja Gjirokaster)


Bob Jane Stadium (South Melbourne)

Melbourne Cricket Ground (National Team)

many other non soccer stadiums


Stadium of Singapore (National team)

Also smaller stadiums in Bahrain, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Egypt, Canada & U.S.A.

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Filadelfia, Apostolos Nikolaidis, Karaiskaki (old), Toumba, Harilaou, Kaftanzoglou, Yedikule / Crete, OAKA....,

Switzerland: All Stadiums except ...Tourbillon/Sion, Cornaredo/Lugano......

Monaco: The main stadium

Germany: Olympia Stadium, Munich ..... and in some inferior Divisions....

Italy: G. Meazza......, Stadio del Alpi (Brasil was playing )

England: The Den (Millwall)..., Stamford Bridge, White Hart Line...., Highbury, Wembley , and in the stadium of FC Cambridge (not Cambridge United)....

Spain: Camp Nou, Barcelona....., Stadio Municipal del Salamanca

Turkey: The stadium down Taxim Square on sea side...beside the Palast....

Malaysia: The Municipal Stadium of Kota Bahru......

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- Constant van den Stock Stadion aka Astridpark (Anderlecht) :nw:

- Koning Boudewijn Stadion aka Heizel (Brussels, national team)

- Sclessin (Standard)

- Jan Breydel Stadion (Bruges)

- 't Kuipke (Westerlo)

- Freethiel (Beveren)

- Staaien (Sint Truiden)

- Lisp (Lierse)

- Oscar Vankesbeeck Stadion (Racing Mechelen)


- Spyros Louis (Olympic Stadion Athens, while being rebuilded)

- Apostolos Nikolaidis(Panathinaikos)

- Rizoupouli (Apollon, Olympiakos )

- Karaiskaki (Olympiakos)

- Nikos Goumas (AEK)

- Rendi (training facilities Olympiakos)


- Olympia (Bayern Munchen)

- Allianz-Arena (new place of Bayern Munchen, while being builded - we were almost on the pitch before they haunted us away, it seemed they did not like tourists there)

- Weserstadion (Bremen)


- White Hart Lane (Tottenham)


- de Kuip (Feyenoord)


- MontJuich (Espanyol Barcelona)

- Mestalla (Valencia)


- Stadio Olimpico (As and Lazio Roma)

- San Siro (Ac Milan, Inter)

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Damn I'm jealous of all of you. I've been to 2 and they're both in the same city: Boston :lol: One of em doesn't exist anymore either

Foxboro Stadium- Greece/Argentina '94 <_<

Gillette Stadium - USA/Holland, New England/Los Angeles (MLS Final), Barcelona/Juventus (Last year), and soon New England/Sporting Lisbon...I'll make sure to find a way to make Fernando Santos feel at home :whistle:

I really need to get back to Europe eh... -_-

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I am really impressed with the venues people in the forum have been too. Well done guys!! Ziaka, this was a fantastic idea. Here is my list.


- Leoforos (met a whole boatload of players too!)

- Toumba

- Harilaou


- Anfield (Liverpool)

- Everton


- Detroit Silverdome (World Cup Match - Romania vs. Switzerland)


- Penrith Panthers Stadium (Rugby)

- Parramatta Stadium (Rugby)

- Olympic Stadium (State of Origin Match and a concert!)


- La Bomboniera (Boca Juniors)

- River Plate Stadium

These last two that I have mentioned are without a doubt the best venues I have ever seen football been played upon. The fan atmosphere and the quality of football were just incredible.

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Damn I'm jealous of all of you.

I feel the same. :)

Soccer Stadiums

National Stadium of Chalkida (A.O. Chalkis, Olympiakos Chalkidas)

Stadium "Theodoros Vardinogiannis" also known as "Genti Coule" (OFI)

Stadium "Nikos Kazatzakis" also know as "Martinengo" (Ergotelis)

National Stadium of Allikarnasos (Irodotos)

National Stadium of Neapolis (last Christmas to see Ionikos-OFI)

Stadium of Atsalenio (PO Atsalenio)

National Stadium of Eretria (when AO Chalkis was playing there)

Municipal Stadium of Vourkos (Propontida Chalkidas)

Other Stadiums

in Greece

Stadium "Peace and Friendship" (to see Olympiakos-AEK in basketball)

Gymnasium of Chalkida (former home of AGE Chalkidas)

Gymnasium of Kanithou (home of AGE Chalkida)

Swimming pool of Chalkida (NO Chalkida)

Linto (Iraklio basket, OFI basket)

Gymnasium of Allikarnasou (GEI, OFI basket)

in USA

Flit Center (Boston Celtics)

Great American Ballpark (Cincinati Reds)

Rupp Arena (U. of Kentucky basket)

Commonwelth (U. of Kentucky football)

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  • 3 weeks later...

i forgot one

St. Jakobspark in Basel (Switzerland-Russia qualifying game for the euro)

and the newest an by far the best stadium i've ever visited just a few days ago:

Rheinpark Station in Vaduz (Liechtenstein-Greece friendly)

if this stadium is full every 10th citizen of liechtenstein is in there. Imagine how big it is!!!

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  • 7 months later...

Some additions to my list:

refurbished Kaftanzoglio Stadium - Thessaloniki, Greece - Greece - Korea game for the 2004 Olympics soccer tournament.

Olympic Stadium - OAKA - Athens, Greece - Have seen the track & field competition during the 2004 Olympic Games on August 21, 2004

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if this stadium is full every 10th citizen of liechtenstein is in there. Imagine how big it is!!!

wow.........i can imagine it....it must be the size of panionios stadium in nea smyrni

as for my additions::

OAKA (Stivos)

Vicente Calderon - Atletico de Madrid vs Real Zaragoza

Santiago Bernabeu - Real Madrid - Real Sociedad (last year not the one with the terrorist threat)

Karaiskaki.... :tdown: - Italy vs Paraguay Olympics

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Missed this topic 1st time round, so will try to remember the Greek Stadiums I've visited - most of which with the 'mighty' Ionikos.




Nea Philadelphia

Nea Smyrni








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My List...


OAKA (Football 5 season tickets 1988-1993)

OAKA (Basketball)

N. Smyrni


Old Karaiskaki

Kallimarmaron (Opening ceremony of the 1995 world athletics)

N. Philadelphia (Elton John & Sting concerts :P )

Harilaou (Aris - PAO)


Pilaia (PAOKs Basketball ground Final four 2000 with PAO)

Piece and friendship in Faliro

Panionios ground in Basketball N. Smyrni

METS Basketball ground


Wembley (Many times but best one Opening game of euro 1996)

Old Trafford (several times but the best one Man Utd - Juventus 3-2 CL)

Villa Park (Aston Villa - Atletico Madrid 0-0 UEFA cup Madrid goes through agg 0-1)

Stamford Bridge (Chelsea - Liverpool 4-2 cup game)


Santiago BERNABEU (Real - Man Utd 0-0 CL)

Camp nou (Barca - Celtic 1-1 CL)


Palais De Berci (Thats right gents!!! Basketball first european trophy 1996!!!)

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  • 1 year later...

well well, so i'm in the club of three people now visiting one of the best know stadiums in the world. i just came back from...... madrid!!!!

damn, what a stadium. the santiago bernabeu... :nw: :nw: :nw: phuh! watched the match real-villareal (0-0), was quite bad though, but some old real fans next to me were worth the money.

did you know that they have a cooling system under the roof so that the fans can enjoy the match without getting heat struck?!

maybe i'll post some pictures later...

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