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  1. also Gokhan Zan is linked to Anderlecht, he would leave mid-season
  2. Ertugrul Saglam is now linked to Anderlecht, is there more info in turkish press?
  3. match winner last weekend against Ergotelis, midweek goal in cup win vs AEK match winner today in PAOK game... Tomasz is doing great :tup:
  4. together with Jan Koller, Tomas Radzinski was part of the Anderlecht attack in our last superb year in Europe (2001) was topscorer in Belgium (23 goals in 31 games) and scored important goals in the Champions League the same year
  5. ;) where did you hear this?? ;) just a loose rumour?
  6. hmmm just heard there were a couple of incidents, one of those concerned a group fans of my city, attacked a couple of hours before the game started by some AEK fanatics carrying chains... they saw the danger right on time and started to run, some of them got hit, but fortunately no one had severe injuries... :(
  7. it was a nice cross followed by a nice shot on goal, not thAt easy ;)it is a fact that frutos was completely free, but he ran into the box until he came at the free position the moment the ball arrived, another situation then when he already was camping in the box and the defenders forgot him. For us your goal was an east one, Van Damme was too late to set the offside trap ;) Will be an exciting return game ;) btw, a big thank you to your coach to start without Liberopoulos :P lol, dont't talk about games you did not see :angry:
  8. My opinion: Anderlecht the better side until AEK equalised. Until then AEK was too slow and a bit passive... could've been more than 0-1. But the equaliser changed everything, gave your team wings and AEK started to play real football but missed a row good chances, we only got one good opportunity in the second half. I can live with the draw. Feelings greek side: a missed chance for the firtst CL victory, but feelings here: missed chance to take the so important away victory (a couple of players did not perform at their best level)
  9. Greece 85 : 77 USA 7 minutes to go! 03:27 Greece 89 : 81 USA 02:17 Greece 91 : 86 USA stressssssssssssssss
  10. How is he doing? What about injuries?
  11. ZeeKoei

    Ethnikos Achnas

    Aruna Dindane,former Anderlecht star left for 'a bigger team' ;)
  12. ZeeKoei

    Ethnikos Achnas

    strange betting behaviour on the Roeselare game, extreme high bets in Asia on a high Achnas win, several bookies annulated the game :blink:
  13. ZeeKoei

    Ethnikos Achnas

    Roeselare got in Uefa thanks to fairplay, not because of their performances, it's not such a big surprise they do not make it into the next round ;) it's one of the weaker teams in the Jupiler League Lens is something completely different, I don't see ethnikos making a good result here
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