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  1. Fine and well thanks. Looking forward to what will be an interesting season over here. All starting with the home game against Dynamo Moscow on Thursday. Big changes are being made at clubs across the SPL due to lower budgets. This should probably have happened years ago, but is only happening now due to 'The' ;) Rangers factor. Dundee United have lost another 5 or 6 of last season's starting 11, as was the case the year before. Squad sizes are being cut, as are salaries, in a bid to reduce debts. Motherwell are in the same boat, and are not as strong a side as they were last year. I think they will be happy enough with their performance tonight against a team with far greater quality. This was Motherwell's biggest European tie, and they chose to have a go rather than sit back and try to steal something in Athens. In truth, with a very mediocre defence, they would have been destroyed if they invited PAO to attack all evening. Spot the small band of PAO fans who braved our typically miserable summer weather.
  2. Are you watching Irlandos? Not a great performance from PAO, but job done. Motherwell had a lot of the play, but were mostly restricted to efforts from distance.
  3. Congratulations!! I had a feeling that tonight we would see a change in attitude, work rate and fortune (Willie Hill will not be looking forward to my visit tomorrow Irlandos ;) ).
  4. Good luck tonight! I have a feeling a victory is possible with a lot of effort from the team .... and a bit of luck.
  5. Yes, it was Irlandos - but can't recall what was written on it. The game turned into a very flat occassion indeed. I could go on about United's nervousness and midfield formation, but I think AEK controlled the match and had the ability to up their game had they needed to. In the end, they didn't need to....... United will be up against it in OAKA next week, but the 700 or so fans booked up to travel will make the most of the experience and am sure they'll be warmly welcomed.
  6. United fans are very excited about this game as European games were an annual event in the 80s and 90s, and those evening matches form a huge part of the club history. These days, they don't come along too often, so the fans will be making the most of the occassion. Not too any tickets remain this morning, so hopefully the game will have a capacity crowd. I don't think United fans are over confident, but realise that they could have faced a tougher opponent. They think that they may be playing AEK at the best possible time as there are problems between the fans and Bajevic. The first leg should be tight, and a lot will depend how the United defence perform - the central defence is in urgent need of strengthening since Webster returned to Rangers. The United midfield and attack are as strong as any side in Scotland and very capable of causing problems. There could be a few goals...... Roll on this evening!!!
  7. Not sure if this footage made TV in Greece or elsewhere, but this is Samaras entering the Motherwell stadium for his first game for Celtic on Wednesday night. The game was cancelled 10 minutes later, but he will remember this moment. Let's just say he is a bit taller than the average Scot! :LOL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3kCcEmbseiI
  8. Nae bother mate, whatever you say. But may I suggest you read a bit deeper into the lyrics of the songs you quote from, before you call ME narrow minded and parochial. I repeat, these sentiments have no place in football let alone a Greek football website.
  9. Get a grip!! This is a football site. Keep your sectarian nonsense away please. Back to football. "Cruising"............. to your 10th match without a victory. A pretty good performance from Rangers, against an Inter team who didn't seem interested. The way Rangers settled for a draw for the last 15 minutes was a gamble that luckily paid off. It showed the lack of confidence that exists at Ibrox at the moment. One single goal in Slovakia, and it would have ended in tears.
  10. Although they finished strongly last season, they were up against an ageing Celtic team, which needed strengthening. The fact that Rangers won 2 trophies shold not have made them complacent. The signings made during the close season were not of a high enough standard, and the results are now beginning to show. One victory in their last 11 games is just not good enough for a club of that size.
  11. A red card for Sotiris tonight as Rangers went down 2-0 away to Celtic in the quarter final of the CIS Cup. A goal in each half for Celtic, with Rangers keeper Stefan Klos at fault for both. The first yellow was a bit unfortunate as Kyrgiakos seemed to catch the ball just before Celtic midfielder Petrov. Several needless challenges throughout the game made a red card look possible, but he received his second yellow for sarcastically applauding the referee when penalised for another foul tackle. Hasn't he seen Rooney or Beckham? :tdown: The good news for the player is that he won't be banned from Rangers next match .................. away to Celtic in the league. Manager Alex McLeish's last match in charge? Very likely, I feel.
  12. Kyrgiakos is flying in this morning for signing talks, so hopefully everything will be resolved today. The transfer window closes tomorrow.
  13. The news this weekend is that Sotiris will be signing at Ibrox again today.
  14. The newspapers are today reporting that Rangers are making a last bid to keep Kyrgiakos at Ibrox. If the deal is in any way similar to the pay per play deal previously made, my advise for Sotiris would be to get the hell away from the place. As the saga has developed, I've become increasing tired of noises from Rangers declaring how keen they are to keep the player, and how generous their offers have been. Surley the purpose of the loan period was to assess his knee - fair enough. He had no problems, and played every game after his arrival. But to offer him a contract which states that 90% of games must be played to receive his full salary is absolute nonsense. In how many businesses would this be accepted - not many I'm sure. Even in the inflated market of football salaries, an individual still has the right to know how much he is going to make over a period of time. What he then does with it is up to himself. Rangers have a poor track record where contracts are dermined by appearances. Ask Michael Ball, who had been involved with the England national team prior to joining Rangers. There was a clause in his contract which stated that after he played a certain amount of games, an additional payment of say
  15. What kind of crowds are expected? I remember the U16 youth world cup was held in Scotland in 1989, and the good weather brought out some crowds of almost 10,000 for games not involving the host nation.
  16. Rangers say they are still in negotiations to make the deal permanent, despite comments from Kyriakos' agent. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/t...ers/4085700.stm I still reckon this is the source of the problem. Disgraceful in my opinion, as he was a regular in the Rangers side since his arrival.
  17. Nelly, I'm sure you'll be back IF Rangers are still interested in signing Greeks Tavlaridids and Dellas. Not sure what's happening on that front on the moment. Not sure how they would feel about coming to Rangers now though after this fiasco.
  18. A sad tale indeed, which could see a very popular player reluctantly leave as a result of penny pinching. I heard 2 months ago that it was almost certain he'd not be retained after the season ended, and it appears to be down to Rangers unwillingness to pay all of the outstanding balace of around
  19. He was apparantly very 'clever' in getting the last minute for Rangers, should have been penalised for a foul of his own earlier in the match and missed a good scoring opportunity. An eventful evening in Edinburgh for Kyrgiakos, but a welcome result nonetheless. BBC Match Report
  20. The initial 6 month loan period had been made permanent earlier than expected due to to his commanding performances so far, which have seen him become a favourite of the fans. His contract expires in the summer of 2008.
  21. Missed this topic 1st time round, so will try to remember the Greek Stadiums I've visited - most of which with the 'mighty' Ionikos. Neopoli OAKA Veronas Nea Philadelphia Nea Smyrni Rizoupoli Leoforos Lamia Xanthi Toumba Kesariani Karaiskaki
  22. Celtic are now being linked to a loan move for Chelsea's Scott Parker. Karagounis may just be the first in a number of high profile players linked to Parkhead to take the pressure off the tight-fisted board of directors.
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