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  1. Not sure if this footage made TV in Greece or elsewhere, but this is Samaras entering the Motherwell stadium for his first game for Celtic on Wednesday night. The game was cancelled 10 minutes later, but he will remember this moment. Let's just say he is a bit taller than the average Scot! :LOL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3kCcEmbseiI
  2. What kind of crowds are expected? I remember the U16 youth world cup was held in Scotland in 1989, and the good weather brought out some crowds of almost 10,000 for games not involving the host nation.
  3. Missed this topic 1st time round, so will try to remember the Greek Stadiums I've visited - most of which with the 'mighty' Ionikos. Neopoli OAKA Veronas Nea Philadelphia Nea Smyrni Rizoupoli Leoforos Lamia Xanthi Toumba Kesariani Karaiskaki
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