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  1. Seems to be having a good season since coming back from injury (came back a bit late unfortunately).
  2. I don't come here much these days but I just wanted to send my congratulations to you boys. I knew you were gonna make it. Well done and I shall be watching your games with close attention as I will be based in Cape Town durint the WC!
  3. England looked interesting against Holland. It's a difficult group for Greece.
  4. From an outsider point of view, I guess the rivalty between the Greek teams explain the low turn-out for your NT, especially in the Capital city.
  5. http://clubs.phantis.com/sports/index.php?...showtopic=12087
  6. So Derbyshire in Greece. A good move for everyone, I can' wait to see him in the Champion's League.
  7. Blackburn striker Matt Derbyshire has conceded he is ready to make his loan move to Olympiakos a permanent one. The Greek side are lining up a
  8. I can't Allardyce being fussy about Derbyshire. If the guy wants to stay, so be it.
  9. Olympiakos are set to offer Blackburn
  10. I told you he was going to be a cracker. Can't wait to see him in the CL next season!
  11. Yes, and he scored again Panionios. I can't see him going back to Blackburn now.
  12. You're in for a tough one. In a way, I can see you win this one. Your team is capable of winning in tough places (Spain, Turkey, Portugal etc...). You may struggle at home but overall, I think if you get 4 points, it wouldn't be a disaster.
  13. Well done Olympiakos! I hope you will keep Derbyshire!
  14. Yeah and scored again in the league!
  15. England played Israel last time round and I saw a few games of these guys. They are a tight unit and difficult to break at home. However, they look weak on the wings and that's were you should try and play. Croatia battered them in Tel Aviv in 2006 by using the wings.
  16. He needs to play. Once he will be given a fair chance, I can promise you we will be a great player for your team.
  17. Justin.tv is showing the game. My greek being minimal, I didn't understand if Derbyshire was on the bench. Could someone enlight me on this one?
  18. No.The thing is - and you should know this - in the Premier League, young players don't stand a chance. Derbyshire will make it because he is a great striker. He got blocked by players due to their reputations - like it's always the case in the PL - and I'm sure he'll be a hit for your team. Blackburn have replaced him with Diouf, what a JOKE! He needs the space and that's it. Give him the ball and you'll see.
  19. The second video that you posted Crazy does not give any credit to Derbyshire. Frankly, the Serbian defenser was really dopey on that one. Thinking that because he's gonna fall on the floor, England are gonna stop playing is just plain stupid. Anyway, Derbyshire really wants to play for Olympiakos so I'm show he'll be a cracker!
  20. Long time, no speak. Listen guys, honestly, he is a great player. He is still young and has been blocked to be a first pick by great strikers (Santa Cruz and McCarthy). If I understand correctly, it's a 6 months loan that could be permanent. He is a good lad and won't coming with an arrogant attitude or whatever. Moreover, I'm always happy when English players go abroad, it's what the England team needs. I won't say he will score 24 goals each season but he will a massive impact, I can tell you that.
  21. You can easely say that a player who was a regular both at Manchester United and Real Madrid and who is going to play for Milan AC is much better than a random Greek player.
  22. Did any Olympiakos fans go to Istanbul? Just being curious...
  23. Sorry to be a boring corporate banker (esp. with this crisis) but HSBC can open your account in Greece before you arrive there. Just so that you know...
  24. Haha, sorry nothing to do with the game (nice goals by the way, esp the third one) but I had the same problem on Friday in Paris.I was hoping to see the U21 in some pub. I did 3 pubs, none of them were showing the game. Quite unimpressed I must say <_<
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