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  1. England looked interesting against Holland. It's a difficult group for Greece.
  2. So Derbyshire in Greece. A good move for everyone, I can' wait to see him in the Champion's League.
  3. Blackburn striker Matt Derbyshire has conceded he is ready to make his loan move to Olympiakos a permanent one. The Greek side are lining up a
  4. I can't Allardyce being fussy about Derbyshire. If the guy wants to stay, so be it.
  5. Olympiakos are set to offer Blackburn
  6. No.The thing is - and you should know this - in the Premier League, young players don't stand a chance. Derbyshire will make it because he is a great striker. He got blocked by players due to their reputations - like it's always the case in the PL - and I'm sure he'll be a hit for your team. Blackburn have replaced him with Diouf, what a JOKE! He needs the space and that's it. Give him the ball and you'll see.
  7. The second video that you posted Crazy does not give any credit to Derbyshire. Frankly, the Serbian defenser was really dopey on that one. Thinking that because he's gonna fall on the floor, England are gonna stop playing is just plain stupid. Anyway, Derbyshire really wants to play for Olympiakos so I'm show he'll be a cracker!
  8. Long time, no speak. Listen guys, honestly, he is a great player. He is still young and has been blocked to be a first pick by great strikers (Santa Cruz and McCarthy). If I understand correctly, it's a 6 months loan that could be permanent. He is a good lad and won't coming with an arrogant attitude or whatever. Moreover, I'm always happy when English players go abroad, it's what the England team needs. I won't say he will score 24 goals each season but he will a massive impact, I can tell you that.
  9. You can easely say that a player who was a regular both at Manchester United and Real Madrid and who is going to play for Milan AC is much better than a random Greek player.
  10. I haven't seen any footages. I'll have a look at the highlights later on...
  11. The Italians are winning 4-2, so England is knocked out with Greece despite winning 3-0.
  12. England are currently winning 1-0.
  13. Oh God... I can't find any link to watch the game. Does someone have one to share? thank you.
  14. Yep. The UK TV isn't showing so I get I'll watch to watch in Greek.
  15. Meanwhile, England and Italy drew 0-0.
  16. Greece drew 1-1 with Italy. http://www.uefa.com/live/competitions/unde...3456/index.html
  17. Meanwhile, England gets two injuries: injuries have seen captain Ciaran Clark and striker Daniel Welbeck withdrawn from the trip, but with their replacements in Ben Mee and Tope Obadeyo respectively, (source: The FA) Too bad for Welbeck :(
  18. Eurosport are going to show a few games.The FA website has indicated which games are going to be broadcasted: http://www.thefa.com/England/U19s/NewsAndF...ionships_08.htm
  19. The final squad has been announced: http://www.thefa.com/England/U19s/NewsAndF.../euro_squad.htm
  20. England squad http://www.thefa.com/England/U19s/NewsAndF...d_announced.htm
  21. :P Should be fun... the banter with all my friends will be great, but if we lose I'd probably have to emigrate to Fiji to get away from the stick! :P Yeah, well, I don't know much about the Greek players but the England team looks good.Sears has already scored a couple of goals for West Ham while Tomkins has started a couple of games for the hammers. Scott Sinclair has played a few games for Chelsea but will surely be sold this summer to one of the new comers. Daniel Welbeck is a player that Ferguson rates a lot. He played a friendly game in Dubaï with Man U. Joe Matlock has already played at U21 level and with Leicester going down, he will leave for a better club. Daniel Sturridge and Andy Carroll have already played a number of games for Man City and Newcastle. Moses from Palace and Gibbs from Arsenal are both rumoured to be excellent players. So, mate, your team is in trouble! ;)
  22. An article from the FA on Greece:http://www.thefa.com/England/U19s/NewsAndF...euro_greece.htm I must say that I will at least watch this game. We have some goods young lads who have been playing at Simon Clifford's Brazilian Soccer Schools so they have some potential. Come on England!
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