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  1. Most Greek bars in London are disappointing to be honest... In Paris, it is even worst as there are no Greek bars (which is a shame as I liked to see some of your "crazy" derbies once in a while). Anyway, Greece looks strong and I have put a bet on them :not:
  2. He scored again yesterday in a friendly.
  3. He is a major change in Man City attack. I am pretty sure he will do well...
  4. Great prospect for Manchester City. Great striker I have to say. Next season might well be his season. :1eye:
  5. Tricky first game for Samaras away to Everton. His first half was disappointing like the rest of his squad. During the second half, he was one of the top lads. He made himself available and had a lot of chances. :gr:
  6. Fowler left Manchester City yesterday to sign for Liverpool. Samaras has now a great opportunity to be a regular at Man City. Good luck to him! ;)
  7. Good luck to him. He will have a chance with Stuart Pearce who really wants to build a strong team with young talented players. He faces competition but most of the players are getting old (Vassell, Andy Cole, Fowler...). He can make it.
  8. Man City need to up Samaras offer Manchester City must up their bid for Georgios Samaras if they are to acquire the services of the 20-year-old Heerenveen striker. "The amount that they offered us was between three and five million euros (
  9. I'm not sure he will play a lot this season if he comes to Man City. Next season might be a better one as Fowler, Andy Cole and Darius Vassel are getting older.
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