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  1. Green has been called since Kirkland is injured.Having said that, the future of England lies in Joe Hart and Ben Foster who are clearly above the likes of Robinson or James. Robinson might go to Villa if Carson is sent back to Liverpool. It seems that Benitez would like to put Reina under competition. Wenger is too much of a continental to win the League.People are always questioning the lack of English players in his starting XI and I think that's what Arsenal are missing. I have the feeling that the Gunners lack of this "fighting spirit" that British players have. The FA spent the week saying "do not talk to referees" and what does Mascherano? He yells at the referee for the whole of the first half. Rightly deserved. Liverpool have a random team and - as such - random results. As you said, the league is far from over. Our remaining fixtures are tough with a VERY difficult April (Boro, Arsenal, Blackburn, Roma twice, Chelsea).The next game is at home against Villa, another tough team with a great manager - Martin O'Neil - and some good players upfront. This season we have been very consistent though and we did not have many injuries. The squad is back to full availability which is just what we need. Chelsea are going to be a major threat but if Arsenal lose against us at home then we might go to Stamford Bridge with enough points to be champions in West London. I tend not to judge a player when he plays for Manchester United. If he keeps on like this though, we will become a legend at Old Trafford. He has improved a lot since he arrived , he has stopped his silly little tricks that were useless and is more clinical in front of goal.Without playing well, he is always a threat. In this stat, you have to see that he is the one taking most free-kicks - especially when Hargreaves is not playing - and he is the one taking all penalties.As you said, his performances are not great against the big teams but this season he has always emerged at some point of these games with a trick or a goal which proves his talent in a way (and he has stopped diving).
  2. Surprising hey?I can't get my head around the fact that Green is not called up <_<
  3. where did u see it are u sure it wasnt Celtic?Got pics? Funnily enough Samaras' dad played for Pao I wonder if he will ever play for us as well? I couldn't find a picture.I'm sure it's PAO... I'm going on Thursday so I'll ask the guy if I see him.
  4. Guys, I've seen a guy playing with an Umbro PAO shirt recently. Which season was it? Thanks :gr:
  5. Capello called James, Carson and Kirkland for Wednesday btw.
  6. Correct!Without him, we would have lost. He is gonna play against Bolton on Wednesday and maybe against Liverpool! With Hart, Green, Carson and an in-form James, Capello must be relieved.
  7. And Kasper Schmeichel is a bloody good goalie.It hurts to say this but Man City with Hart, Isaksson and Schmeichel got a good line up <_<
  8. Ben Foster, the future England goalie, is about to play this Saturday.
  9. Steve McClaren and Terry Venables are looking for a job.
  10. Celtic have loads of strikers available, I just can't see him settling there. Maybe he will but Celtic looks packed with strikers.
  11. I've read on the BBC's website that Samaras might go to Spain at Espanol.
  12. We will play with Man City... With the reserves!
  13. Birmingham City can only be good news for Samaras. Good luck to him.
  14. I still believe Samaras could make it in the PL but maybe in a few years time - that's where I have to agree with you.
  15. I thought he did well until the end of last season and beginning of this one... You're a bit harsh mate. :LOL:
  16. The name of Samaras has been mentioned again at Boro as they have a striker crisis...
  17. He is not. I am happy to see Joe Hart starting though, he is - along with Foster, Carson and maybe Alnwick - the upcoming English GK.
  18. Honestly? I don't think Samaras will have a chance to break through the Manchester City team. Last year, Man City were a joke (I'm saying this, being a Man U fan which can be considered as biaised but still) and Samaras put some awful performances. I thought he was one of the new comers and doesn't seem to deliver. Maybe a loan in a team like Middlesbrough would help him out.
  19. I don't really understand tha ranking thing whatsoever. FIFA consider England fourth because we haven't (officially) lost a single game in a major tournament since 2002. Since then, we were always kicked out on penalty shoot-outs. Weird. Last time England lost an official game, it was against Northern Ireland. FIFA doesn't even count the 2-1 loss versus Belarus as it was a friendly and a B squad game. :1eye:
  20. Karaiskaki Goodison Park Anfield Stamford Bridge Parc des Princes La Beaujoire Stade de France :la:
  21. Good display from Greece I must say, very impressive, especially in the second half. France looks unstable and overrated really...
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