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  1. Since I have returned shortly I thought I might tease my friend Iliana that I ahven't done so for so long... Re Iliana, the sport has being going well since that karagiozi retired and you still have him in your Avatar? Why don't you put the great Fernando or Fisichela in your Avatar? :P I can't understand those Ferrari people by the way. They keep getting all those non-Italian drivers instead of recruiting a youg Italian for the sake of the Team.. Look at Ducatti for example. The have Capirossi and next year when he leaves they are getting Marco Melandri!!!! Now this is what I call ITALIAN spirit!!!! P.S. By the way one of the main reasons that Ferrari is not doing well is that this idiot is still in the pit lane with the team.. (I am talking about bromo-Schumi by the way)... :P
  2. One of the few players that actually MADE a difference in the MAN utd. squad. I remember a season when he kept coming in as a sub and kept scoring all the time. His peak came at the CL final in Barcelona when the two KATSIKIA, Andy Cole and Dwight Yorke were finally substituted when Ole and Teddy scored the two goals against the disgusting germans!!! Goodbuy Ole we will always remember you... Even today compared with all the idiotic attackers that we have i.e. Saha, GOY-ROONEY etc etc I think a fit OLE would still be the best solution for the attack.... Anyway Man Utd problem was always the defense so I don't think it will make much of a difference... When a team keeps playing with a Neville Sister, TWITTIE (Silvestre) the f***** Rio Ferdinant and Brown I am even surprised when the team reached semi finals last year... Of course even the game against ROMA was one of these games when you know that if it happens 100 times 98% will go towards ROMAs way. This was one of the nights where even Carrick scored from 25 meters away!!! Anyway.... FORZA GUNNAR!!! By the way I think the song went You are my Solksjaer, my only Solksjaer, you make me happy when skies are grey, cause Alan Shearer IS F***IN' dearer oh please don't take my Solksjaer away..."
  3. Italy will be coming for vacation after being crowned as WORLD CHAMPIONS few weeks back in Germany... Anway is going to be a good game between two similar teams... I make the following prediction... GREECE - ITALY.... 0-0 !!!!!
  4. He sucks!!!! But at least he can only score against the biggest kafeneio!!!! Oh have you heard latest news? Djordjevic just scored on the 887th minute!!! Thrynos - PAOK 2-2... 10 minutes still to go!!!!!! :P :P :P Come on thynos!!! :tup:
  5. Happu birthday re... Na ta 100sthseis!!!!!! :tup:
  7. EVEN BETTER!!!! :tup: Lets hope is is this year!!! The Sooner the better for the sport!!! FORZA ALONSO AND VALENTINO ROSSI!!!! :tup:
  8. Schimu and Ecclestone with their dirty tricks have destroyed the sport.... That is why Rossi is coming to F1!!! To save the prestige of the sport!!!! ;)
  9. All I will say is this... If Biskan and Conceicao don´t start playing some serious football prety damn soon, and we perform like the Wisla games I see us out of the UEFA big time!!! ;) Apart from having to play against very difficult teams we have the WORST possible Schedule as well... If we had Barca at our last game in Leoforos (having the probability that Barca will be through by then and play with their 2nds), then something could be done... But now we will definetely need a win at Udine in the first game if something is to be done.... Same as last year we have the two difficult matches against Barca head to head (2 consequtive matches) which means that we will probably get 0 points from them... This is the timing where big teams finish off with the group qualifying rounds... Anyway we will see in due course....
  10. he he... XXX, I haven´t bought a season ticket since 1992!!! The reason I bought it now, is that FINALLY we got rid of PALTO and BASINO-klapsa!!!! :P :P :P MICHALAAAAAKIIII EISAI TREEEEELAAAAAA ME TO p*****KO KEFALI STH FANEEEEELAAAAAAAA..... Anyway I personally won´t shout anything against Palto.. After all he has served the geys quite oftenlly.... But I will shout against Adonaki-melos!!!! ADONAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKIIIIIII PES ALEEEEVRIIIIIIIII O MANOLIS SE GYREYEI!!!!!!! :P :ph34r:
  11. Great news for the sport of F1... Just heard that Valentino Rossi, the Italian Bike driver legend, is about to join Ferrarri in 2007!!! Not only that but the disgusting Schumi is finally on his way out of the legendary Italian team, with most likely to join McLaren (unfortunately we will have to put up with his crap in another legendary team).... Anyway Rossi will be the perfect driver for the Italian team, as he is the pride of Italian motor racing... He is also very commercial not like Schumi and it is certain that he will attract loads of audiences in the sport as he did with the 2 wheel racing... Anyway lets pray and see... :tup:
  12. Indeed next time..... FORZA ALONSO!!!!!! :tup:
  13. Just received my season tickets from PAO. Problem is that before, that (before Tuesday actually) I also bought two tickets for the PAO-Thrynos game... So I will use my season ticket to go in on Sunday, so I have to spare tickets for the game... I will sell them at par value (to use financial terms), 45 euro each (same price as I bought them). They are located in gate 29, near gate P2 in the VIPs.... Let me know fast... P.S. Maybe the mouse might want them so that he can watch a serious team tearing apart the geys!!!! :tup:
  14. Re Drako, half of the players you list there were not even proposed for us, they were for Thrynos... As a Greek resident (and thus reader of the Greek press) I present you the FULL transfer completion list of Thrynos for the summer 2005: Saviola Karagounis Davids Tore Andre Flo Iversen Zidane Portillo Dragoudinovic Ze Roberto Cufur Albert Celades Aloneftis Ljunberg Mendietta Padelis Kapetanos JOHN CAREW Mpenza Ronaldo Zewlakov Lucas Castroman Kai fisika last but certaintly NOT LEAST LOIUS FIGO kai opou FIGO, FIGO!!!!!!! :P :P :P Gelaei olos o planhths reeeee!!! Apo Figo, Figo phrame ton Giagia Tourre kai ton Harry Pappa!!!!! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  15. Tickets for the game are coming out this coming Wednesday... Most papers speak about 65.000 people going to OAKA to see the game... Very tricky result it will all depend on WHEN the first goal comes (if it comes).... If it comes in the early stages of the match, then I think it will be too difficult for Wisla to keep up with us... If half-time comes with the score being tied, then I think things will start to become quite difficult for us....
  16. Could somebody tell me WHO this guy is? The only Dano I know used to play for Ajax ,and actually scored the 3rd goal at OAKA against us back in 1996, and it is certain that he is not this guy in the picture!!! So could somebody from our gey friends explain to us who the hell is this guy? It has being going around that he played for Real and Barca in the past but I have never actually seen him play with those teams. Perhaps he was playing in the friendly games!!! :P I think I am starting to get the gey-strategy know. They are after the cousins-brothers-sisters-fathers-sons, of great playes, with big names so that the can pass the idea that they got somebody important!!! :LOL: Remember the cousin of Zidane? Or may I remind you Babayaro who is a cousin of the original Babayaro? Or perhaps Giaggia Toure who is both the cousin and the grandmother of the original Juve Tourre?:P A re geys you have completely lost the ball!!!!! :P
  17. I have been away for a while so let me do a revision on the geys transfer list this summer!!!! 1. Karagounis 2. Dani 3. Portillo 4. Saviolla 5. Ronaldo 6. Figo 7. Iversen 8. Mpenza 9. Flo 10. Ljunberg 11. Kone Telika aytoi oloi tha paizoun brosta apo ton Giagia Tourre h apo piso???? :P :P :P Den peirazei phrate ton Harry Pappa kai ton Tasso Kyriako!!!!!! :tup: :tup: Do^n't worry we saw yesterday in PAOs friendly against Saragosa the mood of Takinh who was refereing the game... He gave us a short performance of what is going to follow in the Greek league.. The guy doesn't even give us the penalties in our friendly games!!!!! :P
  18. I was in there yessterday friends, and I had to say that the whole atmosphere was very emotional.... Mitsaras :nw: :nw: :nw: was honoured by kapetanios :nw: :nw: :nw: and 55.000 people were in extacy... The video walls were showing Mitsaras's goals mainly against the geys, and from the speakers you could hear the mighty ...... "Saravakos... kai....... 4-0!!!!!!!" :nw: :nw: from the gey distruction cup final in 1986!!!!! :tup: Overall we had a good game, but I was mostly impressed by Seric.... Ok we all know what Biskan and Conceicao can do but I think Seric is a great player!!! After all he has a 5 year experience in Serie A!!!! Bides was crap and so was Vyntra.... Anyway good to feel like old times (Kapetanios, Saravakos, OAKA, etc ect).... Bring on the kotes!!!!! :nw: :nw: :nw:
  19. Em ti tha elege o Ecclestone kai h symmoria toy!!! Ola yper toy Schumi!!!!! Oles oi omades Guilty ektos ths Ferrari!!! Ante kai tou xronou o Ecclestone kai o Schumi tha trexoun monoi toys!!!
  20. I don't know if he carries the Greek flag but that is not a measurment of origin... I know that he doesn't speak the language and I don't know if his mother is also Greek but his dad is definetly 100% Greek... Also I advise you to see his girlfriend.... Great bird!!! :P
  21. I have actually seen Sampras's parents when he won his last wimbledon title and his father is actually 100% Greek.... The guy was very emotional at his last grand slam title and he was actually crying in the shoulders of his parents who entered the pitch for his last farewell... One of the best moments in the history of sports!!! :nw: :tup:
  22. Re, the deal is simple, PAO gives Leoforos and get to exploit economically the ground for 100 years. In return Dimos will built the stadio on his own. I think bearing in mind that PAOs ground is not going to be made in the area where PAO fans and management wanted, I think this is the best move. I prefer the municipality of Athens to risk their own money in something that nobody is sure how it is going to pay off, rather than having PAO carry the burdain of the construction which is estimated more or less to 50bn dr!!! So I guess more or less it is the most fair solution...
  23. Yes but you seem to forget the most important aspect... PAO is not putting ANY money at all in the build up of this stadium!!!! ;) If they want the stadium to belong to Municipality of Athens, let them build it then!!!! ;)
  24. Check this out.... http://www.petesampras.com/sampras2.html Brilliant site with great info about the greatest Tennis player ever!!! Highlights: 1. Of course the 14 Grand Slam titles!!! 2. Go to Sampras Slam Section and see the road to these 14 Grand Slams... He has beaten great Tennis players more than once to reach to these titles... Some of these players include Ian Lendl (beaten him TWICE), Macenroe (once) and of course his biggest PELATH, Andre Aggassi (FIVE TIMES 4 were in the final of a grand slam!!!) FORZA PETE!!!! WE WILL NEVER FORGET YOU!!!! :tup: :nw:
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