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  1. Don't worry Pano... Its all figured out... Its a kind of Blackmail... That is the tactic PAOs management will follow. Either you give us Goudi or I will make a propaganda against you and consequently you can forget about 1.5mn votes!!!! ;) Simple as that...
  2. Karamanlis made a statement last night regarding the new PAO stadioum. He said that the government will come up with a final solution by January 2005!!!! More... http://www.sportaction.gr/document.php?cat...ocument_id=4356 BRHTE THN AKRH ALHTES GIATI THA PATE NA VREITE TA PASOKIA STO VOURKO KAI ESEIS SE 3 XRONIA!!!! :angry: :angry: :angry:
  3. Giannakopoulos Insists.... No proposal for Hellinico!!!
  4. If they even think of making the ground at Elliniko then ND will go to the vourko along with the PASOKIA in 3,5 yeras.... ;) OYST LAMOIA!!!!! :angry: :ph34r: :box: TOTE NA KANATE KAI TO NEO KARAISKAKI STHN KIFISSIA ALHTES!!!!! :ph34r: :box: SOYFLIA MOY&^&^%%NI! TO GHPEDO TOY PAO THA GINEI STO GOUDI!!!!! :nw:
  5. The ruling will come out in December latest... The place has been agreed (Goudi) the only thing pending is how much is the Government willing to contribute for the build up....
  6. C'mon Bepe!!!!! :tup: :tup: :nw: :tup:
  7. Nice one... :tup: Which section are you? I am going to be at 216... (I aint gonna see anything ,people look like flies from up there!!! :P )
  8. I got tickets for the womens discus finals and womens 100 meters!!! (both event are in the same day).... I hope I can experience LIVE a gold medal of one of our Athletes!!! :tup:
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