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  1. I see. So in order to properly evaluate the state of a team, the league and their coaches you need to know how many AEK games I have seen...in their entirety of course. Well given my location in the world and availabilty of games over the satellite dish I can't say that I have seen the vast majority of matches that AEK have played this year. I can only watch what is presented to me. That doesn't however, take away from the fact that I have viewpoints/opinions and questions concerning the overall state of football in Greece. To say not having seen full matches in their entirety precludes m
  2. No, the main focus for all teams in Greece should be the abolishment of EPAE and the creation of a governing body that will create a set of rules and regulations that will ensure that this crap never happens again. None of this Arthro 44, brutal owners, people linked to politicians, corruption, bad refs... A healthy league will force morons like Goumenos and Batitoudis out and only encourage wealthy, smart businessmen to become chairman.
  3. Really? What resources has he had to work with? Plus, did any coach this year in the Greek league do all of the things you mentioned a coach needs to do? Play with a certain organization? A certain culture? etc.... I would say to you a big emphatic: No. No one coach stood out this year. If anything, they were all massive disappointments. From the domestic to the foreign coaches. This entire season blew chunks in terms of quality football - both in the A' Ethniki to CL and UEFA. Now is this all due to a coach? Not entirely. I think player habits/mentality has a great deal to do with it as
  4. Kai ti perimenes Grace? Oloi autoi (Vardinoyiannis/Kokkalis/etc...) einai [email protected]#$%s kai ksodevoun lefta kai lene pola logia xwris logo. Apla, dixnoun oti kanoun kati. Siga....
  5. Lequi would be a monster move on PAO's part. Hopefully talks between PAO and his reps get serious...and Tzigger doesn't pooch them. Rommedahl...I don't rate him high enough to spend the big bucks he would probably want. I think money could be better spent elsewhere.
  6. This came out of left field now didn't it? Who was expecting this? Tsiartas has never been one to hold back with comments. So you would tend to believe him and what was posted. I don't believe this however. It's interesting to note that all of this occurred with Dumitrescue's approval as well. So it stands to reason that all of this was quite recent. Which really makes you wonder what the hell Goumenos and Dumitrescue were thinking given the economic affairs of the club. Not to mention Tsiartas's reputation about playing/money issues. Why would he come to a club which couldn't pay him?
  7. All the best to him. I hope he brings some stability and clarity to a team which doesn't seem to have a true identity at the moment. The length of the contract is somewhat troublesome but if the guy is happy with it, who the hell am I to say. Either way, congrats to PAO on the new coach.
  8. I would have to agree. After he leaves and treks off to Mexico, he's going to realize how good he had it at Olympiakos. Perhaps that might change his attitude. If not, he'll rot in Central America because the talent there is hungry and quite eager to unseat a primadonna from his pedestal.
  9. I'd be really sorry to see Shikabala go. He has shown big flashes of brilliance and you can tell that this kid has a lot of talent. That, coupled with the youth and talents of guys like Fernandez and Salpiggidis would be a solid foundation with which to build the team around. Insofar as the team having it's legal bases covered with Shikabala's contract---Don't know...I wouldn't count my chickens on that one. After all, this club's administration are pretty inept. Nothing would suprise me. Ultimately, I'd much rather have Shikabala on the team than having the club make money off of his tr
  10. I'm glad the Leafs are out. The playoffs are much better without them and all the idiotic drama that follows/precedes them. I hope they detonate the entire team and start from scratch.
  11. Well stated. There is nothing wrong with cycling the cup throughout Greece. It gives it more valididity in terms of calling it the 'Greek Cup'.
  12. Hmm....I wonder how much the tickets are going to go for? Would they play Soldier Field in Chicago?
  13. I think this game will be a draw. Painful not to have Shikabala out of the lineup but in the end, can you blame the guy. Hasn't been paid in eons...and will most likely not be paid for awhile yet...IF EVER! Professionalism starts at the top. Not the other way around.
  14. Unfortunately, I think we're only going to be reading about the players that are going to be saying sayonara to the club in the next few months. Any transfers in will be minimal at best....which ultimately might be for the best.
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