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  1. A great step in the right direction! Investment in the future always pays dividends.
  2. Cool photos. I've often wondered what happened to Mykland? I know he jetted off to Germany after PAO but after that.....?
  3. It's hard because there has been a constant cycle of bad ownership over the last 15-20 years...maybe more some would say. People who are more interested in lining their pockets with money than investing it into the club for a greater future return. Idiotic business decisions in the end.
  4. Northerner, I think all the talk about the stadium you were referring to was just that. Talk. The admin was spewing out all that b.s. to take attention away from the the stupidity of their other decisions and actions. I wouldn't count on a new stadium any time soon.
  5. Well the next stage of this dispute is taking shape now. And it's in the court system of all places. My friends, it looks like the owners want replacement player hockey for next October. http://www.thestar.com/NASApp/cs/ContentSe...tacodalogin=yes (courtesy The Toronto Star)
  6. The NHL isn't all about fighting. It's one of the hardest sports on earth. And when it's played the way it's meant to be played...it runs circles around the NBA and MLS in terms of speed and skill. The NFL can be one of the most boring things to watch. It's the media and money that's pumped into it that hypes it up so much. College ball is more exciting.
  7. Looks like Panionios is being investigated for match fixing in their UEFA match against Dinamo. I know this is old news but it seems that the German ref who blew the whistle on the Croat mafia driven match fixing scandal has admitted that the match played between the two clubs was indeed fixed. This isn't good news at all and Panionios might very well be punished bigtime for this one by UEFA. Here's the link: http://www.sportsnet.ca/soccer/shownews.js...ntent=R021408AU
  8. That's just politics, not a democracy.
  9. Just read in the paper today that PAO wants to use Toumba for all of their upcoming UEFA Cup or CL matches. If they did so, what sort of rent could PAOK expect to get for this arrangement? And is it just me or does it seems a little odd that PAO would travel all the way to Thessaloniki to play important Euro matches as opposed to finding some place in Athens?
  10. Oh yeah.... Goumenos might as well tell Orfanos that he has a bridge to sell him as well. This guy (Goumenos) obviously thinks that there are a whole bunch of stupid people in Thessaloniki. What makes him think he can convince people that they can afford to spend tens of millions of Euros on a brand new stadium when they can't even afford the few million for a couple of decent transfers. High ambitions I think...just no common sense.
  11. Pardon the pun....but when it rains, it pours. This is not going to be a good year at PAOK.
  12. November of which year? :LOL: :LOL: The year PAOK finally gets some stable ownership. :huh: ;)
  13. I am really impressed with the venues people in the forum have been too. Well done guys!! Ziaka, this was a fantastic idea. Here is my list. Greece: - Leoforos (met a whole boatload of players too!) - Toumba - Harilaou England: - Anfield (Liverpool) - Everton USA: - Detroit Silverdome (World Cup Match - Romania vs. Switzerland) Australia: - Penrith Panthers Stadium (Rugby) - Parramatta Stadium (Rugby) - Olympic Stadium (State of Origin Match and a concert!) Argentina: - La Bomboniera (Boca Juniors) - River Plate Stadium These last two that I have mentioned are without a doubt the best venues I have ever seen football been played upon. The fan atmosphere and the quality of football were just incredible.
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