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  1. I wasn't expecting that result when I woke up and checked Livescore!
  2. Hello all! Just a quick note to say I hope we all enjoy watching Greece at this year's European Championship. I love hopping on this forum and reading all your posts during these major championships. Tonight's game is funny for me since I am half Polish and half Greek, but will be cheering on the boys in blue. Have fun all! Regards from Euphoria. :gr:
  3. Entertaining game, really enjoyed it :gr:
  4. We've really picked up in the last 10 minutes or so
  5. :gr: :tup: :gr: Great scenes of the team celebrating after the final whistle.
  6. What a great through pass and finish!
  7. I'm still having nightmares about that 2006 WCQ game v Ukraine in Greece... how we played so well but conceded a cheap goal towards the end... I felt sick when they scored that goal. That doesn't have that much relevance to this thread, just thought I'd say it lol. I'll be up at 5am to watch the game, go Greece!
  8. Haha I just noticed while watching the replay that Takis Fyssas was sitting on the bench! What was he doing there? Does he have some sort of coaching or administrative position with the NT now?
  9. Thanks thrylos for the translation. And AEK-ADELAIDE makes a good point.
  10. Could someone please translate the general gist of that interview? Thanks
  11. Yep looks like we will be in pot 1, and will therefore draw one of the weaker teams.
  12. Because of Ukraine's win against England, don't we overtake Croatia and become a seeded team behind France, Russia, Portugal?
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