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ECL-QR2-L1: Levski Sofia - PAOK (21-07-22, 20:00 EEST)


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When you bring s%$#! players year after year this is what happens!!!!

I was clear last month where is the money going???

Who are these s%$#! signings we have made!!! 

Wtf is going on!!!


Time for Ivan to move on???????

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Barring a miracle we bid goodbye to Europe this season.

The team was not ready to face a team that was hungry to play in Europe. Instead we had players in the game that only had one or two practices with the team. Then we had veteran players that did not show up for the game. Add to it bad luck and the rest is history.

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Todays result will way heavy on us for future seasons. 

Todays result proves that with bullshit you cannot bring victories. 

We seem to all forget that Lucescou left once as Ivan would not bring in players after wining the comp, we seem to have forgotten all this. 

Bringing players like Dantas,Rafa Soares, Ricardo, Narey is nothing short of a joke. 

Boto & Ivan need to go

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Oof we do like to make it hard for ourselves each year.  What I don't understand is why we go in unprepared each year into these qualification games and just hope for the best.  Would it kill EPO to use some common sense and bring forward the start of the league a month or so to give our teams a better chance.  From a sporting perspective I'm not really fussed if we don't play in Europe each and every year.  If we don't play once in every 5 years, "kai ti egine".  But the financial hit ... that's where the real problem is.  Anyway, time to hold our breath for one week and see what next week brings.

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7 minutes ago, Athens4 said:


How is possible a team like Levski finds two Brazilians who are good on the ball and run non-stop for 85 minutes, and we can only spend €5m on Jaba or bring in players who can barely move?

Scouting or deals. Perhaps the players we get have connections with agents of other players we want. In the smaller leagues, usually you don’t have players who have big time agents. And finally scouting, is our main Brazilian scout Lino? Whoever it is, isn’t doing a good job. We tend to go for the “flair and flash”. Players go to these smaller teams and leagues to make a name for themselves only for teams like us to buy them after they’re already 6 seasons in.

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