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Nations League: Moldova - Greece (15 Nov. 2020, Stadionul Zimbru, Chisinau)

Dutch Eagle

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5 minutes ago, PaokCT said:

Other game is at 0-0. Right now we are one behind Slovenia at Goal Differential. Does anyone know what the next tiebreaker is after head-to-head and GD?

It won’t matter. They have to win today or they’re screwed. 

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What a goal from Fortounis. One for the highlight reel. Then, sets up Bakasetas for the 2nd. Not easy to break down a team with 9-10 players behind the ball in there half.

If we get a 3rd, I would take Fortounis off, and save / protect him for the Slovenia game.

It will be good if we can get another 2 goals and Slovenia stays at 0-0

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7 minutes ago, Chris Tsamados said:

I can't I'm in the UK and SKY owns the rights to Nations Leagues games so it won't work.


If I watch it on my works PC I can go through a VPN that thinks I'm in Sweden. But the UEFA TV website is so crap I can't work out how to watch the game. 


Set your VPN for Greece and watch it on OPEN Beyond TV.

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