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  1. Link: http://cdn.freesport.me/live/stream.php?t=Flash&link=http://streamhd247.live/football28.htm&id=33363&w=https://iraqgoals.in/
  2. We're incapable of putting a team to the sword, always have been, always will.
  3. Not great but if you.can get passed the pop ups and no audio you can watch it: https://iraqgoals.in/
  4. Greece with 81% possession, 21 attempts on goal and only 2 scored. We are so lame in front of goal.
  5. http://cdn.freesport.me/live/stream.php?t=Flash&id=32482&link=https://sportsway.net/play010.html&num=17 Not a bad link if you have a pop up blocker and can get it full screen.
  6. Unfortunately it means nothing and its laughable that we've scrapped a win against a country that didnt even have a team a few years ago.
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