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11 hours ago, Pepito said:

As opposed to what? A current and ongoing disaster that threatens the collapse of the world economy?

LOL. Sure. It's always best to be dependent on the generosity of fat cats, big business. You are so funny. Bourgeoisie arguments are outdated and will have to be called out for what they are. Oppression of the weakest among us. Capitalism in the US and UK haave failed to provide economic security and social justice for working people.

Failed capitalism only perpetuates the well being of those that seek money and power. The same goes for communism. If we are going to survive as a species, we will need to think about what we need to do in order to protect people and the planet. We need to change the way we think the way we act.

El capitalismo le ha fallado al pueblo!

Viva Zapata!

Can't you see that the fat cats and big business that you mention ARE part of the government? When will people realise that nothing changes? Whoever is in power will continue the path set out by the previous powers-that-be.

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6 hours ago, Athens4 said:

Can't you see that the fat cats and big business that you mention ARE part of the government? When will people realise that nothing changes?

Those are the kind of pseudo-nihilistic arguments made by advocates of the status quo to discourage people from seeking life altering decisions to improving their life.

As Heraclitus so wisely has said: Τα πάντα ρει και ουδέν μένει  Sometimes not at the pace we would like, but change is constant.

Let us stick to the coronavirus subject. Let us attack each other's political beliefs in some other topic.

Todo cambia, nada sigue igual

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1 hour ago, Athens4 said:

Nada cambia hermano. Solo el sistema de esclavitud y nuestro maesto.

This is a oversimplification of something that is much more nuanced. Ask gay people if anything has changed, or African Americans, or women, or people who benefit from new medical or technological advances...of course in one way or another there is an argument to be made from your position but it is not accurate, or productive or useful in any way that I can see. It is kind of like ageing.

You dont notice the little changes day by day as you age, it is incremental and slow but change is occurring none the less. Look at a photo of yourself 5 0r ten years a go. I think it is the same for us on the whole, it might be a step backwards one day, two steps forward another, but looking at the big picture you cannot deny that change is a constant. How fast and in what direction is up to the people who are willing to do the things that make change happen.

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If you are referring to age and looks then of course you can see change. My argument was referring more to our world. Everything else is just a smoke screen to keep us occupied. Conversations like 'him, her, they' are there to keep us busy and arguing while things happen in the background.

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The UK now has the most deaths in the World barring the US.

Our scientists have also worked out that the virus effects BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) more than others. So a lot of Doctors and Nurses from these backgrounds are dying in the NHS (National Health Service) over others. 

The UK still isn't doing any screening or quarantining at airports so infected people are still streaming into the country. Also our scientists are still refusing to recommend people wear masks, mainly because there’s a massive shortage in them so if they do the Government are scared they won't be able to get them for the NHS. But instead of just being honest they keep telling people that masks don't work outside a clinical environment. Because yeah that makes absolute sense, they only work if you're a Doctor or Nurse in a hospital!!!

With regards mortality, Italy had about a 7% death rate out of people who caught Covid-19. The Uk doesn't publish how many people have recovered so you can't work out their rate. 

In the UK if you end up on a vetilator your chances of living are very slim. One hospital up north was celebrating the other day because their first patient had come off a venilator, they'd been ommiting people for a month and a half, so god knows how many had died. 

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I actually just got an alert from FT saying that Boris Johnson has said the country will begin opening up on Monday?? Why would this happen in the middle of their surge?! This is insanity.

I believe here in Massachusetts we have two days of declines in the rate of new infections and hospitalizations. Our governor will probably have another press conference in a few hours to talk about today's data. Fingers crossed that the trend continues.

Meanwhile, I also saw today that the US as a whole has had its death toll estimates revised up to the 160-260k level, depending on which model you want to believe. This is of course due to roughly 40% of our states being run by morons who are hell-bent on killing grandparents.


Also, a Pfizer-developed vaccine entered human testing here in the US on Monday. This is a few days after the Oxford University/AstraZeneca vaccine began human trials in the UK. From what I recall there is also another vaccine that began trials in Seattle about 6 weeks ago and a University of Pittsburgh vaccine that is in the works (AND this from the same place, which is interesting: https://www.nextpittsburgh.com/latest-news/a-nasal-spray-that-prevents-covid-19-pitt-researchers-awarded-grants-for-urgent-covid-19-research/). Both the Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines are expected to be produced in great quantities come September, assuming the trials are successful (of course).

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Yeah I agree its mental he's thinking of doing this, it's going to definately lead to a second wave, but it's all led by money and the evil bastard Dominc Cummings and his cronies.

My colleage at work has a break down of how Boris Jonhson is proposing the UK comes out of lockdown. Theres 5 Phases. Phase 1 he wants to start on May 18th.

Phase 1:

  • Construction workers can go back to work (unofficially they already have), landscape gardeners and other outdoor workers.
  • Garden Centres, repair shops and hardware stores can re-open.
  • Fitness & Sports activities (non contact) in small groups (max 4 people) may resume (golf included).
  • People may meet with friends and family in small groups outdoors (4 people).
  • The majority of regular health services will resume.
  • Outdoor public amenities and tourism sites may open (beaches and mountian walks).

Social distancing guidelines to remain. 

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That makes sense since Boris's reopening sounds like it's set for the 11th? I wonder what their requirements will be.

So if I read this correctly, phase 1 in Ireland lets you play golf and....badminton, but actual gyms are closed? I am in severe withdrawal from not being able to go to my Temple of Iron. I am pretty sure in most of the US, repair shops and hardware stores were considered "essential businesses" so God knows how this will differ for us.

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80,000 + souls perished in the USA as of May 11, 2020. The Trump propaganda machine is bragging about the 'wonderful job' they have done in testing and how the US stands alone among nations as the best response ever.

What a bunch of horseshit!

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27 minutes ago, Bashibozuk said:

The Defense minister of Israel stated that Israel’s biological institute developed a  COVID-19  virus antibody.

Does the minister hope that the anti-Semites will be consistent?  

According to the Guardian, the antibody has not yet been trialled on humans.So they are still a long way away from the desired result. Anti-Semites on the other hand have repeatedly been tested on the human population. They always perform the same.

On a similar development scientists at Utrecht University (Netherlands) have worked on developing antibodies. As per the scientists it is “an initial step towards developing a fully human antibody to treat or prevent” Covid-19.

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why is a defense minister getting involved with biological issue? was asked.

The word defense is at least 50% a lie.

a) The defense part is to protect the population and the interests of the nation

b) The other part is the means through which the nation imposes its interests on other nations.

The biological research fits both a) and b)

A logical species would not study the means through which the species may become extinct.

Actually, if we were logical, there would not be organized supporters of soccer clubs.


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You may have noticed a market rally yesterday based on "vaccine news." The below is it. Way way way too early if you ask me. For anyone who's taken a course in statistics, sample size is something that is important to keep in mind - 45 people is *not* a significant number here. Success in the next step they mention (600-person trial) would be big news, though.



In other news, my state has begun its first tentative steps towards reopening. As anticipated, they basically mirrored New York's (which is our "coalition partner") - construction and manufacturing can begin immediately, and churches/mosques/temples can reopen at greatly reduced capacity. I am pretty sure almost all manufacturing counted as "essential" before so I'm not sure what actually changes here. It also seems like each phase of our reopening is set to take at least three weeks, so we're looking at end of July at the earliest for Massachusetts to be open. I haven't seen news on Pennsylvania but I'd imagine they're in line with us. Most of our neighbors seem to be opening various sectors of their economy in the next week or so.

On the plus side, Massachusetts is planning to build out testing capacity to 45,000 tests per day. That's much higher than most states (and countries) on a per-capita basis, but is obviously not universal testing (it would take ~156 days for every person to be tested once at that rate). That's still worrying, but apparently tests are being developed that are based on cheek swabs (less intrusive/quicker) that may help further increase the rate. Until there is a vaccine or real treatment, expect life to be shitty for a long while.

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Guys, when does Dr. Sotrios Tsiodras usually announce the total recoveries for Greece? 
The total so far is 1,374, but he did not announce it since April 30. 

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