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  1. Good to see that Biden is standing up to Trump's fear mongering strategy and pushing for violence. Good speech by Biden. He made his points and slammed Trump for his 'all I care is about me' approach to governing.
  2. On the actual topic we are discussing, Biden said after his speech in Wilmington on Tuesday that he will choose his vice presidential running mate next week. Who would be a good running mate for Biden? My choice would be Susan Rice followed by Val Demings. I think Susan Rice is the most qualified but might the most polarizing figure. I would like Val Demings as a choice. Politico has a list featuring possible candidates.
  3. The USA is paying the price for electing this... despicable thing. 146,082 deaths to date.
  4. @Soprano76 An article on CNN discusses this very same question: How the Lincoln Project's brutal anti-Trump ads could remake US politics Once all is said and done, Republicans will go back to being Republicans is they manage to save the party from Trump. If Trump gets re-elected -for what ever reason - the Republican party is no more. Democrats will take what ever they can get.
  5. On the mask newsfront (CNN): MIT researchers created a reusable face mask that works like an N95 respirator
  6. Unfortunately that is part of the definition of the word 'vacation'. A place and some time where you can let your guard down. For the generation of young people that means 'party time'
  7. FiveThirtyEight has recent polls that confirm your point ( McGrath 33% /McConnell 55%). In terms of Republicans joining the Biden camp, I think that is a short term adjustment with the sole purpose of rescuing the Republican Party from the further destruction of Trumpism. According to the LA Times "No president in modern history has faced such organized opposition to his reelection by members of his own party." From The Lincoln Project (an American political action committee formed in late 2019 by several prominent Republicans and former Republicans)
  8. On the subject (oh, my! what a risky move talking about the topic at hand) changing demographics and a backlash to Trump has reshaped the Arizona's politics. Could Arizona really turn Democratic? (The Guardian) I hope so. It seems that states voted for Republicans in previous years will be up for grabs in these coming elections. While Democrats should be encouraged from the fact that they can fight for electoral votes, they should by no means relax with the idea that they might become the favorite party if this mishandling from the current incompetent government continues. One of the bigg
  9. Just listen to yourself! Contradicting yourself once again, all in one sentence. ? Back on the topic and Democrats, civil rights legend Rep. John Lewis dead at 80. Lewis was one of the "Big Six" civil rights leaders, which included Martin Luther King Jr, and helped organize the historic 1963 March on Washington. As a congressman he was a Georgia Democrat, and represented an area which covered most of its capital Atlanta. May his soul rest in peace. Dios lo tenga en su gloria
  10. Please do not call my name in vain! Seriously, maybe you should re-evaluate things when more than one individuals points out the same fallacy in your arguments. Go back to the drawing board. I agree with this statement. On the other hand though, it's tough for all of us to see through confirmation bias. I think this topic is getting out of hand - again.
  11. The Psychopath in Chief can rely on his base. This is his base. Dios nos salve a todos
  12. If they are still around. ? But even then, I don't think that Trump voters are thinking people. More like zombies out to feed on liberals. It doesn't matter what it will cost them.
  13. ? People might be pushing opinions. People might be pushing lies. But please DO NOT say that 'everyone is pushing their own truth' - there is only one truth. Let's work toward uncovering it. While you might be calling it 'bullying', I'm calling it 'confronting intentional lies' and standing up against those that push false narratives and right wing propaganda. I do get your point and I will tone it down. Could not agree more. This is not a common goal we share. First of all you don't vote in the US. I do. Second, this is not a question about 'the best possible candi
  14. Once again, let's push the Republican misinformation campaign. Let's try to assert that the radical left (whomever that might be - it just sounds scary) have taken or will take over the Democratic Party and that Joe Biden is just a pawn of the radical left. Over the past several years, As*hole in Chief Trump has used the term “radical left” to describe almost every single one of his political opponents, ranging from former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rep. Ilhan Omer, and others. Just last month, as*ho
  15. Other than a couple of losers trying very hard to create uncertainty on Biden's health, anything else you've got? We know the playbook, we've seen it over and over again. You've made your opinion clear, we understand who you are and where you stand. Time to move one from the subject. Again, let's talk policies, not 'housewife' gossip or in Greek, ασε τα κατινίστικα φιλάρα! Unless of course the tank is empty - which is what I'm afraid of. ?
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