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  1. Savvas Theodoridis died during the 85-th year of his life. He was not a very smart man but he was a good man, a good goalie and enamored with Olymbiakos Πηγή: iefimerida.gr - https://www.iefimerida.gr/ellada/pethane-o-sabbas-theodoridis
  2. 1) Two months ago Tsipras was of the opinion that Greece should agree Exclusive Economic Zones (AOZς in Greek) at the sea. 2) Today Tsipras is of the opinion that the agreement with Egypt strengthens/justifies the Turkish position. 3) The Turkish press is now of the opinion that Tsipras is the wisest of the Greeks.
  3. After all these stories about the scheming and intrigues of Savvidis, PAOK and Savvidis are stronger than Olymbiakos and Marinakis, As of that we read these the following statements: Before the week in which Olymbiakos plays against PAOK, PAOK will have played on Thursday and Olymbiakos on Friday. Therefore,the PAOK players will have more time to recover for the Olymbiakos-PAOK match. Olymbiakos wants that non-Greeks referees referee the game. Olymbiakos wants that the Olympiakos supporters be able to enter in the stadium in order to match the match.
  4. Today, COLBERT I. KING listed, in the Washington Post the feats of our beloved president: To malign the weak and the dead. Nothing new, but this time Mr King also added a statement by H.L. Mencken who wrote the following statement in the Baltimore’s Evening Sun on July 26, 1920: “On some great and glorious day, the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last, and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.” Clearly Mencken was prophetic. Or he objected that the low class perceived the educated as uppity and those who are perceived as uppity tend to not be elected.
  5. why is a defense minister getting involved with biological issue? was asked. The word defense is at least 50% a lie. a) The defense part is to protect the population and the interests of the nation b) The other part is the means through which the nation imposes its interests on other nations. The biological research fits both a) and b) A logical species would not study the means through which the species may become extinct. Actually, if we were logical, there would not be organized supporters of soccer clubs.
  6. The Defense minister of Israel stated that Israel’s biological institute developed a COVID-19 virus antibody. Does the minister hope that the anti-Semites will be consistent?
  7. And the last statement of Tsiodras: "When I went to Mount Athos as a student 30 years ago, a monk told me that human virtue is not washed clothes that we hang on the balcony. Faith is an inner experience, an attitude of life. We must thank the Church and the faithful, who, as brothers, follow the instructions of the Authorities for the protection of the health of all of us, " he said. Πηγή: iefimerida.gr - https://www.iefimerida.gr/ellada/i-istoria-toy-sotiri-tsiodra-apo-agio-oros
  8. Last night I remembered Palamas who stated that “ το αληθινό είναι πατριωτικό”=”the true is patriotic”. I hope that what I will write tonight will be true, correct and hence patriotic. Sotiris Tsiodras was born in Sydney, Australia. He is so patriotic that he went to Greece and served in the army. He has 7 children and when possible, he serves as chanter at the church (ψάλτης). At this time he is the “Greek Fauci” but, unlike the US-Fauci the “Greek Fauci” created policies that have had results. Indeed , As of now, in Belgium (infections, deaths)= (23026,2244). In Greece (infections, deaths )= ( 1832, 81) Belgium and Greece have roughly the same population. The numbers suggest that either Tsiodras knew what to do or that Tsiodras prayed and God responded. Such marvels have not be seen after the exit of the Jews from the Egypt. Avgi, Syriza's newspaper, printed an article that accused Tsiodras of all sins possible. The few rational members of Syriza are trying to move their party from the mud-throwers.
  9. Monalis Glezos died; he was 98 years young. When Greece and Athens were conquered by the Hitlerian army the Hitlerian emblem was seen every day at the Acropolis. One night Μanolis Glezos and Lakis Santas climbed to Acropolis, removed the Adolfian standard and put to its place the Greek flag. Next morning the Athenians saw the Greek flag at the Acropolis at the place of the Hitlerian rag.
  10. The iefimerida.gr wrote the following: According another the newspaper (TA NEA, belongs to Marinakis) a) UEFA went through the books of AEK, PAOK and PAO b) AEK owes 21M, PAOK owes 8M and PAO 2.5. c) UEFA has informed Greek teams since last summer that their budgets will be monitored throughout the year, not just at the end of the season, as they were before. If the teams do not manage to have balanced budgets, the penalties that may be imposed are from a simple recommendation to bring the group in line with the rules until it is eliminated by the European organizations.
  11. According to the iefimerida.gr, τhe Turkish side increased tensions at the Evros border this morning by suddenly and massively shedding tear gas and grenade launchers at the Greek forces. At the time of the incident there were no immigrant groups, nor any attempt to invade the Greek border. Indeed, when the men of the Greek forces attempted to approach the fence for a possible passage, the Turkish side was massively dumped by chemicals, driven by drones. Πηγή: iefimerida.gr - https://www.iefimerida.gr/ellada/se-epifylaki-ebros-ellada-epekteinei-frahti-toyrkia-himika
  12. The müftü is Greek and patriotic! These days Erdoğan (his grandfather was the richest person at Potamya, a village next to the black sea) is pushing 100,000+ migrants (most from Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan) to Europe. The Greek police and army are fighting these illegal migrants to be and the latter are throwing stones and whatever can be thrown to the policemen and the soldiers. As we all know, many of the Greek citizens living in Thrace are muslims with Turkish names and last names. The positive of this story is that the mufti/müftü/ μουφτής of Χanthi stated that “ Today our country is showing that she knows how to say “there are bounds!". The statement of the müftü can be read in more than one way Phantis is a site for people of Greek descent. Is it possible that one day Erdoğan wıll join Phantis? More details can be read at iefimerida.gr - https://www.iefimerida.gr/ellada/ebros-moyfteia-xanthis-i-patrida-apodeiknyei-oti-xerei-na-leei-oti-yparhoyn-kai-oria
  13. Whoever may be interested in the misfortunes of Ivan and PAOK may want to read the text below. Details can be read at the iefimerida The Council of State rejected the demands of PAOK PA and Xanthi and the competent disciplinary bodies continue their work. Πηγή: iefimerida.gr - https://www.iefimerida.gr/spor/paok-xanthi-aporrifthikan-aitimata-sto-ste
  14. The Greek Justice is trying to find if the Greek footfall ever was corrupt, The citizens are aghast and doubt that such things can in Greece But he problem is that the merciless Alafouzos insists and said that: «During the era of Κokkalis I was seeing the most irrational, absurd and senseless things. Nowadays another team acts like the Olymbiakos of yesterday. The referees who acted as if they were the 12-th footballer of Olymbiakos would referee more matches and would become international referees. We observe that: For reasons unknown to the rational mind, Alafouzos had nothing to say about Vardis Vardinogiannis and PAO. The newspaper Ethnos has been bought par Savvidis; the Ethnos is of the opinion that Savvidis is an angel and his enemies Devils.
  15. 1) Any normal society wants to become better. Therefore, it must find what does not work well enough and can be improved. Therefore, I am of the opinion that my posts are patriotic. 2) If you do not like what I write, the easiest solution is to not read what I post. .3) You can inform Lazarus and his helpers of my lack of patriotism. They have the tools for keeping the unliked out of Fantis. 4) I have the impression that you may suffer from chauvinism. For this problem I cannot propose any cure.
  16. The Bulgars and the Bulgar slayers. The Byzantine Emperor Basil II Porphyrogenitus (958-1025) ) was/is known as the Bulgar Slayer (in Greek Βουλγαροκτόνος), The fans in Attica used to call the fans of PAOK Bulgars. The latter responded by saying “Thus the Bulgars screw you!“. A true Bulgar went to Salonica for the match of Ares -ΠΑΟΚ (Ares won). After went to have a coffee. There he was attacked by 20+ PAOK hooligans, masked, carrying iron clubs. The Bulgar tried to run away but he was hit by a car which ran over his body. Apparently the driver and the gentlemen with the clubs were members of the the same commando.
  17. The Bulgars and the Bulgar slayers. The Byzantine Emperor Basil II Porphyrogenitus (958-1025) ) was/is known as the Bulgar Slayer (in Greek Βουλγαροκτόνος), The fans ın Attica used to call .the fans of PAOK Bulgars. The latter responded by saying “Thus the Bulgars screw you!“. A true Bulgar went to Salonica for the match of Ares -ΠΑΟΚ (Ares won). After went to have a coffee. There he was attacked by 20+ PAOK hooligans; masked, carrying iron clubs. The Bulgar tried to run away but he was hit by a car which ran over his body. Apparently the driver and the gentlemen with the clubs were members of the the same PAOK members of clubs carrying In the sequence,the car ran over his body. by a car hit him and ran over him. Apparently the driver of the car and the club-carrying-gentlemen are members of the same commando.
  18. The opera buffa continues. …. the PAOK lawyer argued that "today we must dispel a myth". PAOK is not owned by Ivan Savvidis. Ivan Savvidis is just a president. The PAE belongs to George Savvidis and Sunday Savvidis, who are commanding and just consulting Ivan.
  19. Those who read the in.gr may have read, in Greek (or in English , the following story: The revelations about Xanthi's ownership and his nephew Ivan Savvidis, who bought through the RFA company the premises of the accreditation team and the hotel "Le Chalet", are outrageous. Last week the ONE Channel revealed that until a few years ago Ioannis Kalpazidis was working as a waiter. A few years later, Kalpazidis himself, son of Ivan Savvidis' sister, appears to find 10,000,000 euros and offer them for the acquisition of Xanthi's facilities. The case is in full swing. With investigations from all parties involved and the "accused" continuing to try to save time. For days now it has been revealed that the ESA has been requested to fire documents requested by the ESA from Xanthi, RFA, Panopoulos and Kalpazidis, but also to postpone the hearing for 10 January 2020. Note that (unless I am wrong) the ONE Channel belongs to Marinakis.
  20. My grandsons were dumbfounded that I was unable to address what is important. They are of the opinion that the owners of the four big teams (AEK, OSFP, PAO and PAOK) do not care for sports. They care for power and money. Therefore, Marinakis bought the NEA and Savvides the Ethnos. Marinakis fell in love with ΝΔ and Kokkalis with ΣΥΡΙΖΑ The club of Xanthi was bought a company, TFA, owned by Ivan Savvidis. The Europeans (dumb unlike us Greeks) were dumbfounded. Therefore, one can read in the Greek press (e.g., https://www.iefimerida.gr/spor) that FIFA/UEFA want to meet with Μαρινάκη, Μελισσανίδη, Σαββίδη και Αλαφούζο. Cheers!
  21. Φίλτατε Αχιλλέα 1) Your criticisms are correct 2) Your points about the 10.gr and the ethics of Greek soccer are correct (in my opinion) 3) The story about Savvides is of interest to the OSFP supporters 4) I am sure that eventually some Phantis-referee will fix my errors
  22. Bye Bye Savvides? According to To10.gr 1) PAOK and Xanthi will be booted out the championship and 2) Savvides and his serfs will be booted out from Greek Soccer for ever
  23. The post-modern NATO: Macron is of the opinion that NATO/OTAN is a dinosaur. As of now, the nautical borders of Greece lie 6 nautical miles from Greek shores. In international law, a state's territorial sea extends up to 12 nautical miles The position of Turkey is that if Greece extends its sea borders, there will be war. According to Turkey the borders for the exclusive economic zones (EEZs) in the Aegean will not be affected by the Aegean islands. Turkey and Libya agreed on their EEZs. Greece asked NATO’s support in its dispute against Turkey. NATO is an post-modern alliance. The allies are eager to fight each other.
  24. The sainted trios 1) Marinakis bought Olymbiakos and the newspaper NEA; he is friendly to the New Democracy 2) Savvidis bought PAOK, and the newspaper Ethnos; he is friendly to SYRIZA. Now it is clear to all that the truth is not subjective; the truth is the opinions that serve the interest of the moneyed. Except, maybe, in the USA. In this sacred country the holders of the truth are those who manage to enable the Trumps of the world.
  25. Querido Pepito. Según Gibril su problema es su respecto por las opiniones burdas de los Gringos! Since I don't know if you are Mexican, allow me to continue in English. I saw the “debate” between Biden and Ryan back then When Ryan would speak, Biden would contort his body. I doubt that a chimpanzee could have a richer repertoire. When Pence and Kane had their debate, whenever Pence tried to answer a question, Kaine (the #2 of Mrs Clinton) would pop to disagree with the statement that had not been finished. I quoted an article (Biden/Ryan debate) of the Guardian. Did the Guardian lie and if it did, why did the Guardian print a plain lie?
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