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  • 2 months later...

great game and the commentators over here said AEK should have the win.

though after we made those subs in the 80th minute dynamo looked better on the counter.

bakakis got muscled off yet again but also saved our asses a few times too.

lazaros MVP for AEK. Great fk nearly a goal.

Masoud miss of the year. Like another poster said it's harder to miss that then to score it.

Would have been cool if AEK went deeper. I think AEK got too cocky and should have went into Ukraine with an advantage. It's very tough to win up there in the winter. Ask the Nazi's lol.




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Either way you slice it AEK had a very good campaign this season in Europe.  They amassed points for Greece but more importantly they amassed points for themselves.  Hopefully it's enough so that they can be in the "strong" group of teams when in comes to the qualification games in the coming years.  Last season they had to play St. Etienne which was a tough draw and they didn't make it to the EL stages.  So many seasons out of Europe is what lead to this.  Hopefully the points amassed this season are enough or if not a very good start.

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AEK should have popped in a goal, I watched the game and they had a few glorious chances and dominated the possession. Lazaros played a great match and hit a nice free kick. It would have been nice to see a Greek side progress to the last 16 of this competition. AEK have had an impressive run recently.

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  • 5 months later...

Mantalos was injured, he was originally not gona play this game but recovered in time for a second half appearance.

Was a very nervous last 10 mins but we got there.

I more qualifier to go! Vidi of Hungary the obstacle 

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