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2018-2019 Champions League


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A very tough draw, not what I'd hoped for. We have a small chance, but with the 4th round still to come I don't like our chances.

As said before, we we can get an away goal we are a chance, however, without a striker if we go down 2-0 or more I don't see us being able to manage more than 1-0 at home...

We must defend well, it's unfortunate we don't play harder friendly games to prepare.

Fingers crossed, I'll be watching.


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Now that we are almost done with bringing players and the game a week away,  I think our team may match it with St Etienne, Im guessing line up will be close to this:




Galo              Kolo              Chygrynsky           Didac


                          Simeos Johanssen




Vargas (Platellas)      Almeida           Barbosa (Pasticho)


Getting more confident now..... If we can pinch an away goal that will be massive.

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I don't think Almeida will start, will go with Pekhart. I also doubt Pasticho will get any game time either... Will be a very hard game, can't concede early and as you said an away goal and a respectable scoreline would be gold!

Interesting how a few seasons ago we were all Greek and now we only have three, five max in the starting lineup.

Bakasetas doesn't get a run?

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Thanks Dikefale I didn't hear him say it, but having Pekhart up top gives us a big target man in the box. I think we may see Almeida in the return leg though and maybe even Pasticho.


Damianos I would like to see Bakasetas in the starting team but where do you put him? He cant play #10 Mandalos is there, do we put him on the wing? He will get his time.


St Etienne isn't having the best of pre seasons either so we are a real chance I feel, all comes down to 1st leg and what we get from it as at home I have confidence we can get the job done, being our 1st Euro game in a few years and a big crowd will help us.

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Will be interesting to see who Ketsbaia goes with upfront.


St.Etienne (whether head games or not ) seem to be worried they drew us going what some of their players have come and said, will be a close tie. Really need an away goal/cleansheet, if we can achieve these 1of these or both, we are on a good path

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St Eitienne $1.60

Draw $2.60

AEK $4.50

Let?s not underestimate how difficult this is going to be. As Original said, an away goal would be priceless! I can see us putting all our numbers behind the ball.

Does anyone know if it will be on BeIn Australia?


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