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  1. I'm just saying it's not a good look. When you look back on history and that's the winner. Congrats anyways, it looked like you wanted it more
  2. When you see how far offside it was, especially when I was watching it live, it's really hard to think it was human error. The argument that it was paid for is easier to justify...
  3. Listening on the radio, 1-0 AEK, 25 min, Pekhart
  4. The game vs Larissa has started. 0-0 after 10 minutes, does anyone have a link? Must win game!
  5. I agree Dikefale. 0-0 was a fair result, based on chances Platanias could have won it, two good saves from Anestis. 6 games under Manolo and we have not conceeded a goal, very impressive
  6. FT: 0-0 We looked sloppy for the last 10 minutes, barely had the ball. Will be an interesting return game in a few weeks!
  7. Pekhart on, Bakasetas off, 64 min Araujo doesn't stop running. Vranjas our best so far
  8. Bakasekas working a lot harder, linking up well with Galo. Game has opened up a bit
  9. Vranjes looks really good as well, powerful in the air. Just a bit angry
  10. Half time, 0-0. An interesting last few minutes. Platanias keeper lucky not to be sent off, he handled the ball right on the edge of the box. Free kick by Mantalos punched away. I'm off to bed, hopefully we can win 1-0, looks like 0-0 at the moment...
  11. Poor football so far. Very stop start, there hasn't been a shot since I've been watching. Lots of fouls, Platianas have been pressing us well, we can't hold the ball at all. Araujo has been everywhere, looks lively. Bakasetas looks slow and needs to work harder! Original have been great, you can only hear them! Pitch is good but the ball bounces up sometimes. PAME AEK
  12. Does anyone have a link for the game?
  13. I know, looking at squad, all of a sudden we have depth everywhere. My concern is still our ability to break down well organised teams and score. Vini looked okay, made a few good runs. The game was done so hard to tell. Will be better for the run!
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