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CL–QR3-L1: PAOK - Spartak Moscow (08-Aug-18, 20:00 EEST)

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Where he belongs.

Fenerbahce could turn this around in the second leg. Frankly I don't think either side would trouble us, if they played like today.

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Spartak's star winger, Quincy Promes (24mm of their 124mm market value) is linked with Roma, Everton, Leicester, and probably every other team with money to burn. Let us all hope for a speedy and lucr

PAS cheapest are EUR 100 for adults (between 16-65 and not unemployed): https://pasgiannina.gr/anakoinwseis/season-tickets-2018-2019/

Πλήρωσε 5 ευρώ ρε τσιγκούνη!

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7 hours ago, Yiankos said:

I am so excited and worried at the same time. Going to bed and still worrying... Come on PAOK!

You got it wrong man.  Nothing to worry about here.  The game to worry was the Basel game since if we lost there we would’ve had to play Vitesse which is a very very loseable game and then no Europe.

Now that we got past that I let out a sigh of relief.

All games from here on are a bonus for the fans, for the club, for the players.  Toumba is gonna be a rocking!

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True, I agree. On the other hand I cannot stop dreaming CL group stages. And Spartak Moscow and Benfica/Fenerbahce are bigger teams than PAOK for sure. The thing is it's up to us if we make it or not. And we are in a not bad shape at all.

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