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CL–QR3-L1: PAOK - Spartak Moscow (08-Aug-18, 20:00 EEST)

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Spartak's star winger, Quincy Promes (24mm of their 124mm market value) is linked with Roma, Everton, Leicester, and probably every other team with money to burn. Let us all hope for a speedy and lucr

PAS cheapest are EUR 100 for adults (between 16-65 and not unemployed): https://pasgiannina.gr/anakoinwseis/season-tickets-2018-2019/

Πλήρωσε 5 ευρώ ρε τσιγκούνη!

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All because he made a mistake, does not mean that he hasn't been an excellent signing. While all goals are technically preventable, it is not realistic to hold him to such a standard that no goals will ever go in.

Did he screw up? Yes. Does it need to be brought up every time we express pleasure with his performance? No.

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Take it easy pash. Everyone screws up. Pelkas screwed up with his two chances in the second half. What does it mean? He did an amazing game. Pashalakis also did two great saves in the second half and he is very solid. If he is a great transfer? Are you kidding? We got him as a free transfer, right? And I am sure his wage is ridiculous compare to Glykos and Rey. So, yes, he is probably our best player based on his salary and what he gives to the team.

I think the most important thing for them is to be calm when they mess up. And I loved Pelkas' comments after the game. When they asked him about his ridiculous chance in the 65th minute. He admitted and calmly said, that's football, I will watch the video and figure out why my shot didn't go in and I will correct it so the next similar chance I have I will score a goal. That's the attitude I like. Football is tough. And 50-55 games a season a lot of s%$#! is going to happen. The point is to continue. Like let's say Prijovic in the cup final last season.

PAOK γερά!

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I too have been waiting for a massive error, which is yet to occur. He is half at fault for the basel goal but he can take no blame for Spartak's second goal. The fact that he even got a hand to it after the deflection he did well, just unlucky he just didn't get enough height on it to push it over the bar. 

You'd think if he carries on like this teams from Europe will come for him mid year or at seasons end

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