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Ha ha, if the question is if Trump is presidential or not, there isn't much doubt of the answer to that.

Trump will struggle with many aspects of the presidency.  The question is whether he'll bend or break.  Will he at some point think "the approach I used to win the presidency doesn't work now that I am the president".  Will he bend or will he break.

He may be able to bully his way with matters local but with matters international it's a different again.  If he stays pig headed, doesn't "build the wall", doesn't deliver for the middle class, he could get absolutely smashed at the next election.

Having said that, the Democrats need to get their act together as well.  The idea that they should be governing because Trump isn't presidential doesn't cut it for me.  They need to show more, a lot more.

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46 minutes ago, aek66 said:

maybe you should start thinking you are holding the wrong end of the social issue stick.

As I said earlier, whatever helps you sleep at night. If nothing works, suck on your thumb.

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@aek66 I wonder if Hillary knows why she lost ?  Or maybe just living in denial.  Or maybe she's surrounded by people that really have no idea.

Maybe she hasn't been sleeping well either.  She looked a little haggard at the inauguration.  Oh well, she can just gives lots of speeches at 250K a pop.

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16 minutes ago, tantra129 said:

With some of the things I've been reading in here lately, I think I'm about to start smoking crack. Does that do it for you?

Hmm, I'll give it miss.  Scotch with a dash of coke or dry ginger ale is enough for me.  No need to fly to the moon.

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1 hour ago, aek66 said:

i've read pieces on this and either the authors are slanted or the democrats won't address the identity politics/social issues theme(s).

i keep reading they blame the director of the fbi. ok, keep blaming him.

You forgot Putin and the KGB.

The fact that Hillary was sending emails on a private server, apparently, didn't cost her even one vote.  I mean, it was investigated and she was cleared.  Cool, no worries Hillary.  And what made it even worse was that she knew better.  It's not like she was new to politics.  She was either arrogant (didn't think she could be touched) or stupid.

The baboon and the witch.  The choices ...

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14 hours ago, aek66 said:

i detest the man who 'grabs them by the pussy'. i love men grabbing me by my titties. bravo.


Even in your comments you have things conf used. Your first sentence here describes somebody sexually violating a person, while the second sentence describes an active choice in a woman's sexual life. Obviously since you use it as an example, you don't see any difference between the two.

Here are some other facts about Trump's inauguration (not alternative facts as presented by his droids).


Ronald Reagan's inauguration in 1980 was (and as of this writing still is) the record holder for TV viewership in absolute numbers, with 41.8 million total television viewers tuning in. In 2009, 37.8 million viewers watched the inauguration of Barack Obama via that medium. According to the Nielsen Company, the TV viewership for Donald Trump's inauguration (31 million) did not surpass either of those figures:


Even with those numbers, Trump's viewership is a lot smaller (in absolute terms) if one considers the number of viewing devices that are available in 2017. Now you have tablets, smartphones, TVs

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16 hours ago, ThrylosG7 said:

Sorry - you didnt just say that the media was not critical of Trump did you ??

No, what I'm saying isn't the opposite of not not airing negative stuff about him, when the facts (not allegations) and videos, and statements he, himself, had made looked bad. But you probably think that was negative coverage. At the same time the media, both on the right and mainstream eviscerated HRC mostly on allegations. And, false equivalencies became the norm. "Grab them by the pussy because you're  a star" was equivalent in coverage to those emails she was hiding and the possible conflicts of interests with her foundation. The Repubs and their media spend tons of time and money investigating Benghazi and?.....

The media loved Trump for the ratings, especially in the GOP primaries. He spent very little money because he was getting this terrific and free coverage.


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11 hours ago, ELLAS75 said:

The first 100 days of Trumps presidency are of to a great & productive start, meetings with the top business leaders, the re negotiation of NAFTA, executive orders being signed. The last presidents first days were spent shooting hoops. Now he has lots of time to work on his jump shot in Chicago.

Are you kidding? This guy is going to take us back so far the Gipper is going to seem like Malcom X.

Trump press secretary's first media briefing descends into extraordinary angry rant about 'false reporting' of inauguration

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I laugh at all those who have fallen for this bullshit artist, who is now con artist in chief. If you can't detect how insincere Trump is, then I've got a bridge in Brooklyn I'd like to sell you.  He was right about the gullibility of so many people, including some members here who says he's right, or factual...  Amazing, ain't it, when he denies the facts/reality and there lots of people who say he's factual....  

If nothing else, for 8 years, he was going on and on about Obama's birth certificate, legitimatizing one of the most decent presidents the US has ever had. 

Alternative facts my ass. But, I guess he's addressing the zombies members of his cult.  Idiots.

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1 hour ago, Amorgos said:

No, he is been quite factual 

Since he refuses to do so, maybe you can help me see the qualities that I am overlooking in the President. What makes you guys feel so secure and positive for the future with him in charge? This is a serious question, what do you see in the man that makes you believe that he will be a good President? Any thoughts you can share would be much appreciated file Amorge.

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You agree with his ideology on what specifically Amorgos ? If you had a child, maybe you do, and he behaved towards others the way that Trumpf does, would you not try to tell your child that this behavior is wrong? I think most people would. So why does this orangutan get to be President? It's repulsive, and says a lot about a large portion of the US population that support him.

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1 hour ago, Amorgos said:

Correct but the name calling and provocation of some needs to be managed better.

The team is always trying to make this place as good as it can be for all the members, at any time if you have concerns pm me I am all ears file Amorge, and if you feel a post is out of line, report it.

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As we discussed in the Trudeau topic, your interpretations  of  Canada's numbers are inconsistent and erratic. 

Deficit and debt are different things. You should know the difference, because you're speaking about deficit not debt. In fact a quick google search will show you Harper's deficit numbers are no better as a % of GDP.

Given how big a portion of Canadian GDP government spending is, if Trudeau didn't spend the economy would shrink.  Then again if Harper was so good Canada's finances would have been better. Look at Norway's sovereign wealth fund and Australia's government figures over the same period, since they are similar resource rich economies...

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5 minutes ago, grkjet said:

Some people may not like him but within his first few days in office, he's already committed to enacting on many of his core campaign points which is commendable. 

For the greater good of us all I sincerely hope he does a great job, but the man is a train wreck waiting to happen.. I feel like I am in the twilight zone, how do people put their faith is this orangutan, I will never know.

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