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Which team could have played Bayern and done well tonight?


Unfortunately, the gap between the very rich teams (like Arsenal) and the rest of is getting wider. A few million euros difference in the budget probably isn't the determining factor, but the gap is in the many tens of millions.  The half a dozen big teams can spend for 1 player as another team spends for an entire roster.  Even in Greece it's evident, when, for example, Indeye costs more than the budget of entire teams.


Greece is a small market with weak teams. And, the way the whole situation is no one would invest. Don't be surprised in Berg leaves in January.


Greece missed a golden opportunity to turn things around and become like Portugal, another small country like Greece, but with a few teams that go far in Euro play. The opportunity was in 2004 and the immediate years after that. But, a corrupt, unfair system destroyed soccer in the country.

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I honestly think olympiakos kai defeat arsenal,but they have to use the right tactics,arsenal weaknss is that they have never won a game sta xartia,which is thrylos strongest part of their game,with courage and bravery thrylos can devise a plan and win the game sta xartia.if you look at stats you will see that no european team has won as many games as thrylos sta xartia.

thryl;e gera parto sta xartia.,kai meta fiesta sti thyra 7

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It's actually very easy. I'd call some of the hard core fans (those who are ready to do ..jihad for their team) and ask them to wear Arsenal colors and then attack & destroy everything and everyone in sight..... :lol: :lol: :la: 

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theres literally nothing more that i can say in this forum about the club and where its at.
almost every single thing has been voiced and discussed, issues, management, coach, players, signings, fans, the entire league, corruption!

i dont post as often as id like to, but im reading almost daily on the updates and following everybodies voice on our greatest love, which is PAO.
it really is a shame how bad the quality of not only pao, but the entire league as well.

first and foremost, i am a football fan, as without football, wed never have PAO FC to support, so the deminishing quality of the league is just as heart wrenching as seeing pao become barely even a shadow of its former years.

And through this fall in quality over the years, ive found myself losing interest more and more with each year.

Its hard enough to wake at 4.30am to watch a game of soccer, and now its barely possible to even fathom ever doing it.


Essentially the point of this post, was to basically ponder the question to you guys and open a discussion.
Whos to blame? 
As much as we all know the behind the doors s%$#! that olympiakos get up to....in all seriousness, how hard is it really to overcome them??
It almost seems to me that blaming the gavoi is the easy way out.

Dont get me wrong, they do have favoured calls and the rest of it....

BUT, we dont look like anything spectacular, do we really deserve to win the league? 
do we really deserve europa?
do we really deserve CL?


forget the whole 'europao' name that we HAD, and i say had. because if you ask me, 'europao' is done and well dusted!
a few semi final runs here and there over 3 decade period doesnt justify or grant us the right to be in CL now!
What is it that we as a club can do in order to win the league and show some form of professionalism to be at the point that we want us to be??

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Talk of boycotting the league by owners is a joke and they wont do it, if they wanted to do that they would've done it by now.... As for the investing, owners wont do it with the current state the league is in and as for stadiums well look no further than AEK, we own the land yet have been delayed nearly 2 years with ridiculous excuses, why is it so bad for a team to have their own stadium? Building it will open up 1500 jobs, after its done the museum that will be built there has been said to generate minimum $20 million euro in tourism for the govt BUT this is Greece being run by animals who want to ruin in to the core not fix it.....

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