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  1. Great quality stream! Enjoy! http://soccerlivestream.net/europa-league-soccer-live-stream-2/
  2. As per media reports, you're wrong Berg has got paid therefore PAO can absolutely stop him, he has no case
  3. I agree with both statements, clearly hes going to make some fast cash in which will probably be his last contract ...........2019
  4. I am realizing that hes actually a "kolopaido" the way he is acting, hes a great player and when you wanna leave a team, well the team has to get paid for you to leave, some players think that because they wanna leave the team will just let them leave for free or for a really low fee.. When Cisse left PAO he was the best player in Greece and we got paid 5,80 million euros at the time, why should PAO let Berg walk for anything less? PAO needs to put their foot down.
  5. Berg's transfer fee is 10 million euros.. Panathinaikos is suppose to get 5.5 million of that if I am not mistaken, the rest goes to Hamburg and a small percentage goes to Berg. Apparently the Arabs offered something like 2.5 million for the transfer , and have offered Berg over 3 million a year in salary, a lot more then what he makes at PAO. The PAO board has stated if they give us PAO's 5 million they can take him, I think they shouldn't settle for anything less then that. Like i said before, if Marcus loves the team as much as he says he does, he needs to make sure PAO gets paid so he can help the club
  6. I don't blame Marcus for wanting to leave, he has been loyal to our club for years, but things are getting worse not better.. on the other hand, he is the BEST a player in the Greek SuperLeague and if he wants to leave, Panathinaikos needs to get paid, the Arabs are trying to get him for peanuts and that's bullshit. If Marcus really loves the club he needs to make sure PAO get what they want for him
  7. Seems Alafouzos will no longer be president, but he will still around Αποχωρεί από πρόεδρος ο Αλαφούζος! Στην θέση του ο Μαυροκουκουλάκης Δεν θα συνεχίσει στην θέση του προέδρου του Παναθηναϊκού, ο Γιάννης Αλαφούζος (ο οποίος παραμένει ο ισχυρός άντρας του συλλόγου). Η απόφαση του να μην είναι στο προσκήνιο, ήταν από καιρό γνωστή και η απόφαση του, δείχνει προς σ' αυτή την κατεύθυνση. Ο αντικαταστάτης του εκτός συγκλονιστικού απροόπτου θα είναι ο Μάνος Μαυροκουκουλάκης(ο οποίος πριν από λίγο καιρό είχε επιστρέψει στην ομάδα στην θέση του αντιπροέδρου) Το νέο ΔΣ θα αναδειχθεί στην αυριανή Γ.Σ. της ΠΑΕ και αναμένεται να έχει αλλαγές Συγκεκριμένα, θα μειωθεί ο αριθμός των μελών, ώστε να γίνει πιο ευέλικτο και λειτουργικό. Source: http://www.sentragoal.gr/panathinaikos/arthro/apoxorei_apo_proedros_o_alafouzos_stin_thesi_tou_o_maurokoukoulakis-130921620/
  8. You're right I missed the elbow, that's uncalled for too and I hope that's punished too
  9. BIG WIN! Did you guys see Leto spit in the AEK players face after the 3rd goal?? That's not cool at all, I'm sure he will be suspended cause of that, and rightfully so
  10. http://firstsrow.eu/soccer/trs-panathinaikos-olympiakos-piraeus-brf10703a4?l=1176495836
  11. Happy 109 Years to OUR PANATHINAIKOS! Hope we will see better days soon Just gonna leave this great pic of 2 of our club legends here!
  12. You're wrong again, the majority of training camp (90%) is done in Florida and Orlando, they will only train on turf for about a week.. Let's see how this Kone thing pans out
  13. You keep mentioning the turf lol Saputo Stadium's surface is grass by the way, if they do play on turf it's for 2-3 games due to weather conditions, so that's a no factor Just to clear the air about Ciman, he decided to come to Montreal to get the proper care for his daughter who is autistic. He could easily play in any league in Europe in a mid table team, like I said he's not world class, but can stand his ground. Drogba really showed at the end of this past year that he's done, as far as I'm concerned well done on the manager who decided to put him on the bench. Kone hasn't shown much in a while, his could be an opportunity to get his career back on track
  14. Piatti scored 17 goals and could have easily been the MLS MVP last year.. Ciman was the defender of the year last year, and is a Belgium international, not saying hes world class but hes one of the best defenders in MLS no doubt Would Kone step in to MLS and be one of the best players in the league you think?
  15. He's too good for Montreal Impact?? Mmm.. I would have to see it to believe it. I doubt he would do better then Ignacio "Nacho" Piatti has, or even Laurent Ciman.. Montreal has brought in some good players in their 5 years in MLS. Not many teams can say they had Drogba, Nesta and Di Vaio on their team. That being said I would be very excited to see him play in my hometown
  16. lol just teasing ChiPao13, but if he scored at Celta we would be near the top of the group now
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