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  1. looked like a fire cracker to me, in regards to the incident with villafanez.... lets be serious though, when has anything in Greece ever been run properly
  2. too many wasted opportunities on our behalf. game should of been wrapped up long ago, nevertheless a very entertaining game
  3. Your midfield is in for another long second half. Lucky to not be down by a few
  4. 1-0 Berg penalty foul on Leto in the box
  5. Lucas hit the post, held most of possession, few good scoring chances. panionios counter attacking with some speed
  6. Half an hour til kick off squad is out
  7. Couldn't agree more ! When ninis came into the scene at 16, he was electrifying. And he excelled with a good team around him in the team that won the double. I have no doubt he'd be good for us, especially in a free role in front of zeca and kourbelis. Question is, do we need him when we have players like villafanez lod, emboku... I'd say probably not.
  8. Certainly allows teams that finish 2nd, 3rd and 4th a fighting chance to potentially clinch a championship. Which is something quite foreign to anyone but olympiakos
  9. OFFICIAL: SUPERLEAGUE FORMAT WILL CHANGE NEXT SEASON In today's Superleague Board of Directors meeting, major formatting changes were passed, with some changes set to take place next season and others starting the 2018-2019 season. It was a historic day in the Greek Superleague as the league's format was reconstructed with hopes of bringing more interest in the Greek First Division. Three major changes were made including: Starting the 2018-2019 season, the number of teams in the league will be reduced from 16 to 14 teams. Starting the 2017-2018 season, the league champion will be decided via the playoffs rather than the regular season. Starting the 2017-2018 season, the relegated teams will be decided via a playout system. Reduction of Teams: The Greek Superleague will continue to have 16 teams next season, however starting the 2018-2019 season, the league will be reduced to 14 teams. This change was passed after 13 out of the 16 teams voted for the switch. Larissa, Levadiakos, and Panetolikos all voted against the new proposal. Champion via the Playoff route: Starting next season the playoffs will no longer consist of the teams ending 2nd-5th in the regular season, but instead with the teams ending 1st-6th. The points earned in the regular season will be transferred into the playoffs and the team that finishes first at the conclusion of the playoffs will be the Superleague champion. Additionally, the European places for the Champions League and Europa League will be decided via the playoffs. Relegation via Playouts: The official playout system will be implemented starting the 2018-2019 season, however next season a different format will be used in order to decrease the league from 16 teams to 14 teams. Next season, the 15th and 16th placed teams from the Superleague will be automatically relegated to the Football League while the Football League champion will be promoted to the Superleague. The 13th and 14th placed teams from next year's Superleague will play in a 3-team mini league playout, along with the second placed team from the Football League. Only the top team after the conclusion of the mini league will remain in the Superleague for the 2018-2019 season. This format will bring the number of teams in the league to a total of 14. For 2018-2019, the relegation playouts will consist of the teams ranked 7th-14th in the regular season (playoffs will have teams ranked 1st-6th). The points from the regular season will be transferred to the playouts and the bottom placed team (14th) at the conclusion of the playouts will be relegated to the Football League while the Football League champion will be promoted to the Superleague. At the conclusion of the playouts, the 13th place team from the Superleague will play a two-legged tie with the second placed team from the Football League for a final place the in Superleague.
  10. The problem runs far deeper than the stadium we play in. We're going to waste how many million in a stadium, for what?? Instagram likes? That's what it seems like. I do see the good intentions behind it, but I think a little bit of priority should be put in place as to where our funds/invested energy go. Unfortunately new stadiums don't grant us CL births. If we are in CL, oaka is fine by me for the time being. But I'm not holding my breath for anything, what happened to Votaniko, or the 2nd level upgrade of Leoforo, now this new investment...
  11. 30k is enough, in fact more than enough! we can barely fill leoforo on a week to week, weve averaged 6k attendance for home games in the superleague.... imagine how dull the stadium would be with 6k in a 45k stadium
  12. Thats absolute garbage !! i dare say 99.9999% of members were orthodox, no issues there! On any given occasion, we in Melbourne can create an atmosphere that can replicate those in Europe, we have the numbers, we have the passion...we just don't bother due to the bullshit onslaught that occurs from media and all the rest it! weve always shared a brothership with the serbs and still continue to this day
  13. Everyone complains about how terrible we played.... can anyone here remind me as to when Greece played attractive football?? For the time I've been watching Greece, they've played ugly football, grinding out results that generally end up in a 1-0 victory to us. How many times have we struggled against Moldova, Latvia, Luxemberg in qualifiers ?? Were in a good position for qualification, 3 point buffer on Bosnia, kept them at 1 lucky goal and we go into the Belgium game with a chance to take the top spot.
  14. We did the double a few years back and in 04... And when you look at the squads we had for the championships, it doesn't come as a suprise that we won! So when we look to invest to replicate the talent we held in those championship winning squads, we leave destiny in OUR hands and not any one else's. And Mladen Petric is at Leoforos according to instagram, looks like he may be saying a word or two to the team
  15. We have to wake up a bit and realise that we are no longer the great Panathinaikos we once used to be. That europao name we were riding is done, dusted and should never ever be brought up until we make CL consistently and get out of group stages year in year out. Until then, we move on.. Also need to realise how far ahead olympiakos is in comparison to us as a football club. (Forget the off the pitch antics), but in regards to visions, goal setting and finance. They are run prim and proper! So lets do OUR bit to fix ourselves first, and until we are at the best version we can be, then we can talk. But until then, in done with the scape goat s%$#!. It's our backyard we need to tidy. Moving to another league is still going to be the same s%$#!, only difference is that we may feel better coz we won't be -7 behind the gavroi anyone else feel me here??
  16. I'm not sitting here applauding the cleanliness of the league. Im focusing more so on us! if we had beaten olympiakos, we wouldn't even be mentioning any mafia, I feel as if this is a cheap way of blaming others for our downfall. first it's Strammacioni, then it's Alafouzo, then gate13 and now the mafia.... i understand that it does play a certain effect mentaly on players, but for gods sake guys, until I see us invest properly and do all the right things, then my blame is solely on our team and no one else!
  17. I know what they're talking about pal. But instead of blaming everyone else, take a look in our own backyard. We have our own problems to deal with. Blaming the mafia and olympiakos for how our players play isn't going to win us anything!
  18. And is leaving the league automatically going to give us a good coach, president and players that give a F***??
  19. I'm not doubting any of those things, however were you happy with the previous owner? And the owner before that? Weve disliked practically all of them
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