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  1. paiania never belonged to PAO,PAO made the family multiple millions of dollars
  2. i could be wrong but I think ninis hasn't scored a goal in a league match for nearly 4yrs
  3. ninis doesn't score goals,doesnt give assists ,and physically cannot work hard ,run,tackle ,fight and lacks speed. footballer called ninis doesn't exist,he is a lost cause. look at his stats and tell me I am wrong.
  4. I wonder if the Italian ref would of given a penalty
  5. fortouni initiates the contact and dives
  6. I honestly think olympiakos kai defeat arsenal,but they have to use the right tactics,arsenal weaknss is that they have never won a game sta xartia,which is thrylos strongest part of their game,with courage and bravery thrylos can devise a plan and win the game sta xartia.if you look at stats you will see that no european team has won as many games as thrylos sta xartia. thryl;e gera parto sta xartia.,kai meta fiesta sti thyra 7
  7. When Rooter first came to us,they got him to give a seminar to our youth coaches,which rocha was the under 20s at that time.Here you have some coach from the lower divisions in England giving rocha a coaching seminar hahahaha,rocha played for Boca Juniors,he is probably the best foreign player to ever play in Greece ,his name is synonomous with success at our club ,he took us the the semi finals in Europe as a player and a coach,and they bring in someone who hasn't played or coached anywhere near the level Rocha has and they get him to give rocha a seminar. who are you bro? and what was rooter doing when anastasiou was making bone headed decisions ?what advise was he giving him? lets banquish rocha to the back benches and bring in some unknown coach from the lower divisions in England to be 2nd in charge. Now we got a 38 yr old italioan coming in as head coach ,I would prefer the serb at least he won a world cup and beat brazil along the way.
  8. 1st thing that needs to happen is to play with wingers ,karelis has the physical capabilities to play wing , karelis left wing,klona or kaltsas right wing,abeid and zeca play as number 8s and lagos or koutroubis at 6. -------------------------lagos------------------ ---------zeka-----------------------abeid-------- klona or kaltsa----berg---------karelis---- 4-3-3
  9. just cut our losses and get rid of him ,footballer named essien doesn't exist.
  10. alafouzos needs to stop crying all the time like a little 6 yr old girl about the refs,it really does make the club look bad. we lost fair and square against paok ,the ref had nothing to do with it,complaining about the ref doesn't hide our weaknesses. simple pre season planning was a disaster,transfers were a disaster the whole thing was one big abortion. I hope alafouzo keeps anastasiou on for the whole season,that would be anastasious biggest punishment,he will beg to leave,things are only going to get worse,the Europe is finished ,the league is finished only the cup remains. alafouzos is the president he is responsible for what is happening,then fysaas and vokolos,then anastasiou. we cant get rid of the president so the other 3 must go.
  11. the coach will pick your position,you tell the coach where you play or would like to play but in the end he will make the decision rightly or wrongly because coaches can get it wrong. the coach will examine your set of skills and see what position they fit,every position requires certain skills which you must have to be able to play that position.
  12. Pana97 because I do coach for a premier league academy ,my advice is listen to the above advice from Greekaus and Athinaios and also PAOmelbourne. It is extremely competitive out there in the football world,it is nearly impossible to get a trial with a premier league club unless you have been capped by your national team at youth level or been personally scouted by one of their top scouts . A lot of these academies are just money making exercises that promise a lot but deliver nothing. One kid came to me and said he got a trial from his academy with a top Italian club and I said to him that's impossible,because I know for a fact that that the young players of this Italian club 70-80 of them are locked away and no one goes in or out,and I was right the kid got ripped off. focus on your education which is what I tell all my players,and make sure you are getting at least 15 hours of football training weekly. and don't give up at the first rejection keep at it and work hard.you might not play at a top level but you might end up making a living from it.but have a back up plan.
  13. to katotero protathlima pou yaprxei ,einai to elliniko leei o moras lol. they didn't like the question "" are you motivated"" but it is a legit question,these guys are millionaires after they lost to faroe islands they were lying on a beach in mykono ,where as the fans went to their jobs if they are lucky enough to have a job in factories for below minimum wage,upset over the loss,while the millionaire players couldn't care less,thats how it comes across when you lying on a beach on Mykonos the next day..
  14. it wasn't about Brendan not being able to attract names ,he just attracted the wrong names.
  15. berg will start scoring as long as he is healthy ,the goals will come.
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