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  1. Now would I rather have Holebas in the lineup? Without a doubt! but who knows? Maybe he was a bad apple in the locker room? Didn't he recently throw his NT jersey in a fit of rage following a loss? Maybe it didn't sit well with the morons at EPO and or his teammates... perhaps Skibbe marginalized him to force him out... who knows.. after all, Remember when Otto got rid of Zikos and Georgatos (by far superior talent) for the sake of team harmony? As we all know, that worked wonders..
  2. I almost choked on my cereal! Lol lets get one thing clear: Greece has no world class players. The team's strength is its collective (as in greater than the sum of its parts).
  3. In essence, the NT is an Epo boys club... the very same epo that's been part of the red system all these years in the SL. Many feel that it's not worth exposing green players to injury in the service of such a corrupt organization...
  4. To quote Jimmy above: Marcus Legend!!!!
  5. Wins in Europe (CL and EL) PAO: 49(CL) + 40(EL) = 89 Oly: 53(CL) + 33(EL) = 86 https://el.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Πορεία_των_ελληνικών_ομάδων_στα_ευρωπαϊκά_κύπελλα_ποδοσφαίρου PANATHINAIKOS F.C.- 1 τελικός Κυπέλλου Πρωταθλητριών-Champions League (1971)- 1 τελικός Διηπειρωτικού Κυπέλλου (1971)- 2 ημιτελικοί Κυπέλλου Πρωταθλητριών-Champions League (1985, 1996)- 2 προημιτελικοί Champions League (1992, 2002)- 2 προκρίσεις στους 16 του Champions League (2001, 2009)- 2 προημιτελικοί Κυπέλλου UEFA (1988, 2003)- 1 πρόκριση στους 16 του Europa League (2010)- 1 κατάκτηση Βαλκανικού Κυπέλλου ΑΗΤΤΗΤΟΣ (1977)- 3 φορές πρώτη θέση στους ομίλους του Champions League (1996, 2002, 2009)- Κορυφαία ομάδα στον κόσμο για τον μήνα Σεπτέμβριο του 2001 σύμφωνα με την IFFHS και την FIFA- Η μόνη ελληνική ομάδα που έφτασε μέχρι και την 11η θέση στην βαθμολογία της UEFA- Η μόνη ελληνική ομάδα που προκρίθηκε από 2 φάσεις ομίλων (2002)- Η μόνη ελληνική ομάδα που έφτασε μέχρι τους 8 και παρά ένα σουτ στους 4 του Champions League στηριζόμενη σχεδόν αποκλειστικά σε Έλληνες παίκτες και παίκτες από την ακαδημία της και όχι σε ακριβοπληρωμένους ξένους μισθοφόρους (2002, Νικοπολίδης, Φύσσας, Καραγκούνης, Μπασινάς, Λυμπερόπουλος, Σεϊταρίδης, Κυργιάκος)
  6. What are each team's win percentages per appearance? Each team's number of qualifications to the next round? Care to share? For example, In the modern champions league era, PAO has appeared 9 times while Oly has had 17 appearances. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/European_Cup_and_UEFA_Champions_League_records_and_statistics and you boast about 1 more win?
  7. Freezer, why no talk of "μίλησε η καρδιά του πρωταθλητή" today???
  8. Great news!!! i know that he has stated that he intends on 1 day returning to Sweden to close out his career, but I hope the club can convince him to stay in Greece until he hangs his boots! Green Legend!!!!
  10. How's this for "bringing disrepute to the game"?
  11. Nice post. However, when have you come out and admitted that a match was reffed in favour of Oly? Right, never. the difference is usually when PAO is not up to snuff performance-wise, the sfagi is on. (No rightful PKs calls for, plenty against, and a healthy amount of blown offside calls. And the justification? Fix your team and then talk.) When you guys struggle, like yesterday vs an average Irakli, you have no issues. Come hell or high water, should the opportunity be presented, you will be pushed. Again, you bring up Zeca and Koutroubi? Well your club has had its share of hacks/duds (maniatis, Anatolakis, your current back line), yet there's nothing there right? Barring the system operating as usual, when OSFP crumbles in the standings, will your Lao finally realize that Baggela is using Oly for personal gain? Where has all the CL money gone? Or all that ("clean") money from transfers? Not in your starting 11... And certainly not into buying Nottingham Forrest (the English thankfully saw through him unlike you ;) ) At least Alafouzos has added assets to the club (training ground), is paying down the team's debts without dropping divisions, and stood by the club when nobody else did. As for the tax issue, (to use your often used counterpoint) let's see what comes of it (nothing) to asses his guilt (none? lol ). BTW, you never answered this: why was the ref of our week 1 match given a poor grade?
  12. Alafouzo is fighting the system. Why was the ref of our 1st match given a poor score? Is it because he called our match 50/50 and dared reward us with a legit penalty? Funny how that happens despite the fact that we dominated possession and played our opponent off the field. (Unlike you guys who struggled vs a piss poor Irakli...) Afta den ta blepoume? I believe that is going tit for tat. and if Alafouzos is to be prosecuted "for bringing the game into disrepute", what of Baggela then? What punishment fits the bill for: match fixing, illegal betting, money laundering, drug trafficking, bombing businesses, threatening people, bribery, and all the rest? (You know, that whole organized criminal organization thing). Who am I kidding, nothing will happen... this is Greece after all... At least the English told him to take his baggage and take a hike...
  13. ^ Gavs play them on October 1st...
  14. The best way to shut them up (although hard) is to beat them in their stadium (again). they are stupid. Never insult an opponent. You never ever give them added motivation...
  15. ^^Oh shut up... (With all due respect) Not again with that bullshit...
  16. Greece's 1st European star: Antonis Antoniadis He led all scorers in the European Cup in 1970-71 with 10 goals
  17. In the 1987 1/4 final appearance by PAO in the UEFA Cup, Saravakos finished the competition's top scorer. He scored this beauty vs Juventus and sent the old lady packing. The Italians wanted to buy him. Vardinogiannis said no.
  18. '71, '84, '87, '92, '96, '01-'03, '10.... It's all here:
  19. ELLAS, Evropi, PANATHINAIKOS!!!! (for the Ellas part, kindly refer to 2:53 of the video above ) Mr ferguson's opinion on the matter:
  20. Gate 13 will represent.. Of this have no doubt... ;)
  21. After a less than warm welcome and a 1-1 draw in Turkey, PAO returns the favour on the pitch in Athens.. ;)
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