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Thanks to Volkan our Erciyes scored a very easy and cheap goal in the first half. This is not his first very big mistake. He saves very hard goals sometimes but these kind of mistakes makes him very antipathic to Fenerbahce fans. Even Runje doesnt do mistakes that often  :tup:

What kind of a mistake was it? When is Rustu due back?
Actually he is a very talented gooalkeeper. He keeps improving hisself but he does those kind of mistakes too much and they generally cost to us. He is also the former goalkeeper of our national team. Rustu will be out for months and probably he wont be able to play this season anymore.

He did one of these big and stupid mistake while our national team was playing a friendly with italy. If he wouldnt do that probably we would win that game instead of drawing 1-1.

As a summary, Volkan is a talented and a good goalkeeper but Rustu is way better than himin my opinion. ;)

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Cup Match (1/8)

Fenerbahce 2-1 Genclerbirligi

Goals : Mehmet Yozgatli (45), Semih Senturk (88)

Our substitudes beat gencler's main 11... Hopefully our main 11 will beat their main 11 too in league match which will be played this weekend

League Match

Fenerbahce 2-1 Genclerbirligi

Goals: Tuncay and Mehmet Aurelio

Asists: Appiah and Tuncay

Red Card : Kezman :tdown:

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c'mon mate, you know that's a damn straight penalty. he touched the ball with his two hands in less than a second. it's not important whether it's deliberate or not. the thing is he could and should have touched it with his other parts of his body and more than that, he gained advantage on grounds of his handball. so that's the hell of a penalty..

and it's 4-0 against Vestel Manisaspor so it's 4 pts.. your nightmare is coming again, man!! :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup:

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Man my nighmare is not you guys... My nightmare is Zico and his staff. We had 7-8 injured players just because of this man and trainer while we are in the camp during the break. Lugano, Onder, KEzman and many others injured and these 3 were not able to start fit to the 2nd part of the season :angry:

It is like an internship of his career as he said before.! That guys make me angry. I dont ###### know why he is not letting Umit O. play in left back or at elast right back as a defender. He is our captain he might play bad sometimes but he at least motivates and organize team very well. We used to say that he is our joker.

Same issue with Mehmet Yozgatli! He is the best wing of us and maybe he is the only real wing player we have but Zico doesnt let him to play :tdown: He made Appiah play there and it really decrease his efficiency and limits his skills.. . I dont wanna see that Deivid again playing like a ghost and walking around stupidly. Alex doing that too but he at least scores goals and makes assits. But Deivid is nothing. He is not even able to pass his teammates! Idiot! :D

Anyway as i said before ball coming to his hand. First one is shoulder and after he !control! ball with his shoulder it went to his other hand so it was a penalty. There are always mistakes against us. And generally there are way clearer than this.

And btw everyone knows WHO IS THE NIGHTMARE OF OTHER TEAM :tup: Congratulations with 4-0 win. AS i always say Umit Karan is the best forward of our league. He has all the abilities to be a good forward. Our goalscorers are not like that. Kezman makes and can score intelligent goals but he is not good at scoring with a header. Deivid and Semih is more likely to score and they know where to be but they are not that talented to dribbling with ball, score long shot goals, not strong enough. In my opinion Fatih Tekke is the second best forward and Necati is the third. I wish we would have one of them. Because if we had a forward like that now the difference would be at least 10!

Also If we had Daum instead of inexperienced Zico the difference would at least 10 again! We keep going backwards. Now some of our fans wanna sell Alex too :tdown: because they think we will find someone who is better than him! NO WAY! As we couldnt find someone better than Nobre or Daum this will be like that too and we will keep going back!

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Here we go :)

AZ Alkmaar match is today :o

We have 8 missing players :( Rüştü, Lugano, Önder, Aurelio, Selçuk, Kerim, Semih ve Kezman! :blink:

5 of these players are very important for us and they used to play in first 11!

Zico's last !success! is to injure Aurelio too with his excess trainings! Somebody should warn him and his trainer! This is enough!

We have only Deivid as a forward. And I dont know what he is going to do if he is going to need to score a goal since we dont have any other forward :angry:

Anyway hopefully we will succeed

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a goalless draw will suit fener perfectly today..

because with guys like kezman, aurelio, lugano back at alkmaar, fener can get a 1-1 or 2-2 there..

Fenerbahce 3-3 AZ Alkmaar... Goals: Tumer-Tuncay-Tumer

Goalless? :D Did u really think that it is possible for us with this shitty defence? Or with a goalkeeper like volkan :P

3-3 is still a bad score for us but it is good when you think that we scored 2 goals after 1-3 <_<

After our good players like Lugano and KEzman join to team we will have a chance to beat them in the home ground with the help of our fans who will come from all over the europe.

I still hate Deivid and Zico :tdown: Ugur and Deniz do not have enough quality to play in Fenerbahce! :tdown:

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well.. a circus-type match in which both teams sucked pretty badly..

Volkan.. man, you made mistakes when you were 21-22.. everyone said "ok, this guy will be a hell of a keeper in the future.." he's 25 now and... :tdown:

Deniz.. I do hope Zico plays you in every single league game, but not in Europe please.. :D

Edu Dracena and Deivid.. go back to your Copacabanas.. :not:

Alex.. play one single good game in Europe and then ask for €4M per annum.. you can't always find Zdravkovs, Şenols and Turkish defenders, can you?? :tdown:

I have to say AZ is not even close to the team it was once, especially in 2005 when they played semifinals in the UEFA cup. Both their forwards were pretty crap (Dembele and Kouvermans) and their defence was leaking all the time. But there's one guy I liked, Jenner who came on as a substitute to replace the injured Molhoek.

Fener can get a 1-2 win there but i think --if Shota plays :P -- AZ will get the nod..

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Back to 7 point difference :tup:

Fenerbahce 2-1 Sakaryaspor :)

Gaziantep 1-0 6alatasaray :LOL:

Konyaspor 2-1 Besiktas :D

Now we are closer to championship. But we are still playing like a s%$#! :tdown: We need to get well as soon as possible :nono:

AZ Alkmaar let us beat you too... Pleaseeeeeeee :P

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AZ Alkmaar let us beat you too... Pleaseeeeeeee :P

so at least you're aware that unless they let you do so, you can't beat them! :LOL:

but seriously, our League is sucking badly.. our teams will go on to choke against even mediocre European opposition just like this year (Dinamo Bucharest, Bordeaux, Dynamo Kyiv) unless our teams improve drastically.. <_<

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so at least you're aware that unless they let you do so, you can't beat them! :LOL:

Seems like that :D I dont trust zico and deivid. Zico probably put both Alex and Tumer to first eleven <_< That will probably suck bad! :(

Wish our manager would still be Daum instead of ezico and forward would be Nobre instead of deivid :tdown: Than i would claim that we are going to kick their ass easily :) But i cant be sure about that with this squad

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the problem with Zico is he is simply emotionally attached to attacking football. that's why he got rid of defensive minded players like Umit Ozat and Aurelio when he was given the full strings.

you might think I'm joking but I absolutely think that Ugur Boral is a better D L than Ozat, especially he suits the offensive mind of Zico better. Why he doesn't try such a tactic is still something I wish to know.






Deivid and Edu are simply not good enough for Fenerbahce imo.. Lugano is a very good player, offensive minded defender like Fabio Luciano, but a class better than him imo..


A Portuguese friend of mine, a Sporting fan, talked of Deivid so highly when he signed for Fenerbahce that I was amazed at his prospects. And when I asked him whether he did know Nobre, he said he used to be a third class Brazilian forward and usually backed up DEIVID at his Cruzeiro days! The stats then speak for themselves.

Deivid > 48 appearances (44 in the first 11) in 2003 for Cruzeiro scored 34 goals in various competitions

Nobre > 25 appearances (6 in the first 11) in 2003 for Cruzeiro scored 6 goals

and at the same time..

Alex > 57 appearances (49 in the first 11) in 2003 for Cruzeior scored 17 goals made 30+ assists

so, Nobre was ACTUALLY the back up of DEIVID and when Nobre signed as a rather unknown player to Fenerbahce in January 2004, Deivid went to Bordeaux and Sporting Lisbon as a potential Brazilian national prospect.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying Deivid is better than Nobre or the vice versa, but you have to understand if a Brazilian coach prefers a player over his used-to-be substitute.

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AZ Alkmaar - FB 0-2 at half time! :o

AZ Alkmaar 2 - 2 Fenerbahce (FULL TIME)

Zico made just one change!! :xxx:

Kezman sucked for good!! :xxx: :xxx: :xxx:

Volkan gifted two goals YET AGAIN!! :xxx:

and it's a Fenerbahce classic! :D

but for once, I seriously thought Fener was going thru!! :(

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Zico :angry: :angry: :angry:

No tactics! Not a good trainer! Not any good moves! Not able to see what is coming!

Volkan, Deniz and some other players bad it can happen but manager should always be able to see what team needs! It was 2-0 we had a great advantage he should have substituted Tumer or Alex to strengthen midfield instead of leaving it to only 1 player Deniz :tdown: !

IDIOT! IS it too hard to see it? Zico really drives me crazy... All Fenerbahce fans saw that we need someone from bench to move us forward or at least challange opponents midfielders!

We are out of condition too! We are not able to score from freekicks like we used to when Daum was manager. Also since we have a bad condition we are not able to score in last 10 minutes like we used to do it often while Daum was our manager.

It seems like we are in a good position in league! Thats such a big lie! We already lost pointsequal to last season...And we even didnt play agaisnt gs and bjk in their stadium!

We have a way better team than last year when we think about we have KEzman and Lugano. But team keeps going backwards! This is %80 zico's fault

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This is absolutely the silliest league I have ever seen! :blink:

All the big boys have former football legends and washed up coaching falters as their boss. :nono:

Tigana is stupid enough not to see that Trabzonspor's main weapon is counter attacks with 1.60cm-guys like Gokdeniz, Umut and Ceyhun.. His team gets in front 2-0 but concede 3 goals in 7 minutes from all but counterattacks. When you concede a counterattack goal whilst the score is 2-0 in your favour, you simply are useless... :(

Zico.. oh man! I have defended you against Fener fans but you've run my patience out too.. :unsure:

Gerets.. blundered against Norwegian villagers.. blundered in one of the weakest groups in CL.. blundered in Turkey.. blundered in....whatever!! keep sucking Inamoto's dick! :xxx: :xxx: :xxx:

we have stupid coaches.. stupid defenders occupying foreign spots (Tomas, Edu). promising but not-improving players (Umut, Sabri), ball spectators acting as goalies (Volkan, Runje) and that's how you have a crappy league!! :tdown:


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NOT AGAIN! :nono:


Ok gs eleminated, bjk lost again but this time we should do something different from others and WE SHOULD WIN THIS TIME! And if you cant win, pls dont lose so we can continue our cup hopes! :unsure:

HEhehe we couldnt win again :D

This week gs lost too...

And guess what? We couldnt win again :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

:la: Can we win this week :la: ?

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