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  1. we will win ins. against bosnia. revenge is on the agenda
  2. Norway-1-2-Turkey Look out bosnia!! here we come
  3. congrats, i always believed they deserved to win the cup last year..good performance
  4. newly promoted istanbulspor beating last year champions fener...how does that work out?
  5. good win to fener they played really well, and without appiah. lets jus hope they can keep it up in europe an take GS as a role model... :D
  6. this is the turkish league, we have s%$#! refs, cop it. don't whine. when gala played tromso in uefa last year, umit was clearly tripped in the box but the ref gavea freekick, now this is arguable because it is a european match.
  7. haha really? u think im a fanatik? i'm trying to protect the right of a Turkish legend and am really suprised that u (being a turk) would criticise a player that has played his heart out for his country. Let's not forget those goals that hakan scored for the NT. Think logically, hakan is a turk, if u call him a cow-like race, ur sayin that humans r cows or turks r cows... act responsibly.
  8. cmon bro, yes there are a few penalty positions there but take the ones that arn't off
  9. ulan serefsiz!! hayvanlasma!! sana kac kere soylemem lazim eee??Saygini goster ------ herif... bu kadar yeter!! utan be!! saygisiz... Don't you know fair-play?? Are you a racist of some sort? Don't you have any values... shame shame shame...
  10. gs docked 3 points while fener docked 2 with a 2-2 draw at kayseri. fener scored with deivid in the lastminutes while besiktas recorded a 1-0 win to comewithin 4points of the current leaders.
  11. three goals in twenty one games for God's sake!! :blink: :blink: :blink: Yes brother but we should note that he hasnt played half of those games. If he continues to increase his form it would be a great launch for the club. Remember when he played next to hakan a fewe seasons ago. He was a machine...Hayirlisi Insallah..... :tup:
  12. wins to all 3 big istanbul teams this week with fener and gs winning 2-1 against the ankara teams and besiktas winning 2-0 against another ankara team-gencler. fener sit at top spot with 7 matches left. 1.F.Bahçe 26 16 6 4 51 23 54 2.Beşiktaş 26 14 6 6 37 23 48 3.G.Saray 26 12 9 5 46 28 45 GS are still contenders but if fener and bjk don't dock points soon, then things are going to start looking tough. BTW excellent goal from Necati Ates this week. His first goal has earned an applause. He has finally started to get back on the scoresheet. Well-done. I have to go to a lecture now. cya
  13. Turkey will win, we have to win...it will be a tough challenge but the boys will know the pressure is on and they have to get a result.
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